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"Baby Anna this is you."

One of my favorite memories of being in the hospital was watching Simon show baby Anna the photo of her that he took to school to share with his class (great idea Grandma). Tucked inside his backpack it was his connection to her (and us) while he was at school and we were in the hospital.

On the day we came home we waited to leave the hospital until my Mom was able to bring him over after school. We wanted to leave as a whole family unit and include him in the specialness that is bringing a new baby home.

The transition from three to four has been remarkably smooth so far.

Simon comes home from school and the first thing he says is "Baby Anna I am home!"

He loves to call Anna and I "the girls." He will say, "do you girls want
to come see this toy?" or "are you girls going to take a bath?"

He also loves to give her "snuggles" where he touches her head with his hands or presses his lips to her head. It is a precious connection.

There is really nothing quite like this miracle that is new life and the bonds that are growing stronger everyday. We all feel really blessed.


And speaking of new life, Gabrielle McDougall Gitomer made her way into the world yesterday. We are overjoyed for my sister and Jeffrey and can't wait to meet the newest member of our family.

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