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"Baby Anna this is you."

One of my favorite memories of being in the hospital was watching Simon show baby Anna the photo of her that he took to school to share with his class (great idea Grandma). Tucked inside his backpack it was his connection to her (and us) while he was at school and we were in the hospital.

On the day we came home we waited to leave the hospital until my Mom was able to bring him over after school. We wanted to leave as a whole family unit and include him in the specialness that is bringing a new baby home.

The transition from three to four has been remarkably smooth so far.

Simon comes home from school and the first thing he says is "Baby Anna I am home!"

He loves to call Anna and I "the girls." He will say, "do you girls want
to come see this toy?" or "are you girls going to take a bath?"

He also loves to give her "snuggles" where he touches her head with his hands or presses his lips to her head. It is a precious connection.

There is really nothing quite like this miracle that is new life and the bonds that are growing stronger everyday. We all feel really blessed.


And speaking of new life, Gabrielle McDougall Gitomer made her way into the world yesterday. We are overjoyed for my sister and Jeffrey and can't wait to meet the newest member of our family.

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  1. Karen O

    2009-03-19 15:11:21 -0400

    The sibling bond is so amazing and so very special :)
    I am glad Simon is adjusting so well and loves his Baby Anna so much.
    When my second son was born, my oldest was 2 and in that toddler "mine" stage. We were sure to call our second "My Ryan" all the time- which got a "no- MY Ryan" response every time. 2 years later they are best buds and A definitely still cherishes "his" baby Ryan :)
    Congrats on your new niece as well- it will so nice for she and Anna to be so close in age!
    Enjoy this time- it is pure magic

  2. Charin

    2009-03-19 15:13:26 -0400

    That is precious :) We've been going through some of the same things with our little girl Katie, she's a big sister at two years old and is doing SUCH a great job! :) It makes us Mama's proud for sure, to see them making this transition so well. :)
    (Congratulations to your sister!) :)

  3. claudine pepe

    2009-03-19 15:44:36 -0400

    Ali, isn't this the best. My boys, 8, 3 and 2 ADORE each other. Their love is so genuine. I LOVE your blog and though I am a bit jealous you got a lovely girl, I appreciate my little guys every single day and I am so happy you had a sibling for Simon. It's the best gift you could ever give him.
    You and your family deserve this wonderful happiness!!!!

  4. Carrie

    2009-03-19 16:02:41 -0400


  5. Leigh-Ann

    2009-03-19 16:58:32 -0400

    simon's mind is so precious! i love his pure and delighted excitement to share things with his new sister! it's so... special!
    i'm so loving your posts Ali! Thankyou :)

  6. Tricia Wilson

    2009-03-19 17:06:17 -0400

    Okay, that is so sweet. Totally made my heart smile!

  7. Anna

    2009-03-19 20:09:20 -0400

    Reading this made me cry. So beautiful!

  8. Tacha

    2009-03-19 23:28:22 -0400

    Extra idea, wonderful picture !!!

  9. Amy M

    2009-03-20 02:32:54 -0400

    Thanks for sharing these special, sweet moments with us. I always end up going to go snuggle with my own kiddos after reading your blog...such a sweet reminder to savor the joyous moments. Thanks for all you do! Love, love your blog!

  10. Rebecca

    2009-03-20 03:33:51 -0400

    Oh, Ali - Simon is so sweet. So glad the transition is going well. Congratulations on your new niece!

  11. wendy bretz

    2009-03-20 04:10:15 -0400

    what a great relationship simon and anna have. :)
    glad everything is going well ali :) :)

  12. alexandra

    2009-03-20 04:40:55 -0400

    Simon is so cool! I love hearing what he has to say to Anna - he's such a good, little man.
    And thrilled to read about Jessica's baby - lots of fabulous, little girl energy in your family now! So much fun!

  13. Angie

    2009-03-20 05:44:47 -0400

    So precious!
    Check out Google today, it is "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"!

  14. Sue

    2009-03-20 06:40:35 -0400

    Sounds like everything is going smoothly in your household. I love your photos and your stories of Simon and Anna.
    Congrats to your sister and her husband on the arrival of Gabrielle. Your Mom must be in 'baby heaven' right about now!

  15. Simone

    2009-03-20 09:08:35 -0400

    it's so sweet to read that he's anna big brother. your kins are adorable. god bless them for you

  16. Jennifer T

    2009-03-20 16:00:08 -0400

    My big brother is 6 years older than me, and I absolutely adore him. He and I have such a special bond... and it has only gotten stronger now that we are adults! Simon and Anna will share such an awesome friendship!

  17. Michelle

    2009-03-21 02:23:50 -0400

    what an awesome moment!

  18. Susie Avilez

    2009-03-21 08:14:54 -0400

    Soooo sweet I love this post! made my heart melt to hear that Simon calls you two "the girls" darling! made me want to squeeze Simon LOL~ susieQ

  19. cher

    2009-03-21 16:22:32 -0400 glad it is going so well! You must be doin it right girlfriend! Awesome! Just keep getting your rest..praying for you all! Cher

  20. sesil in chicago

    2009-03-22 12:31:33 -0400

    Congrats to your sister. I was just thinking..I remember you metioning that you two were pregnant together. Congrats again!
    What great moments!! :)SEsil

  21. Brianna

    2009-03-22 13:09:39 -0400

    I'm glad to hear the transition has been a good one.

  22. CoCo

    2009-03-22 22:35:57 -0400

    Love 'the girls' term he has for you. I come from a house of 'girls' - 3 sisters, no brother, and now have two little 'girls' of my own. It's great you can be a girl forever! Also delighted Anna has a little cousin so close in age. My kids adore their cousins!

  23. Mindy M.

    2009-03-23 04:34:51 -0400

    Printing a picture out for the big brother to take to school - very neat idea (will have to steal that for the next one). Congrats on the new baby niece - Anna has a perfect playmate for family get-togethers now.

  24. Liana

    2009-03-23 05:27:02 -0400

    it's amazing how six degrees makes a difference! I've been a big fan of you for a long time and also someone who is apparently your Brother in law? Wow! how totally exciting! Congrats to your whole family on the joy and new additions.

  25. Carrie

    2009-03-23 06:31:40 -0400

    Thank you for sharing this! Today was my son's first day back at school after his baby brother was born. We printed pictures for him to take. I stood out of view as he hung up his backpack and pulled the two small pictures out, kissed them, and slid them into his shirt pocket before joining his class. I barely made it to the car before the tears started!!

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