"One day I thought I'd have some fun."


Got to play the other night when some friends came over for a visit (hi friends). They were busy with their stuff so I busied myself with mine. Just for fun. Just as play.

I began with the three mini-canvases. I had some black pieces of chipboard that I covered with patterned paper, added a couple acents, and painted around the edges. My original vision was to create a bunch of these little canvases as part of a collection. But then I was handed a piece of cardboard that is used to reinforce 12x12 papers when shipping and my vision changed. Using my scrap box, I dug around finding pieces of this and that, sticking them down with my favorite tool of the moment (glue sticks), looking for little bits of stuff that had some words, painting around the edge. I had some older collage papers that included this man with his coffee cup - like that dude a whole heck of a lot. Her got matched up with the little saying (that looks like part of a song) "one day I thought I'd have some fun." The perfect title, reflecting not only the vision for the piece, but my vision for myself as I created the piece.

Not sure what the heck I will do with this thing. Maybe hang it up in here. Maybe somewhere else around here. But I like it. That old man makes me smile. The "view life" above the rooster makes me smile. "Pack your bags" will be the story of my life for the next few months. And the emphasis on art...hell, yea...that is my life!

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