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Punctuation Quarterly Scrapbook Kit | Special Guest Denine Zielinski

Hi friends! Denine here + I’m excited to be on the Ali Edwards Design Inc. blog today to share some ideas for the Punctuation Quarterly Scrapbook Kit. This kit contains so many wonderful graphic designs that lend themselves so very well to almost any story you can think of. All of my sketches are done to fit into my 6x8 album. I’ve also seen so many community members who are incorporating their 6x8 pages right into their Project Life albums, and these ideas will be perfect for that, as well. Several of the sketches can also be easily adapted to accommodate different scrapbooking sizes. Also, don’t forget that the digital kit comes along with the physical kit to give you even more options. 

Before we get started with my ideas, I want to mention one of the 12x12 papers + the Story Cards. Both of these are also perfect for your Project Life pages. The 12x12 Punctuation Cards Paper can be cut into six 4x6 cards, and the Story Cards fit right into 3x4 pockets!


My first idea is for the 12x12 Exclamation Point paper. This paper has the most wonderful exclamation points that are just asking to filled with stuff. I’m thinking a full page brightly colored photo for the left side of my spread paired with smaller photos + journaling inside of the exclamation points on the right side. I will be using one of the Cork Speech Bubbles on my full-page photo and most likely adding word art on top of that. 

I’m not quite sure what story I will tell with this sketch, but here are some ideas that would work:

  • A celebration like a birthday or retirement party 
  • A story about a goal that you have accomplished 
  • Travel adventures


This second page idea uses pieces of the 12x12 A Story Brackets paper alternated with 4-inch circle photos. I will use the digital version of the paper to format + type my journaling inside of four of the brackets. Of course, you can handwrite your stories if that’s easier for you. The idea here is to fussy cut the brackets out once you have chosen the ones you want to use. I will be using the SO FUN plastic phrase on top of one of the sets of brackets. Perhaps I will tell a story about a day trip or a family get-together. 

Other ideas could include:

  • Fun things about a friend or family member 
  • A concert/sporting event 
  • A story of a new toy/game that your child loves


The 12x12 Speech Bubbles paper is another one that is perfect for cutting out. Of course, you can always pick a portion of the paper and cut it down to 7x8.25 for your 6x8 album, as well.  I’m planning to pair it with the plastic REMEMBER WHEN? phrase. The phrase itself is too large to put across a 7x8.25 page, but it fits perfectly when turned sideways. The phrase will be on the first page of my spread all the way to the left. I will fill the rest of the first page and the entire second page with random speech bubbles cut from the 12x12 Speech Bubbles paper. On top of the speech bubbles will be a mix of journaling + photos. 

This paper would work for many different stories such as:

  • Quotes from a friend or family member 
  • Highlights of different moments or events
  • A look back at a person/yourself through the years


My first thought for the 12x12 Quotation Mark paper was to fussy cut each quotation mark out and add them to a page of journaling with foam squares. I still may end up doing that, but then I thought about just cutting it down to 7x8.25 and adding my journaling right on the paper. I would pair it with a full-page photo or a photo collage. In two of the spaces between the quotation marks, I will add embellishments of some sort then place a third embellishment on the first page to bring the two pages together. Of course, with the digital version of the kit, I can combine both of those ideas. I may print out the digital version to fussy cut the quotation marks and add a few on top of the existing ones for some dimension. Again, the theme of this kit is so general that just about any story would work for most of my ideas. 

Here are a few of my thoughts for this idea:

  • Document the story of a current relationship 
  • Highlights of your day 
  • Things you love about your job or hobby


One of my favorite papers included in this kit is the 7x8.25 Exclamation Point paper. The first thing I envisioned was a photo in the top part of the exclamation point, an embellishment in the bottom part and journaling to the side of it. Then, I started thinking about using the digital version of the paper to create multiple exclamation points. How fun would that be! I would turn one upside down and possibly add journaling in the circles. A second page could contain some word art or even a fourth exclamation point. I’m pretty excited about experimenting with this idea here. I’m thinking of a page about my three best friends. 

This sketch could also be great for: 

  • A comparison of your children 
  • Pets 
  • Favorite things about a season 
  • Joyful things about your day/week/month


The Parentheses + Block 7x8.25 paper is perfect for just adding your journaling right inside of the block. Of course, I immediately start to think of way to include interactive elements to my pages. Even though the block is smaller than 3x4 cards, I still think that adding a 3x4 card on top of the block would be super fun. You can make the card flip up or to the side revealing a photo or journaling. I’m tossing around the idea of using a 3x4 pocket cut from a page protector to hold more than one card. I’m also thinking that I will fill the block with word art before I adhere the pocket on top (a little surprise for the viewer). On top of the page protector would be one of the felt Exclamation Points (love them)! I’m planning on pairing this with a full-page photo or collage. Of course, this page could stand alone and have photo + journaling in the pocket. 

Some story ideas I’m thinking of include:

  • A story of good advice from a friend/family member 
  • Favorite quotes as of lately 
  • A story of something funny that happened


My plan for the 7x8.25 The Story Bracket and Parentheses Telling A Story papers is to use them together. I’m planning to add a photo/photo collage on the bottom half of the Parentheses Telling A Story paper and then adding my journaling inside of the brackets on the Story Bracket paper. You can also consider doing the opposite – a photo or two or three would look super cute formatted to fit inside of the brackets. The more I think about, that may very well end up being my new plan. Either idea would be really fun. Of course, you do not even have to pair these two papers together. Each of them can stand alone or with a full-page photo or collage.

These prompt pages really can make documenting your stories so easy. Some story ideas are:

  • A story about the music/songs you are listening to 
  • Reflections about your day or an event 
  • A quote from a family member or friend


Of course, the 7x8.25 Parentheses Blocks paper can totally be used for different quotes that you have collected. I’m planning to use this paper for a “currently” page documenting all kinds of different things going on in my life right now. You can also use the jumping off point of “-ing” words here. Watching, eating, listening, making, feeling, and loving are just a few examples. Perhaps, I will search my stamp stash for some of those words to add to each block with my journaling. I’m going to pair this paper with a 4x8.25 page and use one of the Alphas Are Awesome Stamp Sets to fill it with the word Currently. On the backside of that, I am going to add a photo of myself. I like the idea of part of the words on the Parentheses Blocks paper being hidden. I’m also going to add one of the Felt Exclamation Points on top of my stamping. You can actually add any type of embellishment on top to break up the stamping a bit -  a large circle patch, a chipboard tag, or a die cut piece are just a few examples. 

Other ideas besides a currently theme might be:

  • Highlights from a day trip 
  • Things you love about a person/pet 
  • Things that you want to remember

The video below goes through each of my eight ideas as well as some my additional thoughts/ideas for each one. 

Once again, this kit is so versatile that you can tell just about any story with most of the papers. I do hope that you have been inspired by my ideas, either to create a page/spread just as I planned or to translate the ideas to work for you. Thanks for joining me today and please drop a comment below if you have any questions or just want to say Hi. If you’d like to follow along as I create pages from these ideas, you can find me on Instagram @denine2 and YouTube @Denine2. You can also find me in the Story Kit Classroom each month on the 12th with stamping ideas for each new Story Stamp!

I have included a PDF of all of my sketches for you to download. Until next time, happy storytelling, friends!

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