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QUESTION FROM DEBORAH | I have been following along each day with your preparations for this year's December Daily. I am so excited to begin even though I haven't had a spare moment to throw my album together yet. And that, is what concerns me. I know that you are super busy, that all your fellow December Daily doers are super busy. But, this project is important, and it really isn't a matter of finding time -- because that extra 25th hour just doesn't exist. I think it really is about trading time -- doing December Daily pages instead of doing...? And so, I was wondering if you'd consider asking your readers what they find themselves giving up/letting go of/setting aside in order to have the time to take part in this project. It would be so helpful to get some perspective about how other maxed-out moms reorganize their priorities during this time of year. I've already cut down on the workouts, set up the Tivo, closed-off all non-essential bathrooms, dug out the slow cooker…I am in need of some ideas to gain some scrapping time.

AE | I'm looking forward to reading the suggestions and thoughts in the comments today. In the past I've done a variety of different things - worked on my pages in the evening, in the morning and in the afternoon - whenever I could find/make/trade time. Sometimes I put my page together as soon as I come across the story I want to tell - such as something that happens at breakfast. I snap a couple photos, upload, print, add journaling, and get it in my book as soon as I have a chance. Some years I've been more artsy so it's taken longer. This year, I'm really going for simple. In all the years I've done this project I almost always focus on telling just one story per day - I don't attempt to document everything minute by minute for this project. I pick one, tell it with words + photo(s) and stick it down. Then I go about life until I choose a story on the following day.

I'd love to read your thoughts on this today. What do you find yourself giving up/letting go of/setting aside in order to take part in this project?

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