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October 18, 2010

December Daily 2010 | Digital Layered Templates & Overlays

For those of you who are planning to do all digital December Daily projects, I’ve created two new products to help you document your season. The new products include a set of 12 layered templates and a set of 12×12 31 days overlays. Click the sample layout above to view larger.

Here’s a look at the package of 12 layered templates (these all come in one package – I made three preview images so you could see all 12 of the layered templates):

Here’s the 12×12 31 Days Overlays which include a bonus set of 4 layered templates that co-ordinate with the layered templates shown above:

These overlays do not include specific days of the week (like the 2010 6×8 overlays I’m using in my hybrid album). They could be used in a variety of different projects documenting days or birthdays or anything that includes a number.

Here’s a closer look at those products in action starting with the left side of the spread (click image to view larger):

and the right side:

If I were doing this project all digitally I’d aim for a simple approach using templates plus a combination of the products I used above (and listed below). Word and phrase stickers are still one of my favorite products in paper or used on the computer. I just found the Katie Pertiet Text Clusters Brushes & Stamps No. 1 and they are so cool. And white cardstock, always white cardstock.

There’s a great post over at Designer Digitals in the General Digital Talk forum right now that addresses getting templates ready in advance for December Daily. If you’d like to learn more about prepping digital files in advance and see some samples check it out here.

Ali Edwards December Daily Template Package Vol. 3
Ali Edwards 31 Days Overlays 12×12
Ali Edwards 2010 Alphabet Tabs
Anna Aspnes Straight Line Stitched No. 1
Katie Pertiet Cut Ups Christmas
Katie Pertiet Word Strip Labels No. 2
Katie Pertiet Kraft Cut-Ups Holiday
Katie Pertiet Text Clusters Brushes & Stamps No. 1
Katie Pertiet Letter Box Holiday Corners
Michelle Martin Michaela Solids Cardstock

If you are interested in learning more about digital scrapbooking check out my series of posts on Getting Started With Digital Scrapbooking which includes free downloads and video tutorials.

More information on the December Daily project can be found here.


  • 1.
    molly said…

    digital is a very tempting route for me this year. these are beautifully done. takes the guess-work out of it.

  • 2.
    caro said…

    so excited to go digi on our dd, this year ….

  • 3.
    Heather Prins said…

    Love this Ali!!!

  • 4.
    Yolanda said…

    Although I adore the texture and layers that I see in handmade/traditionally scrapped albums, I know that working digitally will fit better with my skill set and time. Love the clean designs and flexibility of this set. I can’t wait to get set up for this year.

  • 5.
    Lisa L. said…

    I’ve never done digital. Once I download the templete, do I load my photo’s onto that, then send it off to be printed (if I don’t have a 12X 12 printer)?

  • 6.
    Michele H. said…

    beautiful page ali! i’m looking forward to incorporating some digi elements into my dd this year. Seems like a great way to get some pages done since I’ll be editing photos anyway. thanks for inspiration.

  • 7.
    amy said…

    i love everything about this layout! i definitely plan to be mixing it up again this year with some digital and some traditional pieces in my dec daily. great products – thanks ali.

  • 8.
    amy said…

    oh – i forgot to say i like how you included a pic of your dec daily in the layout too.

  • 9.
    dawn said…

    I love this idea of digital and how easy it would be but I don’t have the right software or a printer to use. So I am going to try and use your other overlays and add my own goodies to it. Like you word stickers are my favorite supply and white cardstock is always a must for me too. Thanks for showing us so many different ways to do this and making it easy for us.

    I also saw your article in the Scrapbook Etc. at the store this morning and plan on picking it up this weekend to really read it over. Also love it when you have something new on both your blog and projects in one day. Happy Monday!

  • 10.
    carla said…

    Hi Ali,
    These maybe dumb questions, but are you going to be doing templates in any other sizes for the December Daily album. I love your templates, but my album for this year has 8×8 pages. Can they be resized using Photoshop Elements? Also, I bought your DD templates last year from Designer Digitals. But don’t seem to have them anymore. Do they expire and vanish, or have I (my husband) deleted them by mistake?

