Bloom & Grow : World Autism Awareness Day


Today is World Autism Awareness Day.

As you may have read in the giveaway post yesterday, I teamed up with the designers at Songbird Ave to create a digital kit in honor of Autism Awareness month. All proceeds from the sale of this kit benefit Autism Speaks.

My son was diagnosed with autism right around the time he turned three. It has been quite a journey; many stories have been documented here along the way. We celebrate his successes both small & big, and diligently work through the challenges. We embrace him for the awesome, tender, hilarious, sweet kid that he is. 

You can read past posts about our journey here.

To learn more, including the signs of autism, go here. There is also  a pretty good FAQ here.

Below are two more examples using elements and templates from the Songbird Ave Bloom & Grow kit:


How about a layout where the entire background is a photo? I have done a few of these in the past with enlargements and am planning to do some more for Anna's book. I love working off one big image background - it poses a whole new set of design challenges.


Loving scalloped edges right now. Either digitally, or with the Threading Water punch, I have been wanting a scalloped edge on just about everything I have put together recently. 

For information on working with digital layered templates check out my Hybrid/Digital Scrapbooking series of posts.



I also wanted to take this opportunity to say Happy Birthday the Hero Arts blog. They do such a great job of showcasing stamping tips and providing inspiration for all levels of crafters. You may also be interested in their contests and videos. Happy Birthday!

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