The Traveler & Deeply Loved : Four Corners Layered Template Two Ways


I love getting stuff back from the printer. Whether it is a 12x12 digital scrapbooking page or a bunch of individual photos for paper pages, it just makes me happy (as it should be). 

The above layout was printed at (I noticed they are having an August sale with 12x12 prints for $1.99). These digital pages go right into my 12x12 albums with my other pages. You can see a post that includes photos of some pages in one of my albums here

The layout above appears in the August issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine. It's a good example of showcasing different time-periods on one layout. Think of all the time our kids spend in the car (and how much time we spend in the car going here and there). I need to get my camera out and make sure to take a few shots now that we have two kids and two car seats in the back.

The digital layout above was created using a layered template available at Designer Digitals: Four Corners Circle layered template. Wondering how to work with layered templates in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements? Go here or here or here.


I posted this layout in my gallery at Designer Digitals
and someone mentioned that they liked how each of the photos included
something Simon was interested in at the time (or still is today). That
was a cool observation that I had not intended when I was putting it
together. It's another reason to remember to include more than just a cute face in the photos we take - the surroundings often add so much more to the story.

Digital Supplies: AE Four Corners Circle Layered Template; Katie Pertiet Graphic Garden No. 2

See all of my available layered templates here.

I was going to end the post here but instead decided to put another page together to show a different way to use the template as a jumping off point for another project. Here's the result:

Digital Supplies: Ali Edwards Four Corners Circle Layered Template, 12x12 Text Frames Baby; Michelle Martin: Aryanna & Colbie Solids Paper Packs; Pattie Knox Absolutely Acrylic Clockworks; Katie Pertiet Rose Garden Mini Kit, Negative Sleeves; Anna Aspnes Stitched By Anna No.5

Instead of the four quadrants I changed the main circle area to a full circle by simply using the shape tool and deleting the other areas.

As I was adding (and removing - with digital especially I find myself adding + removing more than with paper) elements I decided to try adding a page protector sleeve vertically (love those things in paper + digitally) and slip a couple elements in behind. This is all done using the layers palette in Photoshop or Elements.

The circle stitching was added last. I like how it felt finished to me when the stitching was added. 

Now it goes into the "TO PRINT" folder for the next time I upload.

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