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Hi Carla – yes, the 12×12 can be re-sized to 8×8. When you are finished creating the design you simply go to File/Image Size and change it to 8×8 rather than 12×12. The files do not vanish :) or expire so it’s possible that they were deleted by mistake.

  • 11.
    Seetje said…

    Hi Ali, Last year I made my own DD and totally loved it. Now I’m trying the hybrid version and allready bouhgt the overlays from your last post. Only for the 12×12 you’ve got 31 days. Is it possible to include the last few days of the year also for the DD 6×8 overlays…?Last year I used these days to document our christmas- school-holiday. And the last day of the year is a really fun family/frieds-gathering in the Netherlands with fireworks, the kids staying up late and eating “oliebollen”!

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Hi Seetje – the 6×8 package includes 31 overlays.

  • 12.
    Lelee said…

    Hi Ali,

    Do you have these templates in the 6×8? Or is there a way to use these in a 6×8?


    • ….
      Kim N said…

      Hi Lelee… This is my question too! I love the 6×8 size and doing a hybrid style but I love these layouts too! I saw Ali answered someone else’s question about downsizing to 8×8 but the ratio is the same from a 12×12… is it possible to change these to a 6×8 with a tinge of adjusting?

      Thanks in advance!

    • ….
      Lelee said…

      Hi Kim…I tried adjusting another digi-template to a 6×8 and it just didn’t look right to me. But then I thought…oooh, maybe I could do 6×6 instead? Might be nice to mix it up a bit in a 6×8 album. I think I could live with that.:)


    • ….
      Kim N said…

      Now that’s a brilliant idea – downsizing to 6×6 and mixing it up! I thought it might be a bit wonky since the ratio wouldn’t be the same but I have never tried and I am pretty new to the digital scrapbooking… which I so love! Thank you for sharing your idea.

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Love seeing the back and forth here :) . I didn’t have plans to make 6×8 templates but could definitely do that for this project if there was an interest.

      And taking the 12×12 and resizing down to 6×6 is a really great idea – one benefit is that you still have the full size templates to use for other things (vs. a 6×8 template that would not be able to be sized-up).

      Still interested in 6×8 templates?

    • ….
      steffb said…

      I think the issue of square vs. tall is always a big one for me – so many templates are square and I scrap a lot 8.5×11. I don’t know if totally different templates would be necessary, but a post on how to go back and forth with examples would be very popular, and not just for DD. For instance, your other 6×8 overlays could be combined somehow with these 12×12 ones, some would work better than others, because the pictures get a lot smaller when you shrink down 12×12. But sticking one of the photocollages onto the 6×8 template instead of a big huge picture could potentially work, KWIM? I have this issue all the time with Katie’s free templates that are ALWAYS square. Sigh.

    • ….
      Shelley D. said…

      I would really, really LOVE to have a 6×8″ layered template package. This is my 3rd year doing DD, and the first year contemplating the hybrid route. I think having the template package would definitely make up my mind!

    • ….
      Susan Anderson said…

      I too would like to see a 6×8 DD package. I’m enjoying digital layouts more and more and was playing on doing my DD that way. I’d be on board for buying the set.

    • ….
      Ali said…

      OK cool – I’ll get to work.

    • ….
      Kim N said…

      I was on the fence about whether I should request you do the 6×8 but seeing someone else say yes… I will also wait until you have those together and purchase them. You do have lovely work. I was in Designer Digitals and saw 2 other Daily December templates. Loved them too.

      Thank you for your beautiful simple style! Kim

    • ….
      Lelee said…

      Ali – Thanks for considering a 6×8 template! I know it’s not a popular size, but if you’re planning on making one, that would be SUPER! I think mixing up the different sizes will be fun. Can’t wait to get my DD going!! :)

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Hey just wanted to let you guys know that the 6×8 templates will likely be out the weekend of October 30th (not this weekend).

    • ….
      Joanna said…

      YAY! Ali- thanks so much for doing this. I’d love to do a hybrid DD. I’ve printed out all the daily brushes for the 6×8 size and would love to have the option of doing a few layouts with your 6×8 layouts!

      thanks for listening!!!!

  • 13.
    Kelly said…

    Hi Ali,

    I would love to use your templates but I’m using an 8.5 x 11 album. Is there any way to make these templates works?


