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[ photo taken in Charlotte, North Carolina, part of an installation called The Writer's Desk : words from Rolfe Neill, publisher and writer of The Charlotte Observer October 1975-January 1998 ]

I am a reader. I always have been and most likely always will be.

At many times in my life reading has been my refuge. It has given me knowledge, comforted me, inspired me and challenged me.

As many of you know I truly believe in the positive power of words to make a difference in our lives. To make connections. To enchant. To heal wounds. To celebrate life.

Here's a look at some recent things with words that touched me in some way, making me want to share:

1. Kelly Rae's thoughts on becoming.

2. Amanda's ten things list. I think I will do one of these this week (would also make a great scrapbook page or minibook).

3. Kate's journey on sweet | salty.

4. Leo's Handbook for Life: 52 Tips for Happiness + Productivity.

5. I am planning to re-read My Antonia by Willa Cather (the words from this book still live with me even 15 years after reading it the first time). Thinking about it makes me miss my literature classes in high school and college. I miss the discussion and the dialog and the prompting. I miss sharing the story with others. I miss the level of understanding that comes from deconstruction and conversation. Sounds like I need to take a class or join a bookclub.

6. The thought provoking words and unanswered questions in the movie Lions for Lambs.

7. Time's What The World Eats. A collection of photos from around the world showing what a family eats (and their cost per week).

8. An interesting essay about blogging from The New York Times Magazine (by Emily Gould).

9. Recently I have been reading Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma. I have actually been reading it for at least a couple months now (I can't remember the last book I took this long to read + that I stuck with even in the parts that were not as interesting to me).
In the beginning I lovingly referred to as the "corn book" because of
the in-depth information about how much corn (and corn derivatives) is
in the foods we eat. It is one of those books where some days I will
read a whole bunch and then on other nights read just a few pages before bed. I am captivated
by this book about where our food comes from. It's educational and
instructional and pretty much like a really, really long magazine

10. Information on the history of Memorial Day. And Andy Rooney on Memorial Day (from 60 Minutes).

And the questions on my mind lately: What is my response to a recent call to action? What am I afraid of? How is my value alignment? Am I doing enough? What am I doing with" my one wild and precious life"?


[ Coming this week: Three Things, Q & A regarding album organization, and more. ]

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