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November 29, 2010

Little Miss Anna-Pants

t-shirt from Amy Tangerine

Little miss Anna-pants.

I’m so excited to experience the Christmas season with Anna this year. She’s saying “Santa” and “tree” and definitely checking out all the changes in decor happening around here.

She loves removing everything from my wallet.

She also loves to run into the laundry room and pull out the swimming towels. She brings one to me yelling “Swimming! Swimming!” When we take her to the pool her favorite thing is jumping in from the side and going all the way under the water.

Baby dolls and the care of those dolls are big on her list of things she likes to play with right now. Feeding them, changing their “diapers,” taking them shopping (“bye-bye” she says as she pushes them in her toy grocery cart).

She runs from one end of the porch to the other and back again. Enjoys it most when Simon or other little friends are doing it too.

She is growing so fast. Almost every pair of pants I put on her are way, way too short (but of course they still fit around the waist) so we’re in the middle of a clothing purge of all things that too small.

Everything is also about the “potty” right now. Dolls on the potty. Anna on the potty. She loves getting a little happy face sticker when she uses the potty.

Simon’s sweatshirts and his bathrobe (seen in the image above) are a couple of her current favorite things.

She is a tyrant with a pencil, crayon, or pen. I love this. Simon has never had much of an interest in coloring – it’s fun to have a kid that wants to color and draw and scribble (even if she currently wants to color on anything and everything).

“Mine” and “no” are two words that we hear loud and clear.

A few weeks ago she mastered the word “paci” (what we call her pacifier) – it doesn’t come out quite like you’re reading it, but she knows what she’s saying. We got in the car after running some errands one day and she kept saying the same thing over and over and I couldn’t figure out what it was. She was steadily getting more worked up, I’m looking around trying to see what she’s pointing to when it hits me that she might be saying paci (something that’s often up in the front seat, saved for necessary occasions). I said “paci” and she in a very exasperated, very clear voice she says, “yeeeesssssss.”

We just love her. She’s been such a wonderful addition to our family.


  • 1.
    therese said…

    I just love it when kids know what they are saying and we just can’t get it. You know they are thinking we are the ones who are not very smart. LOL, great story!

  • 2.
    Louise P said…

    Aww, she’s such a sweetie. My DD is one on Sunday and I just can’t believe where the last year has gone. Like you, I can’t wait to share the holiday season with my children. Happy Holidays to you all!

  • 3.
    dawn said…

    Thank you so much for sharing this Ali. Love the stories you tell and love seeing Anna growing up. I was laughing so hard at your last paragraph about the paci. While babysiting last week for my cousin she was saying chalk and I had no idea what she was saying and of course the tears came and frustration but 10mts later I figured it out and she was instantly happy. This was the first time she’s said the word for me poor girl. Also excited because she’s excited about Christmas too and I’ve got her holding her belly and saying HO HO HO really loud, it’s so precious. Thanks again, and cute “A” shirt she has on.

  • 4.
    Nicky from Canada said…

    She is lovely – amazing how wonderful little girls can be!!

  • 5.
    c@rol w said…

    She’s just so cute! Is there anything better than a “little one”, so fresh from God? Those sweet little hands and feet and button nose. Makes me wish I had one. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

  • 6.
    madeline St onge said…

    Ali she is beautiful and I love how you dress here, just adorable

  • 7.
    CathyM said…

    I remember those days–boy they do go fast!!! Enjoy this time Ali, it is truly wonderful! All the awe and joy they have at Christmas is great! She is definitely a little sweetheart!

  • 8.
    Julie L. said…

    I have a daughter nearly the same age as Anna and it is fun to read you snippets about Anna because there are so many similarities. I have a notebook that I try to write those little tidbits down in but often times don’t make the time for it. This is a great reminder that I need to pull it out and add some “notes” about who she is right now. I love the snapshot that you paint of Miss Anna! What a joyous age, “mine” and “no” included ;)

  • 9.
    Heather Johnson said…

    So cute. This is what I love most about blogging–I have been doing it too since my daughter was born, it’s such a great way to remember the day to day of all of the years! One of these days I have to get all of it printed up in a book or something, have you ever heard of being able to do this somewhere?

  • 10.

    Such an adorable post!!! I also have a daughter and a son, although mine are now 12 and 11. My daughter was and continues to be the big drawer/coloring/painting/artist (she now scrapbooks, etc.). I have great memories of her using my office highlighters when she was a toddler! And, my son never was into that sit down and patiently create thing. Nope. pure constant action that guy! Unless he could take apart or build something. And, yes, we are also a lego family:)

  • 11.
    Sara Mangan said…

    I took classes from you at CKU in Minneapolis and Chicago and I always remember you saying you were done having children. I love reading your posts about Anna. It’s just cool that you get to experience another child. We have 3 girls. I always look at our 3rd and think “you weren’t a given”. I always knew we would have 2 kids but we didn’t know if we would have a 3rd. I look at her everyday and am so thankful we decided to have one more.

