So Many Options : Layout Accent Two Ways

VERSION ONE [ click for larger version : photo © she saw things ]

VERSION TWO [ click for larger version : photo © she saw things ]

My Studio A column in the July 2009 Creating Keepsakes (available now) talks about the endless options for background papers when creating layouts and telling your stories. It addresses the fact that there is no right or wrong choice in this process. Some people prefer cardstock, some patterned paper, some solids, and some prints. It's all about personal preference.

As you have probably noticed by now, I tend to have a personal preference lately for white cardstock backgrounds.

I was thinking about all these choices as I previewed Heidi's Tuesday Tutorial video and was inspired to create a second version of the center accent for the layout you see above. The top one is super simple and was how I originally created the page. The
second includes stamping and a chipboard butterfly under the felt heart accent - this one came about after watching the video.

One of the things I have always loved about scrapbooking is that there is so much variety. I love the chance to learn from other people, to see what they are doing, and be inspired to try something new. Sometimes it's a new technique, other times it is a way of jouranling, and other times it's the whole package someone presents when telling their story.

The next time you approach a project or layout I invite you to take a step away from your own personal comfort zone and go in a direction that is different from what you normally create. Modifying an accent like the one here is a very safe way to experiment and mess-around a bit without the fear of "wrecking" your whole layout.


Here's a look into the process of creating this layout:

1. In your photo editing program add the 8.5x11 Remember Outline Word Overlay to your photo. For a tutorial on recoloring overlays go here or here. Print at home or upload to your photo developer. I printed this one here at home on my HP Photosmart D7360 using the borderless printing option (works awesome right to the edge of the photo paper).

2. Print a second 8.5x11 Remember Outline Word Overlay onto a sheet of white cardstock. This will be the foundation for your content on the second page. For a tutorial on recoloring overlays go here or here.


3. Print the Remember Sentiment Stack word art onto the Jenni Bowlin Mini Die Cut Label Paper. To do this I ran a sheet of computer paper through the printer first, saw where the image/text was going to appear, and then temporarily adhered the die cut on top and ran it through the printer again. 


4. Add journaling to one of the die cut label pieces. Hand-write, stamp, run it through your printer, etc. For this project I used my old typewriter and again temporarily adhered the Mini Die Cut Label Paper onto some basic computer paper to make it go through easier. I love using this old typewriter.


5. Now this is where the creative choice came in for me on this layout. Super
simple or more decorative & messy? For the simple option I just used some pop dots to adhere a
small rectangle of corner-rounded Making Memories patterned paper and a felt heart.


For the decorative option I
decided to follow Heidi's lead and group a bunch of stamping together
on top of the mini die cut label paper. I used a couple different
colors of ColorBox fluid chalk ink from this set. I topped the stamping off with one of the chipboard butterflies (that I can't seem to get enough of from K&Company) and the same felt heart/patterned paper combo as the simple option.  

In the end I like them both. The second is definitely more bright & fun & artsy than the first. Some days I feel like creating that way and other days the perfect accent is the simplest option.

SUPPLIES : Bazzill Basics Cardstock; Jenni Bowlin Mini Die Cut Label Papers; 8.5x11 Remember Outline Word Overlay by Ali Edwards for Desginer Digitals; Remember Sentiment Word Stacks by Ali Edwards for Designer Digitals; Jenni Bowlin Felt Heart; Making Memories Patterned Paper; K&Company Chipboard Butterfly;

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35 thoughts

  1. Christy Sheffield

    2009-06-10 03:16:38 -0400

    I love both layouts. The first is simple and the second is playful. Also, that is a beautiful picture!

  2. kaitlin

    2009-06-10 03:23:39 -0400

    I love both of them- of course it really helps that the photo is just so adorable! What a happy little girl!

  3. Jess Hess

    2009-06-10 03:45:51 -0400

    Thanks for this inspiring post Ali. I like to use my typwriter sometimes too. It just feels good to poke those keys and get a fun noise. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  4. Nicky Hurt

    2009-06-10 04:52:51 -0400

    Thanks for this post. I used to enjoy stamping so much, but now the simpler, cleaner side of things is what I prefer.

  5. MargVP

    2009-06-10 05:42:35 -0400

    I like both layouts but tend toward number 2. The extra color adds just enough interest without taking away from the subject...who, by the way is an absolute doll! Thanks for the great post....bonus tutorial for the week!

  6. Ali Edwards

    2009-06-10 05:43:01 -0400

    I totally go through phases...been leaning towards the cleaner side too.

  7. Angela W

    2009-06-10 05:49:48 -0400

    Wonderful! They are both great, but my fav is #2! Anna is getting so big and still as cute as ever!

  8. Ali Edwards

    2009-06-10 06:08:42 -0400

    Cool Linn - so happy to read this!

  9. Sue

    2009-06-10 06:53:00 -0400

    I like that you used an old typewriter... and you're right about scrapping and variety.. always amazes me how people come up with different things using the same stuff!! :)...

  10. Rebecca Harper

    2009-06-10 07:13:58 -0400

    Wonderful photos of Anna, she is adorable and getting so big...

  11. shawna

    2009-06-10 07:42:30 -0400

    Great advice. Thank you! Happy Wednesday to you and yours, Ali!

  12. Vera Wirianta

    2009-06-10 08:24:29 -0400

    Love seeing how you still use your old typewriter. I wish I still have my old typewriter...

  13. Elizabeth

    2009-06-10 08:31:34 -0400

    BEautiFul layouT and photo.....another thanks for the typwriter idea.

  14. Carrie L

    2009-06-10 08:51:14 -0400

    Wow, I love the transformation. I think it adds so much depth without losing the simple style you want. I htink this will give me a new way to use my stamps that have been neglected lately. JBS and House of 3!, two of my favorites. I'll be anxiously waiting for the weekend!

  15. jukebox

    2009-06-10 09:28:58 -0400

    As usual, wonderful inspiration! I first noticed your typewriter when you moved to your new scraproom last year. I have been looking for one since with no luck. Just one question for when I do get lucky - can you get new ribbon for these old models? If so where?

  16. Jana

    2009-06-10 10:47:24 -0400

    Fun to see both layouts next to each other---I like them both, but do think the first keeps the focus on darling Anna more---the second with the bright red seems to compete for attention, pulling our eyes away from Anna as we study what was used to create the collage... Great examples that show differences! (& cute, cute, cute baby Anna!!)

  17. Anne-Marie

    2009-06-10 13:00:49 -0400

    I am so inspired, I'm off to get my stamps out. Good thing I'm having a sick day off work!

  18. CB

    2009-06-10 14:56:18 -0400

    Love the artsy version! Really jazzes up an already very-pretty page.

  19. MIchele P

    2009-06-10 15:44:10 -0400

    I love both layout as always.

  20. Susan M.

    2009-06-10 19:38:46 -0400

    What a great idea Ali! I never thought to use my old typewriter to journal something. I guess I will have to pull it out and see if it is still "inked" up.
    You just never know where you will get inspiration! And my husband wanted me to get rid of that old thing. I love repurposing.

  21. Noell Hyman

    2009-06-11 01:52:36 -0400

    I'm so in love with your stamped version of that middle spot. Makes me want to go try it. It's my favorite way to embellish--layered embellishments in one area so the rest of the layout is clean.
    I'm so curious...will you be holding on to both versions of the layouts in your article? If so, what will you do with each of them? It would be fun to find out what everyone's favorite versions are, just to see how taste varies.

  22. Rebekah

    2009-06-11 03:23:40 -0400

    She. Is. An. Angel. That photo--wow!
    Love the stamping and butterfly. Another masterpiece.

  23. Camille

    2009-06-11 03:44:53 -0400

    I love both of them for different reasons... the second one of course for the pop of color and fun techniques. The first one for it's simplicity and the PHOTO is what pops more in the first.

  24. Monica B.

    2009-06-12 11:15:05 -0400

    now i really want a type writer! also, beautiful photo of anna. thanks for sharing!

  25. Jaime Martinez

    2009-06-14 12:41:04 -0400

    These layouts are so beautiful! Very inspiring... : )

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