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One of the things on my list of creative projects to do is to document the story of Chris (my husband) and I meeting, getting together, dating, etc. The story of us. I have done bits and pieces on some layouts here and there but I really want to tell a more complete story.  To be honest, I can't believe I have not done it already.

The CK Kit of the Month for January 2008, designed by Robin Johnson, is a very cool box + album to document just this sort of story. In addition, there is a class you can join at Big Picture that walks you through putting it all together.    

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  1. Erin

    2008-01-17 09:42:48 -0500

    Such cute colors and patterns on the layout. I, too, need to "tell our story". Just trying to figure out the format and size I want to do.

  2. suetreiber

    2008-01-17 09:52:15 -0500

    another beautiful kit! Can't wait to see your take on it.

  3. Laura Reaux

    2008-01-17 09:57:54 -0500

    I'm actually surprised you haven't done that, too. :) I really do want to do that for my kids/grandkids, too.

  4. Rachel

    2008-01-17 10:40:26 -0500

    It looks like a great kit (and isn't Robin the sweetest!) I made a mini book a few years back about the first 10 years of my time with my DH, from our first date through to being married. (took us a while to get married!) I need to do a book now on the next 10 year chapter: kids.(although we're only into the second chapter by 7years) Then I plan to do one every 10 years after that until... you know... death do us part or whatever! :)

  5. Stacey B

    2008-01-17 11:39:56 -0500

    I love this idea - cannot wait to see what you create!

  6. jennifer

    2008-01-17 12:29:53 -0500

    I did just this as a present to my husband back in 2001 (?). I did an album of our dating years (even before because we were friends in high school) up until our wedding. I ended the album with our wedding invitation and newspaper announcement and had the album embossed with the title "The Story of Us." Your comment made me smile...it is a nice thing to do, especially for those of us with children who will be interested some day in knowing the whole story! Enjoy...

  7. Tracy

    2008-01-17 12:35:47 -0500

    As soon as I saw the email from CK - I knew this would make a great gift for my parents! I am going to make up the book for them, then let them choose the photos and do the journaling. Will be fun for all of us, and something for our family to treasure. :)

  8. cinnibonbon

    2008-01-17 12:43:22 -0500

    Looks like lots of fun. It's a great idea. BTW I'm on board with a new word for the year, just have a sight problem...I have 2 words. What do you think..Sparkle and Lucidity?!!! Tough one....Thanks for sharing

  9. Deb Wisker

    2008-01-17 12:45:08 -0500

    Very cool! I'd probably have to buy 2 in order to cover 25 years of marriage!LOL!

  10. noell

    2008-01-17 13:02:21 -0500

    I was just thinking the other day that I've never seen layouts about how you and Chris met. Okay, that says something about me, not sure what...or maybe it says something about the magical potential and power of story-telling via scrapbooking...that I'm so drawn into your story that I'd be wondering something like that. Anyway, I hope you'll share it all with us when you do it! LOL!

  11. Cara

    2008-01-17 14:04:27 -0500

    Ali, I ordered this kit and signed up for Robin's Big Picture class that goes along with it. I am giving it to my husband for Valentines Day. I cannot wait to see what you come up with!!!!

  12. Debbie

    2008-01-17 15:26:50 -0500

    I made one of "US" a couple of years ago at CKU. I really love it! I have even made it for a wedding gift from my friends & family.
    The story is a must to do!!

  13. Cathy

    2008-01-18 01:18:49 -0500

    Oh, Ali, what a great idea! I hope you will share the story with us, too...do you think you can get it done for Chris's Valentine's day gift??!

  14. sue

    2008-01-18 01:36:00 -0500

    Another great kit!

  15. christen

    2008-01-18 01:40:39 -0500

    i did this last year (after being married over 20 years!) with one of your mini book ideas...i'm so glad i did.

  16. donna jean

    2008-01-18 03:11:27 -0500

    i just made one for a family member- and they are still dating- so i thought it weas also a nice book to make as you go along too....
    i ordered one for me to make for my dh and me- i cant wait to get started- but if you are going to make one ali- i want to waqit to see your take on it first- since it will be so much more creative than mine!!

  17. Molly

    2008-01-18 04:55:34 -0500

    I look forward to seeing the results! It's always so tough to tackle something as big as the bond between the person who winds up being your spouse... I think about doing the same, although much more amateur version, with my own husband... eight and a half years of being together, six months of married-ness... so much to tell. I can't imagine the stories you must have, bursting ! :)

  18. Shirley K

    2008-01-20 09:29:26 -0500

    I really like this idea - I just printed out a few weeks ago a bunch of pictures of my husband and I since we started dating, but I hadn't gotten around to deciding how to scrapbook/document it all. I'll have to look into this kit!

  19. Mellisa Ross

    2008-01-20 16:00:24 -0500

    I can't wait to see our version of "The Story of Us" I did a mini album "10 Things I Love About Us" and my husband was very touched by it. While it doesnt specically talk about how we met and dating, it refers to the many years we have been together, our journey to parenthood, out pets, etc. I am so happy I did this. Hopefully it will, one day, give someone an insight as to who we are as a couple.

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