  • 12.
    Alida said…

    Those feet are too sweet!

  • 13.
    Carol said…

    She’s such a cutie! Going on “2″ — gotta love ‘em!

  • 14.
    Judy said…

    Have the SAME problem with pants that fit in the waist, but are too short. I’ve been told that Cherokee at Target has adjustable waist pants but have not ventured out to look yet. In Alabama we are surviving right now with “tights”!

  • 15.
    Jenni Hufford said…

    she is so cute ali!!! i love that you call her anna pants! :) my little girl is almost exactly a year older than anna — i felt like she changed SO much between the age of 12- 24 months. it’s such a fun time- esp at christmas. have a great week!! xo

  • 16.
    NancyN said…

    My dd was about Anna’s age when I took on a little part time job for the Season. My sister was tending and I got an “emergency” call from her. My dd was crying in the background. In an exasperated voice, my sister asked what a “toodie” was. I answered, “Cookie.” My sister laughed and said, “No wonder she is standing there with her arm up. She is trying to point out the cookie jar. I’ve pointed to everything in the cupboard.”

    Thanks so much for sharing your darling children. Anna is growing up. I think you will have a very fun and exciting Christmas season with both of your children. Thanks for all that you do to help and inspire.

  • 17.
    Teena said…

    Love to see her grow up so fast. She’s amazing! :)

  • 18.
    Lida said…

    I so enjoyed your update on Anna. Yes, babies grow up so fast.

  • 19.
    Bev said…

    pants with the adjustable elastic are great! You can find them most everywhere now. Just double check inside the waist band.

    My grand daughter is almost 3. She wants a table for mama’s craft room. One just her size so she can make *pretties* with her mama.

  • 20.
    Vickie said…

    Your children are both darling.

  • 21.
    young c-m said…

    Thanks for sharing these cute things about Anna! So fun as a fellow mom. :)

  • 22.
    Anna-Marie said…

    I so love when you finally get a word they are saying, when my Grace learned how to ask for pudding and I finally got it I had her say it to my husband when he got home so he would know that was what she was asking for. I just love being able to watch them learn new words and use them properly. Such a big change from 2 to 3. Grace totally is all 3 word sentences now and I love it. So looking forward to when we can communicate completely with words. Each week she is completely adding to her vocubulary and it is so wonderful. Still can’t believe she will be 3 soon, it is going so fast!!!!!!!!!

  • 23.
    Becky H said…

    Thank you so much for letting us into your life. It is wonderful to see you children growing up.

  • 24.
    amy tangerine said…

    the note about her infatuation with removing things from your wallet makes me giggle.

  • 25.
    Kaitlin said…

    Oh, that little Anna! She is such a sweetie! Love how one of her favorite things is Simon’s robe :)

  • 26.
    Megan said…

    wide ribbon and other cute ephemera stretch those pants a little. Just stitch it right to the bottom…makes them look so bohemian! :)

  • 27.
    Sally said…

    ADORABLE. My kids are older of course — but I still love it that my daughter LOVES to wear her brothers sweatshirts & old winter jackets for playing in the snow.

  • 28.
    reyanna said…

    Oh my! I saw these photos and thought, “She is SO not a baby anymore! She’s a little girl now!” So precious. I’ve so loved watching her grow up and experience these things. :-)

  • 29.
    Pam said…

    my little grand-daughter is talking and needs a translator much like Anna. And she can say yes just like that. Love it. Thanks for sharing sweet Anna with us.

  • 30.
    keri said…

    aah~! my li’l kayli-bub loves to do that too!! she’ll pull my wallet from the diaper bag and sit there taking everything out. it’s happened way too often that i’ll go shopping and find my cards missing … or even my entire wallet.

  • 31.
    Linda Binder said…

    Thanks for sharing. Love the pic of her in the robe. They do grow up too fast. My son is 15 and I don’t know where the years went. If I had my blog when he was little, that would probably be all I posted about. Enjoy your kids when they are young. The teenage years have a little to be desired, even when you have a good one like me, they definitely have their moments.

  • 32.
    tara w said…

    Anna’s are the best.

    • ….
      Ali said…


    • ….
      Michele H. said…

      I’ll have to 2nd that!

      Ali – love that you call her Anna-pants. My Anna is 15 and I still call her Anna-Bear:) And…she still answers to it!

  • 33.
    Jackie Bremer said…

    Enjoying my almost three grandson (the youngest) right now and it is good to hear you “document” what they love. Oh, how quick they grow up.

