Your Story Is A Fantastic Adventure


[ SUPPLIES: All digital products from Designer Digitals: AE Life 12x12 Text Frames; AE Remember Sentiment Stacks; AE You Word Art; Katie Pertiet Blue Stitching; Katie Pertiet Tabbed Dates; Katie Pertiet Photo Clusters No.16; Katie Pertiet From My Bookshelf No.1 (alpha) ]

Just a quick note letting you know that there is a giveaway today over at the new blog Write.Click.Scrapbook. that includes a package of four of my favorite products from Designer Digitals (three of which are featured in the layout above).

Write.Click.Scrapbook. is a new collaborative blog featuring a variety of different people who were involved with Simple Scrapbooks magazine before it ceased publication. Read more about their philosophy and why they started this blog here. Definitely one to bookmark.


I should also have a photo up today over on Shimelle's blog as she celebrates a week of posts called "I love this photo..."

24 thoughts

  1. Molly

    2009-06-11 01:38:03 -0400

    those photo clusters look great. might just have to get that set.

  2. Nicky from Canada

    2009-06-11 01:45:46 -0400

    Love the way the photos are set together. Simon is such a cutie!!

  3. Noell Hyman

    2009-06-11 01:49:38 -0400

    I totally agree with the title of your layout and post! It's all a big giant adventure. =)
    Gorgeous layout, too.

  4. jakki

    2009-06-11 02:01:34 -0400

    I have GOT to get started in digital scrapbooking!

  5. Tammy W

    2009-06-11 02:28:17 -0400

    I love your blog. I am amazed that you still have time to blog and scrapbook. I also love your products. Thanks for the new blog. I am excited to check it out. Maybe I'll even win! :)

  6. Paula in Australia

    2009-06-11 02:47:01 -0400

    Hey Ali
    Just about to go to bed - it is 11.48pm here in Australia. Thanks for your dedication and inspiration. I check out your blog lots and am totally inspired and motivated to document my life.
    Thanks again and your big boy and little girl are certainly worthy subjects to be remembered in your work.

  7. Mary Rogers

    2009-06-11 02:51:48 -0400

    fabulous design Ali! love all the photos of Simon...have a fabulous day.

  8. Ann Costen

    2009-06-11 02:55:15 -0400

    Thanks for providing the giveaway at WCS :) Man I wish I could enter because I really want (need) those overlays :P You make me want to get back into digiscrapping again!

  9. Linn

    2009-06-11 03:10:40 -0400

    I'm so excited about that new blog link! I was so bummed when Simple Scrapbooks (along with several of my other favorite magazines) ceased publication. Thanks for the link!

  10. Mefi

    2009-06-11 04:34:48 -0400


  11. Nicky Hurt

    2009-06-11 05:59:01 -0400

    I do and have always loved your style. This page- I love the text around the outside. I'm definitely going to have to try that!

  12. kristin

    2009-06-11 06:09:57 -0400

    i just can't get over how handsome your son is getting! he really looks a lot like your hubby with a touch of softness from you. your littlest is growing so fast, too- she's adorable. :)
    (sorry that was all so unrelated to your post, but i couldn't resist!)

  13. Ashley

    2009-06-11 07:13:16 -0400

    Love your work and love your blog, Ali! You are so inspiring and so talented! Just got your book "A Designer's Eye for Scrapbooking with Patterned Paper" today! SO excited to start reading it (I have almost all your other books). Thanks again for your amazing work!

  14. Amybug

    2009-06-11 09:22:08 -0400

    Thanks for the giveaway link!
    ~ Amy =0)

  15. Marina013

    2009-06-11 12:53:09 -0400

    Ali, I've always loved your blog, but just wanted to let you know that I am especially loving it lately. Thank you for all your inspiration & teaching.

  16. julie

    2009-06-11 15:00:57 -0400

    love the look :)

  17. Anna-Marie Still

    2009-06-12 04:08:11 -0400

    A bit off topic, but had to share that your post from your family photo shoot helped me put in to words what I needed to so I could properly post Paolo's picture of me an Ronan - it's up on my blog today - thanks again for everything - *wink*!

  18. Diana

    2009-06-12 17:55:31 -0400

    I just have to say....I LOVE Simon's little smile. I'm a mom of 2 boys and your posts are so wonderful to me! Thanks!

  19. Melissa Mann

    2009-06-13 03:51:02 -0400

    Love this layout!! So clean and fresh! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Debra

    2009-06-13 18:04:53 -0400
  21. musesof

    2009-06-13 23:39:00 -0400

    so beautiful page... i love too

  22. fanybej

    2009-06-14 03:23:04 -0400

    I like how you make a page with photos who are not taken the same moment. (i don't know if i am very clear...sorry)

  23. Hena Tayeb

    2009-06-15 08:47:59 -0400

    this is a great layout.. i love it..

  24. Joan

    2009-06-17 16:32:08 -0400

    Love all your layouts!!
    I can't believe how grown-up Simon looks! Still adorable!
    And Anna, what a sweet baby!
    Thanks for all the inspiration you give on your blog.

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