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August 27, 2009

6.5 Months


Dear Sweet Anna-girl,

We are pretty much ga-ga over you. I don't think a day has gone by without at least one of us mentioning something about how much we love you, how glad we are that you are here, how cute you are, or my personal favorite – when Simon says, "Anna is so cool."

You are just a little bundle of goodness.

Here's some things about you at 6.5 months:

- You sit up amazingly straight and tall. I can set you down in one spot and you won't go anywhere (I know that will only last a very short while). It is quite obvious that you are super happy with yourself for getting to this stage – you are much happier to be sitting up and checking things out vs. being on your back or your tummy.

Annabathbrene © Brene Brown

- Your favorite thing to do while sitting on the floor is to either
take all your toys out of a small basket one by one or look at a book.
It's pretty darn cute to see you sitting there with a book. Warms this
book-lovers heart for sure.

- You traveled with me again this month on a fabulous girl's weekend retreat. You were bombed with love and cuddled and held and lifted up in action and thought. You did great on the car ride, except for the part when we drove from Canon Beach to Manzanita where you cried the whole way (Andrea got to experience that lovely bit of screaming baby time). You slept almost the entire way home (a four hour trip with one stop for a break & food). 


- You and Simon have had lots of time to hang out as the summer winds down. In a few short weeks he will be going back to school and I am pretty sure you will be wondering where he has gone off to. Trips to the park, the pool, the museum, and good-old down time on the couch have been part of your daily adventures with him over the past few weeks. You are both really loving our babysitter.

Annabath2 © Andrea Scher

- You have been trying all sorts of different foods lately. One of your current favorites is cantaloupe. Last night you devoured peas. I am actually hoping that your brother may develop an interest in trying some of the things that you are eating and enjoying.

Thank you, sweet girl, for being such a good baby. For having those giant smiles in the morning and being so go-with-the-flow most of the time. You are deeply loved.


  • 1.
    Heidi said…

    Hi Ali … so so lovely to see just HOW MUCH you are enjoying being a ‘girl-mommy’!!! Lovely to pop into your blog & see all the validation, and love, and joy she’s bringing!
    And LOVE the tub! Add a jar of peanut butter, some sticky fingers and faces & you’re A-for-away!! LOL

  • 2.
    Allison M. said…

    Hi Ali – love the Anna updates, she is such a little beauty. I think she looks like she enjoys her baths as much as my baby girl does!

  • 3.
    Nicky from Canada said…

    Pretty sweet she is – love the picture of her and Simon.

  • 4.
    Desiree said…

    I love the photos of Anna! I have an almost 6 month old & am loving motherhood so much. I love seeing Anna develope and know that Lydia is one step behind & will be at her stage soon. Its amazing to me how much joy such a little person can bring.

  • 5.
    Angie in Japan said…

    Of course your baby is a sweetheart but YOU are a super Mom! I wish all Moms were so open with their love and support. Anna and Simon are lucky!

  • 6.
    Mabel M said…

    Anna is the most cute baby in the world!!! all my best wishes for the little princess and for you fabulous boy Simon, precious family Ali!! =)

  • 7.
    Rachel said…

    Ali – Anna is so adorable! That picture of her and Simon on the couch is precious. When I have kids, I hope I am as good at documenting the everyday things in my childrens’ lives as you!

  • 8.

    What a fabulous and simple way to record ages and stages! She will surely appreciate looking back as she gets older!

  • 9.
    Leslie said…

    Wonderful tribute to Anna (like the one you did for Simon recently) – such a pretty & happy baby!

  • 10.
    Robyn said…

    She is a real cutie pie! I love these photos. She seems like she has such a sweet and gentle presence.

  • 11.
    Lauren said…

    So sweet! She will be so touched when she looks back at all the wonderful memories you’ve kept of her.

  • 12.
    christen said…

    what a sweetie! thanks for the update.

  • 13.
    jesshunt said…

    She’s just beautiful, Ali and looks sooo happy :) Graham used to look at books when he was little like that too and still does – I know about that warm fuzzy feeling it gives you to see them “enjoy” it!

  • 14.
    Betsey said…

    Thanks so much for sharing the personal side of your delightful family. I am now into great-grands, so your posts bring back many happy memories. Darling children with devoted parents.

  • 15.
    Amy said…

    She is truly precious. I don’t comment often, but I never look at Anna’s little face without thinking just how very sweet she is. Such a pretty little girl and she rounds out your family so perfectly. I’m glad Simon has a little sister to protect and to be friends with. God is good to you.

  • 16.
    Jen said…

    So beautiful. Love how you document. Such an inspiration!

  • 17.
    Anne said…

    She is so adorable. . . and your pictures are wonderful.

  • 18.
    Jo said…

    Totally beautiful!

  • 19.
    jakki said…

    HOW SWEET IS THAT PICTURE OF HER AND SIMON???!!!I love sibling loverily….

  • 20.
    Sarah said…

    Hard to believe she is THAT BIG already! She’s BEAUTIFUL… what a cutie!!! You document life in such an eloquent way.
    Being a first-time mom, I am feeling MUCH the same way where not a day goes by without us feeling so blessed for having our baby in our lives. (13 weeks old today) We can’t wait until he can sit up either!

  • 21.
    Nichole said…

    She is so beautiful!

  • 22.
    Kelly in Canada said…

    She just appears to be absolutely lovely. Seeing your photos of how well she fits with Simon makes me think that, perhaps it isn’t too late for my husband and I to try to have another baby even though our boy is 5.5 years old. I would love to hear him say that his sibling is so cool!

