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June 24, 2005

Rub-ons & plastic salad bowls…


make nice little centerpieces for scrapbook workshops. Found these plastic salad bowls at Target yesterday afternoon with the intent of having them hold inks & stuff in my workshops tomorrow. Was just going to use them as they were…but then I got to thinking…I have lots of rub-ons…I could put them to use…and make something interesting (LOL – I have lots of time to screw around with stuff like this, right?).

I used Making Memories rub-ons and a couple from Heidi Swapp. I love the cursive Making Memories font. And Heidi's are awesome – they seem sturdier than some others I have encountered and have no "ghost-like" outline around the letters.

Just so you know, the one on the right says, "embrace imperfection." This is essential when working with lots of rub-ons on round plastic bowls.

Plastic salad bowls & rub-ons…all in all, a good match


  • 1.
    Cammy said…

    Cool… very.

  • 2.
    KimP said…

    These rock! Gotta find some of these HS rub-ons (when they’re back in stock ANYWHERE)
    Have a great weekend!

  • 3.
    Rachel said…

    Very cool A!

  • 4.
    Meredith said…

    Ali! Such a creative idea! The people in your workshops are going to LOVE these. Your talent amazes me. I can’t wait to take your color class and meet you in person when you come to Tulsa for the OK convention!
    Meredith Zuege

  • 5.
    Raven said…

    oh. my. goodness.
    that is way too cool.

  • 6.
    Kimberly said…

    Those are great. I may have to track some down and make some myself.

  • 7.
    Alison said…

    Love this!!

  • 8.
    Kimberly said…

    Those are great. I may have to track some down and make some myself.

  • 9.
    Leslie said…

    Wouldn’t ya know . . . I’m going to Target on my lunch break today! You always have such fabulous ideas!! Love these!!

  • 10.
    Kelly said…

    Very cute! It would be fun to have them for a crop night full of candy. What a great idea.
    Kelly Perry

  • 11.
    kristi said…

    Phat! Love putting my rub ons on regular stuff!

  • 12.
    Kelly said…

    Love it! What a great idea!!

  • 13.
    Jill said…

    . . . And you even made the picture of them look totally cool. . . .Gotta love that too. . .and have fun in So. Oregon !

  • 14.
    Linda J said…

    Would love to be at your workshop!

  • 15.
    Rosemary said…

    Oh sure, give me yet another reason to go to Target ;) Those look great!
    Are you really coming to Tulsa? Are you teaching?

  • 16.
    Lisa S. said…

    You are so clever. Between your examples and Donna’s books….I’m so ready to go home and create I can hardly stand it! Love those!

  • 17.
    shannon montez said…

    I was thinking they were ashtrays. :) Not exactly sure why that’s so funny to me…

  • 18.
    Leah said…

    LOVE these…..pretty cute gal!!!!

  • 19.

    Love this idea, Ali! Your workshop gals are going to love them too!

  • 20.
    Terrie said…

    these are toooooo cool, ali!
    you did it again, girl!

  • 21.
    Rhonna said…


  • 22.
    traci said…

    WAY cool project!!! So creative! Love “embrace imperfection!”

  • 23.
    t said…

    that is so cool ali. i love it. going to look for clear stuff now and use rub ons plentifully.

  • 24.
    Chiara said…

    very very cool now I want to play with rub-ons and bowls another way for me to get little done ;)

  • 25.
    t said…

    that is so cool ali. i love it. going to look for clear stuff now and use rub ons plentifully.

  • 26.
    Angie Pedersen said…

    I’ll just add my “WOW” to the growing list — I never would have thought of this! LOVE the idea of “sharing” them in a classroom. Love it!

  • 27.
    Lisa BC said…

    These are adorable, Ali!

  • 28.
    Marjorie said…

    What an awesome idea…

  • 29.
    Wendy said…

    Wow – I’m thinking Christmas, receptions etc. etc. Such an amazing idea! Thank you

  • 30.
    Lynne said…

    great idea as I’ve been looking for unique ideas to place containers on my desk!
    Sorry, I know you don’t know me, but I love being inspired! Thanks!

  • 31.
    Loni said…

    So cool, Ali!! Aren’t rub-ons grand! Honestly. The greatest invention ever. I’ve used them to add quotes to things (like my mom’s magnet board in the kitchen) and label some of my glass jars in my scrap room.

  • 32.
    heather said…

    Love the idea! I’ve used the rub-ons on lots of things, but not plastic salad bowls! Hope you guys have a great time.

  • 33.
    jamie said…

    you are the coolest– woman!!!! love how cute these are!

  • 34.
    tracy said…

    Now aren’t those just the cutest things. And I was just at Target. Good thing I am only three blocks away.

  • 35.
    Jill said…

    Oh MY. Yummy. You know you have a scrapbooking “problem” when…. 1) you start putting rub-ons on everything in your house; or 2) you see someone else who did it and think, “darn it! Why didn’t *I* think of that?”
    Very clever, Ali — we would expect nothing less! :) Now I have to go BACK to Target (because, really, who isn’t there *every* day?!) and see what ELSE those rub-ons will stick to!
    GOOD FOR YOU! :)
    PS: Have been sucked into browsing all over 2Peas today — I think you must have *sheaves and sheaves* of stickers at your house, all missing the precious S — am I right? :)

  • 36.
    Krista Goodwin said…

    How cute and creative of you! Very cool, Ali!

  • 37.
    Carma Lexow said…

    That is why we love you. Can’t wait to see them in person at the Class tomorrow. All of us at No Bare Pages Scrapbook Co. await your arrival.

  • 38.
    Chrissy K said…

    you are always thinkin chick!!! These would be great at a crop.. a little gift… you are too good!!!.. and for the record I think ( could be wrong) that still has HS rubons in stock.. had issues transfering the “playbill” ones but they are soo cool!..
    Thanks for the inspiration Ali ( as usual! :D )

  • 39.
    Trina Jaynes said…

    Very cool idea, Ali!

  • 40.
    Kass said…

    what a brilliant idea! You’re a legend Ali!

  • 41.
    jen said…

    Aaarrghhh…I just got home from SuperTarget…I wish I had seen this post first!! Of course, it’s not as if I won’t be going there again!! LOL!! Great inspiration! I love the Embrace Imperfection….I must remember this!

  • 42.
    Alissa said…

    What a cool idea! But, what can I expect for the coolest chick I know! :)

  • 43.
    Amanda said…

    Darling! I so want to take your classes! Maybe one of these days we will be in the same place and the same time. Happy weekend!

  • 44.
    sheila said…

    You’re my favorite – I always scan the pages of my CK magazine looking for Ali’s pages before I look at anything else. Are you really coming to Tulsa for the OK convention? I’d LOVE to take one of your classes.

  • 45.
    stephanie/pearose said…

    Terrific idea for rubons! Love that-aren’t you the creative genious :)
    Thanks for sharing such a super idea!

  • 46.
    nadine said…

    this is pretty much the most awesome thing ever. ;) but i’m wondering, what happens when you wash them? will the rubons come off?

  • 47.
    Kerry said…

    Now those are cool. Stellar idea. Enjoy your classes this weekend!!

  • 48.
    Bonzairn said…

    I LOVE IT – “Embrace Imperfection!” Can I have that as my scrapbooking/card creating motto!
    : )

  • 49.
    Lisa Russell said…

    Cool idea!! Great thinking! Thanks for the idea, Ali!

  • 50.
    Jen said…

    Now this is COOL!

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