    • ….
      K said…

      hi Lori, I also work in 8.5×11, and occasionally use 8×8 albums. It looks like Ali may create 6×8 templates, which we could use.

      Ali, your work is lovely, clean and rich.

  • 14.

    HiAli! I was so excited to open my Scrapbooks Etc mag. today and find your December Daily album project featured. It is so great to see you in a mag again!, specially my favorite one…

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Thanks Brenda – I was so excited that they were interested in featuring the project. Look for a post about it coming soon.

  • 15.
    Lori said…

    Oh I love these templates – I just purchased them from dd and they are going to help in saving time to do my decdaily. I loved last years templates, so I couldn’t resist these for this year!

  • 16.
    Alida said…

    I know this is a crazy dream. That you would also do a digital DD to inspire us who will be going the digital route. Perhaps just a few pages????? But I have done 3 years’ of DD’s and understand how it just won’t be reasonable to expect.

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Oh man, it’s just too much Alida :) . Maybe I’ll try to fit in a few here and there. I definitely always do hybrid.

    • ….
      Alida said…

      You’ll inspire me none the less. December Daily really has changed the way I view the Christmas season.

  • 17.
    Monika Wright said…

    I’m totally doing it hybrid this year and am going to print off the 6×8 pages from your template today Ali. I think I might miss playing with paper, so I am going to do some fun stuff with the back of the page to quench my thirst for doing some fun new things I’ve been thinking of.

    I don’t have enough transparencies, but Valerie Mangan { }suggested on one of her blog posts to print on vellum and I’m going to try that!

  • 18.
    Mrs. b said…

    Lovely templates, Ali! And very inspiring layouts you have made, they are lovely!
    Last week I was really thinking not to think about Christmas already, but then after seeing your DD startup (and also after a visit to Ikea where the Christmas stuff was already out) I find myself getting slightly more setup to the fact that it is only about two months away :-)

    If I hadn’t already set up my mind on going to try the hybdrid variant of DD I would certainly have done it the “all-digital” way in a photobook using these templates.

    I am considering a purchase of a photoprinter (or more correct, this would probably be a christmas present for me :-) to be able to print photos at home, and tried to read a bit about how you use your printer. I understood you don’t use it for 12×12 digital LOs and instead develop these at a store, and more use your printer for printing out smaller photos and e.g. journaling parts of LOs? I am curious if you use the possibility of the wider printouts (size A3) on your printer a lot or if you mainly use a smaller (A4) size?
    Mrs. b

  • 19.
    Heather Johnson said…

    Love your work Ali, as usual! Just read through the comments, and wanted to chime in to those reading that if you are considering digital–DO IT! While I love the look of papers, and the feel, and all that great stuff…I found myself buying more and more supplies and lacking the time and space to actually create pages. Once I found and, and learned the how-to as well as where to find super products–I was hooked, and I actually completed ALBUMS and not just PAGES. I printed everything up through shutterfly last year and it’s still a book my daughter and I look at together every week. I am SO excited for December! Thanks again for such a wonderful and inspiring idea.

  • 20.
    Renee said…

    Great stuff Ali. I have already prepared a group of templates, etc. to use for this year’s December Daily; however those new products look awfully tempting. I may be purchasing them anyway! I have completed the last two years digitally as it works better for our lives. I do scan in some paper things to get them as part of our pages. Thanks for working on this early this year. I feel quite a relief having it put together already. I may to a mini-daily set up for Thanksgiving when we have friends and family to visit. Take care.

  • 21.
    Angie Allen said…

    Oh, I love these! I have set up my foundation already, but these templates look versatile enough to use for other purposes.

  • 22.
    Linda said…

    One page…that’s my goal…just one page… Not being a computer savvy individual… I will be thrilled if I figure out the nuts and bolts in order to produce one digital page. And HEY…if I can’t do it…. I can always include a page of my pulling my hair out and the kids giggling uproarously at my mutterings.

  • 23.
    livelybrowsers said…

    Thanks for good stuff

  • 24.
    Amy Isler Gibson said…

    Ali, I really want to connect with you. The Vimeo doesn’t work for me it won’t open. Wanted to take “the tour.” Yes I am registered properly with Vimeo.

