Revisiting 2007 Holiday Projects

Planning to be with family this week so I will be posting some round-ups, revisiting older topics, and eating lots and lots of stuffing.

To start the week off, here's a list of holiday projects I posted last year (and a couple from previous years).  Click the links to access the posts and more information about each project.


Advent boxes. Looking forward to putting these up later this week. For information go here and here.


Night Before Christmas ATC Spinner (this is smaller than the Family Gratitude Photo Spinner). For more information go here and here. I didn't ever get the chance to get this one finished last year so I am planning to finish it up this December.


Button Trees. For information go here.


Initial Ornaments. For more information go here.


Holiday Bottle Cap Magnets. Bottle Caps are from Maya Road and can be found online here. For more information on the project go here (some of the links to stores are now broken - this is a project from 2006).


Holiday Collage. For more information go here. And another post on framing favorite holiday stuff can be found here.

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  1. Nicky Anderson

    2008-11-24 01:40:35 -0500

    Thanks for posting Ali - I have my advent boxes almost done and am pretty excited about them. Had to make two - one for Brody and one for our grandson. These will be such a nice feature during xmas. Also have my 24 days of xmas book ready - excited about that. Working vigorously on finishing some quilts for xmas, potatoe bags - almost done.
    Yah - hope you and your family have a great thanksgiving week.
    Nicky from Canada

  2. Mariangeles_spain

    2008-11-24 02:10:31 -0500

    Off to see them!

  3. Samara Link

    2008-11-24 02:12:35 -0500

    Hi, Ali! I just started reading your blog this year and haven't gone back to look at all the posts before. So, I love that you're doing recaps this week! What lovely projects you have here, as always. All of them are beautiful and positively inspiring. Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving Week to you and yours.

  4. Jennifer

    2008-11-24 02:42:43 -0500

    Funny. In the middle of my Christmas decorating last night, I needed some inspiration... so I hopped on your blog and went through your November and December archives from past years. :o) It helped! Thanks!

  5. leaca

    2008-11-24 02:54:46 -0500

    fun stuff.

  6. Amiee

    2008-11-24 03:15:33 -0500

    Just wanted to share that I finished my Advent boxes last night and I just have to find fun trinkets to fill them with. Which is difficult for a one year old! Can't wait to hang them up!
    Thanks for the great ideas!

  7. jamie

    2008-11-24 04:23:30 -0500

    i have always loved your christmas projects. the holiday collage gets used every month with different elements, of course, to highlight the month. and the kids can't wait to get out the advent boxes. that was a hit last year. thanks so much for sharing that one. it is now a permanent tradition.

  8. Julie

    2008-11-24 04:26:17 -0500

    Good intentions...hah! I love your holiday projects and really did mean to try at least one of them. Maybe this year...

  9. Marty

    2008-11-24 04:31:06 -0500

    Thanks so much for sharing the Advent box idea. I just finished mine last night. My kids are so curious to see what will happen with them, lots of anticipation! I want to try to get to a Christmas collage this year too. We'll see. Thanks also for sharing that you didn't get a chance to finish the ATC spinner last year. Glad to know that I am not the only one revisiting a few unfinished products from years past! Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family!

  10. Heather

    2008-11-24 05:25:51 -0500

    Ohhhh, I'd forgotten about the square punch collage! thanks for putting these back up! enjoy your family time! Peace.

  11. Vivi

    2008-11-24 05:57:17 -0500

    OH! I am getting excited to work on holiday crafts! I plan on playing around with the ATC spinner and I want to make a collage. Also, I do a lot of stamping, so my big project is to make my Christmas cards. Thanks for getting me amped up!

  12. amy albert

    2008-11-24 07:29:23 -0500

    Hi Ali, I love all these wonderful ideas. I was hoping maybe you might have some suggestions for some fairly simple,inexpensive ideas for teachers gifts? I have two daughters and one daughter because she is special needs has nine wonderful teachers/PT,OT. We want to thank them all and hopefully in a creative way! Thanks, Amy

  13. Nikki Love

    2008-11-24 08:21:07 -0500

    I remember these! You always make the most creative Christmas decor!! Love ya Ali :)

  14. Christi

    2008-11-24 09:05:42 -0500

    I made the button trees, and they turned out wonderfully. Thanks for all the inspiration - have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  15. molly

    2008-11-24 09:49:13 -0500

    so festive! those jumbo cap magnets have always interested me. You did such a nice job on them.

  16. telisj

    2008-11-24 10:32:09 -0500

    So excited you're teaching next year on BPS! Thank you, thank you, thank you! So looking forward to it!

  17. kirsten h

    2008-11-24 13:25:47 -0500

    Just made the button trees this weekend with the kids - it was a huge hit!

  18. Amy L

    2008-11-24 13:26:32 -0500

    You are so totally inspiring!

  19. Amy Dow

    2008-11-24 14:16:33 -0500

    THANK YOU ALI!!! You gave me 3 awesome ideas for handmade gifts for my mother and sisters. My husband is in real estate appraisals and thus, the current economy is encouraging us to tighten our belt and hunker down for what could happen with the economy. I am really trying to spend less and give more thoughtfully this year. My sisters and Mom love when I make things by hand and I did make your knock-off of the Christmas collage (the butterflies??? I made one with hearts for our basement wall.) I know that the monogrammed ornaments, the button trees and the Christmas collage will not only be a BIG hit but they will also be really fun to make and those projects are sure to get me in a cheery Christmas spirit! You are really a life saver, thanks again!

  20. mary

    2008-11-24 16:12:00 -0500

    I made the button tree last year and I loved it!! Can't wait to get it out next week. . .
    Again, thanks for sharing your creativity!
    Happy thanksgiving

  21. k rose

    2008-11-24 19:59:53 -0500

    So, so festive!! You're so creative Ali! :) I may have to give those ornaments a try this year. :)

  22. Gabi

    2008-11-24 21:48:04 -0500

    I just love the Advent boxes ! Thanks for sharing all this projects !

  23. Karla Pearce

    2008-11-24 22:42:13 -0500

    Last year your advent boxes inspired me to try the same thing at home in the boarding house that my husband and I run. My own three children and all of our boarders loved it. We opened the boxes first thing in the morning and it was great to see all the children gather round, with smiling faces waiting to see what the treat would be for the day. It was a lovely way to get ourselves into the Christmas spirit. I have my boxes ready to be put up again next week. Thank you for the inspiration that you provide for projects like this one. I'm sure that you touch more lives than you know.

  24. Sandy

    2008-12-01 14:33:42 -0500

    Posted today about my version of the advent calendar! And, I will post my version of the Christmas tree on Wednesday with a giveaway!
    Thanks so much for sharing these!

  25. Leader

    2008-12-03 16:23:13 -0500

    Thank you for this wonderful Subject

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