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Week In The Life 2024 | Ali's Album Progress

Hello Week In The Life™ community! 

Today I'm sharing a deep dive into my progress in 2024 Week In The Life™ album. I took a couple weeks off between the documenting piece and the "putting it together" piece and that was a good choice for me personally. I've got all my photos printed and in the album (with the exception of a couple on Sunday - waiting for more printer ink to arrive). 

I'm doing a mixture of typed journaling (copied + pasted from my blog posts during the documenting week) and handwritten reflections (using the journaling and my photos to identify things I can add to what I wrote during the week and highlight some of the things). 

You can see the formula I established before the documenting week here

Let's dive in to the video: 

Here's a look at the individual pages for Monday and I'll be following this formula for the rest of the days (adapting here and there depending on the number of photos and words I want to add): 

Front vellum pocket (on top of the Days Of The Week transparency) holds my re-sized New York Times front pages (from the Front Page app). I also ended up adding the pleather circles on top of the pocket. 

Love this smaller version! I don't need to read the details - I like just being able to see the headlines to give context to history. 

On the back I resized weather screenshots from my phone for each day. 

On the day of the week card I'm adding a photo of myself each day. 

Next up are two 7 inch x 8.25 inch enlargements (adhered back to back). On top of the first one I added a plastic banner + vellum heart (from Mini Kit) + word phrase stickers from my stash. I'm going to repeat that same embellishment cluster on each of my first full page photos (for each day). 

On the back photo enlargement I added a "love this story" paper strip from the Main Kit and then added some words using a Kuretake Brush Pen. I'll do this same thing on each of these photos. 

I decided to dive in and try the white POSCA paint pen on the black "hello Monday" insert and it felt fun - I'll be pulling something from my journaling each day to highlight (it may or may not be linked to the photo enlargement). 

I decided to use the colorful vellum sheets to create pockets on the other side of the page inserts. I trimmed them and then ran them through my sewing machine. On the middle circle I used a glue stick to adhere the vellum "plus" sign from the Mini Kit. I also handwrote "mon" on the tab (you might have a stamp that can go there or stickers or handwrite). 

I'm using the Kuretake Brush Pen again on the 2 inch x 2 inch cards from the Mini Kit and slipping those into the pockets. I love how they tell a different kind of story. 

For my journaling this year I copied and pasted my journaling from each of my blog posts and used a mini paper clip to hold them together. 

Back side of the 2 inch x 2 inch: for Monday it's almost all photos and then the "us" card from the Mini Kit. 

On the back of the half circle I added a photo to the top and then am embellishing it with ampersands from the Mini Kit and the "Monday was..." tag from the Main Kit. I'll be repeating that formula on each of the half circles (adding one word for the day). 

On the morning, afternoon, and evening journal card from the Main Kit I'm handwriting a few details directly to the spaces. I'm re-reading my journaling and looking at my photos to spark the things that I might want to write. 

On the back I added a photo and part of the "Monday observations" strip. 

On the high/low card from the Main Kit I'm handwriting in my response and then using "in this season" to tell a little more of one of the stories from the day. 

And finishing up the day with a couple fun photos. 

Reminding myself that this project is always a marathon and never a sprint and how lucky I am that I get to be here to document this season of my life. 

We've got this! 


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5 thoughts

  1. dawnmi says…

    I like your format! Such a cute size and place for the newspaper page!! The 2x2 pockets are so fun to fill up! I didn’t have enough for both sides. The half circle is so fun on both sides. I still have journaling to do and embellish a bit then done. Loving it so much!

    Reply 0 Replies
  2. Liliana110907 says…

    Can you give some information on what tips you have for sewing vellum to the Hello paper to make a pocket? Do you use a tight stitch? I ask because I have am a beginner at sewing and don't have much experience sewing.

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Hi! My biggest recommendation is to do a few tests with your machine. I wish I would have done it before I stitched mine this time (mine ended up really messy - I'm honestly okay with that but if you want it a certain way I'd do tests with your own machine to decide what tension you want).

  3. LEHORD says…

    Love this! What is the name of the font used in this year's designs? Will the alpha version be available as a stamp for purchase at any point?

    Reply 0 Replies
  4. jlutherdesigns says…

    The photos you took perfectly represent you being the main character of your story. I love the use of graphic supplies mixed with your bold handwriting and the super fun pockets for the journaling. Super inspiring, thanks so much for sharing!

    Reply 0 Replies
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