    Plus, I want to get in on what you are doing, but am basic beginner with no money. I am, however, having some success with my artwork. Two photography shows coming up, one at new Jazz Station digs in their new space from lord leebrick, month of January. David Minor Theater month of Feb. Cool Air Society join xmas bazaar (for me, photography + jewelry) sometime in November. If I can start earning from art, I can begin to expand, starting with some of your stuff. But at this time no work, no money, can’t use household money. Am also re-opening my private psychotherapy practice soon (Dec.) which is my “day job” (I do love it, have been away for a while to write a book, now finished and self-published.) Work with general population but hope eventually to work mainly with returning veterans. Contact me? Best to you and the fam! Amy Isler Gibson

  • 25.
    Gina Crowley said…

    OH, I am so getting these. I am doing another 8×8 (I just like that size so much) and loved my hybrid pages last year. Thanks for doing these…

  • 26.
    sharongrey8 said…

    I LOVE these overlays. I bought them this morning and used them to make a 2 page layout of pictures from our trip to the county fair last night. Now I am psyched to try making my December Daily pages (in digi form) ahead of time. Thanks, Ali!

  • 27.
    Siv said…

    Hi Ali!

    I just started using your templates, and they are completely awesome! It’s amazing how easy they are to use, even for a hybrid newbie like me. I just have one wish – these gorgeous December Daily templates as 8,5*11… I love my home printer, but it is only standard size. But I will probably get these 12*12 and shrink them to 8*8 too :)


  • 28.
    Siv said…

    And maybe those overlays too…:)

  • 29.
    Lynn said…

    Any advice on converting these digital templates to 8X8… would we have to take them apart piece by piece and resize each layer?

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Not at all Lynn! I actually recommend constructing them at the current size (without changing anything). When you are finished with the page (save first as 12×12), flatten all the layers, change the image size to 8×8 (under Image/Image Size) and save as jpg for printing.

    • ….
      Lynn said…

      ahhh… I had not even thought of doing it that way. Thanks so much!

  • 30.
    Jackie Bremer said…

    Fun reading all the comments. I am going with the hybrid and am excited to get started. Collecting my materials but am committed to completing my current project before getting started.

  • 31.
    Susan Roh said…

    Lovely templates Ali! I’m doing mine hybrid or mostly traditional paper, but these templates are very tempting.

  • 32.
    Diane said…

    I have a question. I need to use an album I have. It has flocked brocade on it already and I like it.
    I need to turn the pages the long way.
    I guess I use more landscape photos anyway. I purchased the
    kit at designer digitals for the Dec. daily 2010 but do not know how to turn things around.

  • 33.
    shannon said…

    Hi Ali! I LOVE this project. This will be my second project to follow along with and adapt to my own style and I actually am trying to use what I have on hand for this as I have so much scrapping stuff….I tend to “hoard” it! Anyway did you mention where to by the pack of plain hambly overlays? I cannot find them anywhere. Thanks! :D

  • 34.
    Sarah said…


  • 35.
    Lori said…

    the clear heavy hambly overlays – because of the thickness – what did you use to cut these? do you like the thickness or are they too thick? you might have mentioned it, but i can’t seem to find the post. i’m trying to decide if i want to order any of these??

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Hi Lori – I use my trimmer and go back and forth over it a couple times. I use a Fiskars Desktop Rotary trimmer.

  • 36.
    Jennifer Evans said…

    Anyone else having problems with the html code for the button for December Daily?

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Hi Jennifer – what blogging platform do you use?

  • 37.
    Ilse said…

    Oh I just love these.
    For the right side you have to adjust the template I guess?
    I’m thinking about doing a prohect 365 nect year like this. Loose the christmas stuff and then a week each layout.
    But then I have to have other overlays I guess? Or can I adjust these ones for my project?

  • 38.
    Sara McGee said…

    Hi Ali, I bought the 6×8 templates with dates on and the little square embellishments with ’tis the season etc on. However, I cant seem to open one of the files with the little squares in (computer says it is too big?) and the files that I can open are black or brown. Can I change the colour?

  • 39.
    Michele H. said…

    Hi Ali – I love these digital templates and was wondering if I re-sizing the template down to 6×6…would I lose the quality of the images? Hope that makes sense?

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