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October 16, 2008

A few more week in the life samples…

I am SO loving seeing all these examples. Thank you so much for sharing this journey!


From Lynette:


From Jolynn:




From Laura:




From Danielle:


From Carol:




From Tania (you can see her entire album here):




From Nancy (with hidden journaling under the photos):


From Hannah:


From Alex:




A complete list of posts related to the week in the life project can be found here.


  • 1.
    Mish Gasser said…

    Ah, such inspiration. I love that every single one of these is different. Thanks for posting!

  • 2.
    jennyg said…

    They all look great!

  • 3.
    scrapwordsgirl said…

    These are all so remarkable. We all are living such amazing lives…our journey’s the same yet different…Wal Mart, taking kids to soccer practice, making dinner, etc. This is just cool.
    I haven’t begun work on mine…it will happen next week. Our good friend has a heart attack so been helping with his small children…

  • 4.
    Nicky Anderson said…

    I love seeing all the examples. I have finally figured out the basics in Photoshop – woo hoo – and the templates, and adding the text. YAH!!! Which means now I can get my templates and pictures ready for printing!! Better late than never – will send a sample when done – will still most likely be another week or two. But seeing all the samples helps keep me motivated.
    Thanks Ali and have a great day!!

  • 5.
    Kristin said…

    I love seeing everyone’s ideas. Problem is I see too much and then try to incorporate it into my book. Finally yesterday I decided to “keep it simple” and use your templates. Now just trying to figure out if I want to do a hybrid to make it a little more my own…or if I want to have it printed into a book. Decisions, decisions…I hate making decisions.

  • 6.
    Karen said…

    These are such an inspiration. I do have one question… I notice a lot of these have one picture as a page, with two holes punched through instead of three (darling). I can’t tell by looking if there is a plastic sleeve or something over them, or if they are printed on cardstock or a heavier material. It seems like the 2-hole punches might wear a little faster since the weight of the page is distributed over 2 holes instead of 3. Does anyone have a strategy to help with this? Hole reinforcements might be distracting :)

  • 7.
    ElisabethC said…

    Loving the inspiration, thanks everyone!!! I’m so hoping to get my book started right after putting another load of laundry in and then I can play guilt-free :)

  • 8.
    emilyt said…

    I love that you are sharing these so we can see that there is no rhyme to how we can do this. My photos should be arriving today. I can’t wait to work on this all weekend!

  • 9.
    Malea said…

    I love seeing everyone’s finished pages/albums! I’m still trying to figure out the details on mine and how I want to do this project… seeing all the others is helping me narrow my ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  • 10.
    Nikki Love said…

    Awesome examples!!! I really need to pick and date and start mine ;)

  • 11.
    Ali said…

    Karen – I don’t think most of the ones with two holes have page protectors on top of them (many of the minibooks out today are built with chipboard bases where you just adhere your photo on top and punch the holes). The chipboard makes it more stable as a page…but I often will just adhere two photos back to back and add those in as a page.

  • 12.
    Amber Filkins said…

    These all look SO great!! It’s amazing how there are so many different looks, ideas, interpretations. I seriously need to get crackin on this project!!

  • 13.
    Janet said…

    How did Alex put her image in with the text? I must know.

  • 14.
    EB said…

    These are simply fantastic.

  • 15.
    Charisse said…

    They all look so great!
    Makes me want to create :)
    Ali, I just had a question that I hope you can help me with. I purchased you “fresh fonts” cd & for some reason I can’t get access (or just don’t know how to use) your “ali-isms”. (which is the main reason I bought the cd!, hahaha) I went on the support page, but can’t seem to see what’s wrong.
    Thanks so much in advance,

  • 16.
    sandee said…

    Thanks for continuing to publish the LO’s. I too am still in the process of putting mine together. It’s really helpful to see them all and get such wonderful inspiration from them!

  • 17.
    Candice said…

    Gorgeous selections!

