Hello June.


Hello June.

We are so excited to see you and all that you have to offer. Simon is looking forward to the opening of the outdoor pool with the big blue slide. Chris is looking forward to some time to read a book about Andrew Jackson. As for me, I am looking forward to a little family adventure to Chicago and to the idea of simply moving forward.

Love, The Edwards


Here's a look at other things happening around here recently:

Guests + Interviews:


[ 1. ] I was invited to be a guest designer for the Scrapsupply June newsletter. My two projects shown above were part of an article by Sharyn Tormanen about dealing with longer stories. The first is an album that includes a collection of memories about my Grandmother and the second showcases our engagement in the current political process (and utilizes a really cool Memory Book Swinging Shutter Page Protector that is perfect for longer stories). [ Here is a direct link to the first project and to the second project. ]

[ 2. ] 10 Questions with Ali Edwards @ Scrapjazz

[ 3. ] Interview on Illustrating Stories : Take some time to check out this site - there is all kinds of creative goodness & sharing happening here.


Everyday Life Photobook:


A few months back I posted about the new Celebrate Everyday Life Photobook template I created for Shutterfly. Here's a look at my entire finished book: Celebrate Everyday Life Photobook.

One of the cool things about creating these books is that
they don't have to be done in one sitting. You can begin working and
hit save to complete the book later. Don't forget to check out the articles if you are looking for more information or ideas on how to put one of these together.

This would make a great Father's Day gift (or start now for the winter holidays). 

Edited: As far as I know there is no time line for how long this project will be available on Shutterfly's website. It is not intended as a limited time project.


AE Newsletter

Look for a new issue of the AE newsletter to reach your inbox this Wednesday. I am setting myself up with a new schedule to bring those to you regularly on the first and third Wednesdays of the month. [ To sign up to receive the email enter your email address in the box along the left side of this page. ]


Music List from CKU

For those of you that have been in my class at CKU over the last year or so I created a link to that iMix that can be accessed here. Looking forward to a new group of students in Houston later this week.

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