  • 23.
    Kathy F said…

    I love all of your pics and your words about Miss Anna! :) She is a beautiful baby! :) I also love the pic of her and Big Brother, Simon! :)

  • 24.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Definitely not too late :) . We are really loving the age spread.

  • 25.
    Janell said…

    She looks JUST like you and even more so like your sister! She is so cute!! And your handsome son looks exactly like your husband. Too fun!!!! Love the photos.

  • 26.
    Melanie K. said…

    I love seeing you give Anna a bath in the kitchen sink! I did that with my older two … my third one he was just in the tub with me (easier) and I so missed giving him a sink bath … it is odd what you miss, isn’t it? She is beautiful, Ali … just a sweet happy baby girl!

  • 27.

    What a precious little girl! It’s so neat to see her “grow up” right here on your blog! Thanks so much for sharing…you’re a very lucky mama!!! :)

  • 28.
    bettyann said…

    My heart melts..seeing Anna reminds me so much of my Lil Miss Sunshine and her smiles (she is 26 now)..thanks for all the updates it makes my day!!

  • 29.
    george said…

    OMG, all your pictues of Anna really make me want to have another baby…

  • 30.
    Becky said…

    She is just beautiful! I see I’m not the only one who bathes my kids in the sink. It’s the perfect height!! And I agree, there’s good things with having kids a little further apart. I have a 5 kids, the last one came close to 5 years after his older brother.

  • 31.
    Katya said…

    DEAR solar ANNA! Children with a smile brings light into the house, soul, in all .. Dear all mini .. As well as my youngest, too, smiled, and smiling at passers-by, too. when they see a child smile! Well done, keep everything in a journal and photographs and records will be recalled later. Anna grows up and thank you for a wonderful introduction diary. Keep it up. You, your family is inspiring. And your son Simon is a blog? Suppose he has his own creativity and expression.

  • 32.
    Agata said…

    This is sweet!… It is as if I were reading about my dd who’s now 7 & 1/2 months old. Only that she’s crawling around everywhere! ;) But she’s also just one, big smile, from morning till the evening… Enjoy!

  • 33.
    Shiree Johnston said…

    oh Ali, that is so so sweet, what a darling baby girl, u are all enjoying her so much. My “baby” girls are 25 & 30, and my baby albums look nothing like what you are doing, in fact some of the photos are looking pretty average too, and I can imagine what technology will be when they have baby girls!

  • 34.
    Katie F said…

    *sigh* She really is a doll!

  • 35.
    gina f. said…

    time is flying by! thanks for sharing; you have done a remarkable job keeping up the blog since Anna’s birth! I’m glad Anna is such a blessing to your family!!

  • 36.
    Kathy Besser said…

    Hi Ali!
    May I make a small suggestion? How about having Simon help you “prepare Anna’s food” and then recommend that you both taste it beforehand to see if you think Anna will like it. It might be just the thing since it’s for Anna and he sounds like the kind of big brother who’ll do anything for his sweet little sister. If you have a chef’s hat for Simon, so much the better! If not, let me know and I’ll see about getting one for you from my sister (she’s made over a hundred of them for me over the years).
    All the best,
    Kathy Besser

  • 37.
    Carolyn said…

    Oh Ali, she is just so very precious… amazing, every moment, just truly amazing :)

  • 38.

    She’s just beautiful, Ali. :)
    Mentioning the food made me remember some of Noah’s favorite first foods. Avocado – I would split it and just scrape a baby spoon across the flesh. He LOVED avocado. Same way to eat bananas. His other favorites were butternut squash and sweet potatoes, boiled and pureed. I used to make huge batches and freeze them in ice cube trays so I’d always have some handy.
    I miss those days. :) Thanks for the sweet reminder.

  • 39.
    alexandra said…

    I’ve been wondering the very same thing. My twins are 6 1/2 and we have a frozen embryo waiting for our decision – it would be so amazing to have a baby in our lives again.
    Anna is so lovely and sweet.
    Thanks for a fabulous post!

  • 40.
    Lani said…

    Question for you Ali – I noticed that two of the beautiful photos are copyrighted (thanks for links to more beautiful sites) so I was wondering if you blogged about how they were taken, or if you plan to share. Just curiosity on my part.
    Thanks as always.

  • 41.
    Ali Edwards said…

    Hi Lani – they were taken on my girl’s weekend a couple weeks back :) . Good friends who take lovely photos :) .

  • 42.
    Ali Edwards said…

    This is a wonderful idea Kathy – thank you! We do have a chef hat (lots of costumes) :) .

  • 43.
    Ann said…

    Total cuteness! That pic of Anna and Simon on the couch together is the BEST!

  • 44.
    Sue Kment said…

    How sweet…brings back memories of when I bathed my babies in the kitchen sink!

  • 45.
    AesaLina said…

    Absolutely adorable.
    What is your email? The link I click on will not work.

  • 46.
    Amy E said…

    The picture of Anna and Simon is absolutely priceless. Such a sweet time for you!

  • 47.
    Sharon said…

    thanks for sharing Ali, she is a precious gift- enjoy the everyday!

  • 48.
    Lisa Walters said…

    She is so precious…thank you for sharing those photo’s. Time really does fly by. My baby is now 15 years old!!! Enjoy:)

  • 49.
    Nancy Wyatt said…

    So very sweet and she is simply divine! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

  • 50.
    Ann said…

    What a lovely post! I absolutely adore my 7 month old boy and am taking in every moment! I am just about to create a beautiful little keepsake album documenting the little things about him at this stage! Can’t wait!! Thanks for the wonderful post and photos! It really reminds me of how I feel about my baby! :o )

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