Three Things : Holiday Gifts for Scrapbookers

A short & sweet Three Things this week featuring three cool gift ideas for people who like to capture life + make stuff.


To Capture: My favorite camera strap from Emily Falconbridge (variety of colors $32).

To Create: My favorite adhesive refill pack. A practical gift, this is just one of those things that is so nice to have in-stock. It's never fun to run out. ($24.29) Make sure your gift recipient also has the regular adhesive (you need the outside for these refills to fit inside).


To Document: My favorite Moleskine blank books for jotting down stories, ideas, and pasting bits of life inside. ($15.95)

[ Three Things is a weekly product series : check out the archives here. ]

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  1. HeatherC

    2008-12-08 21:25:51 -0800

    Like those blank books -- I was looking for a gift for my dad and I think I may have found it! Have a great day!

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  2. Terri

    2008-12-08 22:18:17 -0800

    I love, love Emily's camera straps. I have two of them now. They are so beautiful.

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  3. deanne

    2008-12-08 22:43:47 -0800

    Wow those camera straps are great and i love the red on the awesome is that red!!

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  4. Angela W

    2008-12-08 23:31:24 -0800

    I just used the Dot N Roller for the first time over the weekend! I love them!

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  5. Valerie

    2008-12-08 23:47:07 -0800

    Love Love Love the camera strap....I am hoping Santa will slip a Nikon under the tree, for me. I've been an awful good girl!!
    I love to journal...I will have to grab up that one...I love the idea of "pasting bits of life inside". I just always put that stuff in my scrap albums!! AWESOME
    Thanks again for sharing the great ideas.

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  6. Allison

    2008-12-08 23:50:17 -0800

    Red and Moleskin...two of my favourite things in one!

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  7. ~leah g~

    2008-12-09 00:07:22 -0800

    Love, love, love the Moleskine journals. Just wanted to let you (and others) know that Moleskine recently introduced some new colors in a series named Volant. They have fewer pages than the traditional journals, but come two to a pack.

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  8. Sonja Chandler

    2008-12-09 00:17:39 -0800

    Oh yes! I have one of Emily's camera strap on my camera right this very minute. In pink!
    And I have very happily switched to Kokuyo adhesive after many unhappy moments with another brand.
    Love those journaling books.
    I am also knee deep in red felt squares, making the gorgeous garland. Can't wait to get it done!

    * edited 08/11/14 08:05AM
  9. andrea h

    2008-12-09 00:18:08 -0800

    Wow, I love those moleskin blank books. The camera strap and the dot n rollers are great giveaways too! Thanks for all your great ideas and gifts!

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  10. Jaana

    2008-12-09 00:45:36 -0800

    I purchased the Kokuyo adhesive a while ago on your recommendation, Ali, and it is seriously the best adhesive I've ever used. It's really tacky, smooth to apply, I've never had it gum up and the tape has never twisted or broken, and it is really good for applying to irregular shapes (like chipboard letters) because you don't get gummy, gluey edges.
    I know, sad that I get so geeked out over glue, but what can I say?
    I agree - this would be a great gift for any scrapbooker!

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  11. Melissa

    2008-12-09 00:58:34 -0800

    I have always loved Moleskines (I have about 3 of them floating around right now), but gee; why are they so EXPENSIVE?! :-/
    (Rhetorical question, BTW)

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  12. Sara

    2008-12-09 01:14:01 -0800

    Beautiful camera strap. Great idea!

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  13. Joyce

    2008-12-09 01:16:55 -0800

    Love the camera strap!
    I have a question somewhat related to gift-giving, but not related to this post:
    I wanted to make a mini book for a good friend and i was thinking of something like your "A kit with a cause" mini book. You used to have it posted on your gallery, but not anymore. I know it's probably somewhere in your archives, but I don't know which month/year it was posted : /

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  14. Kathy F. **MT**

    2008-12-09 01:41:11 -0800

    Thanks so much for this....I love the camera strap, mine is so little an uncomfortable that this one looks comfy enough to be worn all day long! :)
    Also-I have NEVER thought of using a book/journal to document my thoughts or things going on to refer to back later...(imagine that?! LOL!)

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  15. jen

    2008-12-09 02:07:04 -0800

    So sweet of you to share!

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  16. Susanna

    2008-12-09 02:07:08 -0800

    love these 3 things. love your blog...
    Susanna :)

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  17. Shara

    2008-12-09 03:14:56 -0800

    Ohh-I am loving that camera strap. I have one on my wish list this year.

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  18. Ruby De la Garza

    2008-12-09 04:58:39 -0800

    I love the camera strap! It is so pretty...

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  19. sue

    2008-12-09 06:25:31 -0800

    Gotta love those moleskin journals. Maybe i should get one for 2009!

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  20. Dixie Lee

    2008-12-09 08:19:16 -0800

    I love moleskin blank journals.

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  21. Dixie Lee

    2008-12-09 08:19:38 -0800

    I love moleskin blank journals.

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  22. Sherri P eh

    2008-12-09 14:38:40 -0800

    I finally ordered one of Emily's camera straps last week and cannot WAIT for it to get here! They are so beayouteaful!

    * edited 08/11/14 08:05AM
  23. Kristin T

    2008-12-09 22:27:18 -0800

    neatstuff- thanks for the reminder that I want to get one of those camera straps - they are a happy little boost ;)

    * edited 08/11/14 08:05AM
  24. Debbie

    2008-12-10 00:04:15 -0800

    Hi! Merry Christmas!!!
    If you ever write in a moleskine you will never want any other journal. They are awesome!! I love the little sketch books. I use them for Art Journals. The pages are great!!

    * edited 08/11/14 08:05AM
  25. Heather H.

    2008-12-24 04:45:56 -0800

    I got the Moleskin grid flip top book last year at Borders for myself - it is an awesome sketch book! I especially love the grid because I hate it when my sketches are wonky :-) Great ideas Ali!

    * edited 08/11/14 08:05AM
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