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Here's answers to questions from the comments section of this post from earlier today.


Palin Bingo, which was emailed to me by a couple people yesterday, can be found here. There was a Biden version too but we missed that one. All in good fun.

Cindy : What kind of camera do you use?
A : Canon Digital Rebel. I love it. 

Rinda : Any other good ideas for self-portraits?
A : Check out these sites for some great ideas: Self Portrait Challenge, Self Portraits on Flickr, Creative Self Portraits on Flickr, Identity & Self Portraits on Flickr.

Jennifer: I'd love to know where you got the star lights?
A : Ikea last holiday season.

Emily : Do you guys ever get sick of light saber battles?!?
A : YES.

Cory : How do you take pictures of yourself during the day?  Do you have a timer, or someone else who helps?
A : Both. I have used the timer for most of the shots of me this week. Chris works from home when the legislature is not in session and I can often get him to play along as well. Using the timer is so easy! I usually just set my camera on something (like a table, ledge, floor, chest, etc) and hustle back to my place.

Tami : Just wondering the settings you use; your pics always turn out nice and
bright. Mine turn out grainy and yellow. do you have a suggestion?
A : In the past I have always just used the "running person" on the dial of my camera - it is for action shots. It tends to be my favorite because the flash does not automatically pop up. This week, after reading the guest post that my friend Tracey wrote on Tuesday (read it here: The Great Indoors), I have been experimenting with the "P" setting and using a high ISO (this is easily changed on the back of the digital rebel). Mainly I just take a lot of shots ;). You can read more Q&A's with me about photography here.

Lisa : Can you share where you got the solar system over simon's bed?
A : It is an old one from Pottery Barn Kid's that I found on ebay a year or more ago.

Elizabeth : Will this project be put in it's own album or are you going to add it to your other ones?
A : This will go in it's own album. You can read more about the basic supplies I am planning to use here.

Beth : I have to say that you and yours always look so perfect that it intimidates me sometimes! :)
A : We are SO FAR from that Beth :). Just living life.

Jessica : I just NEED to know:  How do you keep your house looking so clean and organized???
A : I like clean and organized...it keeps me sane. We live in a small house (which I love) that is much easier to keep picked up. I regularly go through stuff and purge/reorganize/donate the things we are not using anymore. I also really try to pick up everything before we go to bed so that when I wake up in the morning it is not a disaster with stuff all over the place. I think part of that for me is that I both live and work here...I have a hard time working if it is messy. Also, having one child who is a bit older now makes a difference as well (we shall see with this other little one on the way).

My office is a whole different story.

I asked Chris what he thought and he said I am obsessive about it. He is right :).

Courtney : I was wondering how you are planning on documenting your feelings/the historical greatness of this election in your scrapbooks??
A : Not sure yet Courtney. Most likely I will include some newspapers and such. I have done a couple pages about our two opportunities to meet Obama that are in my books for this year.

Laurel : Will you be printing your own images after you resize them? I saw an
image earlier this week where you had a sheet of images to trim. What
editing program are you using? CS3 or Elements?
A : I am not sure yet - will decide on Sunday or Monday when I actually begin working. I think I may upload to scrapbookpictures.com (the developer I use) just to make it easier since there are so many. I use Photoshop CS3.

Laurel : What brand is your printer? Epson? Is it calabrated to match your Mac?
A : I have used a HP Photosmart D7360 for the last couple of years and love it. I have not done specific color calibration for it.

Laurel : Can you point me in the direction of a tutorial on resizing and placing images on one document to print?
A : Here's what I do (it's likely there are many different ways to do this + easier ways as well - some programs have automated functions for this I think):

1. Open a new document. I usually do 8x10 inches at 300 dpi.
2. Open a photo. Re-size/crop photo to the size you want it - say 4x4 inches at 300 dpi. Use the move tool (the black arrow) to move it onto the larger canvas/document (drag + drop).
3. Repeat with additional images.
4. Print.

Jen : Your photos are always so crisp and life like, how do you do that? Do you edit them with software before posting them?
A : I don't do much editing after taking the shots + uploading (I don't use actions). Sometimes I use Curves to lighten the shot a bit or if they are really orange I will adjust levels or colors. Most of the time I just go with what I got in the camera. I find I could spend way too much time messing with my photos and never get anything else done (like telling the story). I think it is part of the dual blessing/curse of digital photography.

Ashley : I work in a secure facility and cannot take pictures. Most of my day is
spent here (I work 8-5), so I'm not sure what I could put for that part
of the day. I also cannot bring anything home. I am in the Air Force,
so I could put some AF stuff in, but there's not that much to say/add.
Any ideas?
A : In this case I would say that you use this opportunity to document more of your home life/hobbies/etc. and cover some of what you do for work in your journaling (in the telling of the story). You could include shots of your drive to work, the entrance to the base/office, your drive home, etc. And then in your journaling talk about how the place you work is secure, etc.

Heather : On Tuesday's photos you have a pic of your husband working at his
computer. Above hime on the wall is a great photo of him and Simon. I
love the size. Did you take this and if you did where did you get
something like that made? The other question is what is OPB??
A : Love that photo too. It is an enlargement that I ordered from Costco. Not expensive at all. I think at the time I got it for around $24. I love living with our photos. And OPB is Oregon Public Broadcasting - one of the NPR affiliates here.

Heather : What do you define as your week?  Will you continue this through the weekend??

A : I am doing Monday through Sunday.


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