  • 18.
    alex said…

    Hi Ali!
    Thank you again for sharing examples and for this interesting project. And of course, for displaying some of my pictures! so exciting!
    I have a response for Janet…I just added a text layer in Photoshop directly on my picture. Nothing more. If you need more explanations, you can email me. I’d be glad to help you! (some more pictures in my blog too.)
    hugs to all,

  • 19.
    Helen said…

    Thank you for sharing this project. I’m enjoying seeing other people’s days and lives and all the different languages.
    I had my second baby a few weeks ago and It’s made me realise how important the little things are. I’ve decided to do the project a little differently and so a different day each week for the next seven weeks (that way I can keep on top of things!). My first pages are here:
    Thanks :D

  • 20.
    Amie said…

    These examples are great! I have been looking for a binder like the one Laura used. Does anyone know who makes these?

  • 21.
    Tania said…

    I totally love seeing everyones ideas on this too. It’s been fun.
    Thanks Ali for taking the time to go through my album and post a few pages and even provide a link to my album. :) I’ll keep checking back to see everyone elses pages as they get them completed too. :) Can’t wait to see what else is created.

  • 22.
    Laura A. said…

    Ali-thank you so much for all of the examples and for your best advice of all: figure out a formula. My own personal, modified version has come together so easily, and I have so enjoyed my time spent from beginning to (almost)end. I’m sure it will become one of my most favorite projects! Laura

  • 23.
    lou said…

    ok, ali. i just HAVE to ask… is it weird seeing your own handwriting all over people’s work? i mean people that you don’t know… and i don’t mean weird in a bad way. just makes you smile kind of weird.

  • 24.
    Nancy said…

    Thanks so much for including my page on your blog! What a trip it is to see it here. :) I love seeing everybody’s take on the project. I’m thinking this is going to turn into a yearly project for me.

  • 25.
    Jill Green said…

    Ali, thanks so much for sharing all these wonderful examples with us. They are very motivating. I planned to do the project along with you but got sick along with my kids on that Monday. Spent the week playing nurse instead. But now I’m pumped to get into it this next week. Thanks for such an awesome inspiring site. -jill

  • 26.
    Jill Green said…

    To Amie – Laura’s album looks like a Maya Road one I have but I’m not sure. Try that at least and see if you spot something you like.

  • 27.
    Jessica C said…

    These are all so beautiful and amazing. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. :)
    I’ve completed my album, and posted the pages on my blog here:
    I borrowed many, many design elements from last year’s CKU version.
    Can’t thank you enough, Ali.

  • 28.
    Melissa said…

    Oh, how I love these pages! I just started yesterday. For the first time – after looking at these – I’m considering digital scrapbooking! So thanks for the inspiration!!!

  • 29.
    Hannah said…

    Thanks so much for posting a couple of my pages on your website! I am just loving what everyone is doing, and I have so much fun checking out all of the different blogs!!!

  • 30.
    Pam Villena said…

    “What you are most looking forward to during the upcoming holiday season.”
    This year has seen some upheaval and major challenges for my family. What I’m looking forward to this holiday season is to re-connect with those family members who’ve drifted away for various reasons and also to reinvigorate ourselves…to recover and be thankful for what’s good in ourselves and those we care about.

  • 31.
    Jill in Chicago said…

    Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself and your amazing ideas. I love coming here!!!

  • 32.
    Jennifer said…

    love seeing everyone’s different Week in the Life albums! I’ve considered doing a mini version again after my CKU album! Very inspiring!

  • 33.
    Melinda Montgomery said…

    Oh man the holidays….I need to go home and make my daughters Halloween costume tonight and I still sit at work. I look forward to hearing from friends and family who I haven’t heard from over a year. My goal is to actually send out cards this year. I have a lot of transition in my life since my Mom got sick and died. My daughter and I have moved about every 2 years since 2002 so I am hoping to be settled for awhile even if it is back in my family home, living with my Father.
    I actually found Christmas presents 2 nights ago that my Mom had hid away before she got sick. They are clothes for the American Doll “Bitty Baby”. Even though my daughter and niece are now in 6th grade and a little old for “dollies” I am going to give them each 1 last Christmas present from Grandma this year. I wonder who will cry more, me or my sister-in-law? Happy Halloween All!

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