good stuff.

So, over the last couple weeks I was supposed to get tons of stuff done. I did get tons of stuff done, just not exactly what I had planned on doing. So it goes. So it goes.

Tomorrow morning I head to Kansas City for the last "regular" CKU of 2005. My last event teaching my ABC's of Color class. Next year I will have a new class with a new focus. Concepting and project development are on my list of things to do here soon.

I did get to organize my studio again - like I said, great for procrastination. Loving these new baskets I ordered from Target - found them in the clearance section. I had been feeling like having things put away in drawers made it difficult for me to remember what I have to play with. Happy with this set up so far. In this photo there is also a glimpse of my new paper tray shelf. Ordered it from Display Dynamics...inspired by Donna & Tara. Having the ability to see the paper better...and going through all of it...reminded me of what I have, what I need, and I was totally getting inspired as I went through each piece of paper.


I am also loving this new font from Quickutz. Great clean lines. Classic font. I have never had a die-cutting system before - it is cool. Something very satisfying about putting the foam on the back of each letter.


Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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