  • 34.
    aliza said…

    Have you all read Knuffle Bunny, by Mo Willems? If not–get thee to a book store! It will be read over and over, I promise. It perfectly captures a poor toddler’s frustration as she tries to communicate to her dad that her beloved bunny was left at the laundromat. ( I beleive it won a Caldecott honor too)

  • 35.
    heidig said…

    She’s adorable! You have such a wonderful little family. Happy Holidays!

  • 36.
    Randa said…

    Love the pics of Anna and her relationship with Simon.
    I have 2 boys…never thought we’d really ever get pregnant again, but I am expecting! And, if we ever had a girl, I always planned that her name would be Anna. (my mom’s and my middle name is DeAnn and mil is Diann). We are praying for an end to complications with this pregnancy, and we’ll find out the gender soon!

    Your Anna is a precious one :) Thanks for sharing.

  • 37.
    Christy Pair said…

    Check out the golden book Little Mommy on Amazon. My daughter loves her babies and loves that book!

  • 38.
    Susan Usry said…

    So so true! Our Addie Grace is only a few months older than Anna -it is such a relief to hear someone else say favorite words include mine, no no, and paci! We just upgraded from pi to paci! We though we were so something when it came out like an actual word! Keep sharing sweet stories!

  • 39.
    Nancy Wyatt said…

    What a cutie patootie she is and I just love, Love, LOVE the photo of her in Simons bathrobe! Thanks for sharing your beautiful children with us! It is especially wonderful for me because I don’t have any so I get to live through you guys who do! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

  • 40.
    Heather said…

    I just love reading the little daily stories you share about Anna. She is growing up so fast. My son William is just about a year older than Anna, and we are starting the process of autism testing with him. I had hoped and prayed that he would be “normal” (his sister Hannah, age 8, is autistic) but reading about others’ little ones and all the myriad funny things they do, I have to acknowledge that he is not quite all there. So much sadness in my heart right now because of that – but joy too at seeing that there are little ones out there like your Anna that are just living life and loving it. God bless you & yours…

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Oh Heather, I know you know that this topic is so very close to my heart and something on my mind often in our home. I wish you strength for the journey with William – I bet he is a super-fantastic kid.

    • ….
      Heather said…

      Thanks so much Ali. One day at a time, right? ;)

  • 41.
    LaurieJay said…

    LOVE the picture of Anna in Simon’s clothes reading a book. Jeez, how time flies. I remember when you told us that you were pregnant, and now look at that beautiful little Anna. What a precious little princess.

  • 42.
    Erin Whelan said…

    Ali, thank you for sharing your family with us. Anna’s are the best. I am an Anne (middle name) and my grandma was an Anna (her middle name). As for the shortness in the pants, I totally sympathsize. I was 5’7″ by the 5th grade, I mostly wore overalls (hehe totally dated myself there) because I wouldn’t grow out of them as fast. I was the tallest in my class until the 8th or 9th grade oh and I have bright red hair and PINK glasses but that’s a story for another time ;)

  • 43.
    Pam said…

    Thanks for sharing all things new & wonderful with Miss Anna. She is adorable!!!

  • 44.
    Stephanie said…

    I love listening to our little ones learning to talk. They just assume we know just what they are saying. Afterall, don’t we just assume the same with them!
    Our not-understandable word was (phonetically) ahhhhh-me. Didn’t understand what my daughter was saying for a couple of weeks and was greeted with complete frustration until one day I fed her some ice cream and she just smiled and says “Ummmm, ahhhhhhh-me!” To this day, hubby and I still pass an ice cream shop and smile and say “Ummmmm, ahhhhh-me!”

  • 45.
    TracieClaiborne said…

    Oh she is adorable. I LOVE the pic of her in Simon’s bathrobe. My baby used to say BEBE!!! (meaning pacifier) and she would say it so dramatic and southern and drawn out that it sounded like she was gonna die if she didn’t get it. Anna is at such a great age! So glad you’re capturing it all.

  • 46.
    carriep said…

    Love how you share your family with us!

  • 47.
    rani said…

    Very sweet! This is bringing back memories of our girls first holiday! It seems those were the simple times! Trying to recapture those moments year after year!

  • 48.
    Audrey Yeager said…

    I have a little girl a few months younger than Anna and I just love reading your stories because I feel like you are describing MY child! The pens and pencils, going through my wallet, and while listening to Chritmas Carols in the car the other day, out of nowhere she said “Ho, Ho, Ho”! So so much fun!

  • 49.
    Cherie said…

    That picture of her reading in the bathrobe is classic! So cute!

  • 50.
    Brooke said…

    I think it’s so special to capture these moments in time. I love how fun toddler’s are. