Little Miss Anna-Pants

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Little miss Anna-pants.

I'm so excited to experience the Christmas season with Anna this year. She's saying "Santa" and "tree" and definitely checking out all the changes in decor happening around here.

She loves removing everything from my wallet.

She also loves to run into the laundry room and pull out the swimming towels. She brings one to me yelling "Swimming! Swimming!" When we take her to the pool her favorite thing is jumping in from the side and going all the way under the water.

Baby dolls and the care of those dolls are big on her list of things she likes to play with right now. Feeding them, changing their "diapers," taking them shopping ("bye-bye" she says as she pushes them in her toy grocery cart).

She runs from one end of the porch to the other and back again. Enjoys it most when Simon or other little friends are doing it too.

She is growing so fast. Almost every pair of pants I put on her are way, way too short (but of course they still fit around the waist) so we're in the middle of a clothing purge of all things that too small.

Everything is also about the "potty" right now. Dolls on the potty. Anna on the potty. She loves getting a little happy face sticker when she uses the potty.

Simon's sweatshirts and his bathrobe (seen in the image above) are a couple of her current favorite things.

She is a tyrant with a pencil, crayon, or pen. I love this. Simon has never had much of an interest in coloring - it's fun to have a kid that wants to color and draw and scribble (even if she currently wants to color on anything and everything).

"Mine" and "no" are two words that we hear loud and clear.

A few weeks ago she mastered the word "paci" (what we call her pacifier) - it doesn't come out quite like you're reading it, but she knows what she's saying. We got in the car after running some errands one day and she kept saying the same thing over and over and I couldn't figure out what it was. She was steadily getting more worked up, I'm looking around trying to see what she's pointing to when it hits me that she might be saying paci (something that's often up in the front seat, saved for necessary occasions). I said "paci" and she in a very exasperated, very clear voice she says, "yeeeesssssss."

We just love her. She's been such a wonderful addition to our family.

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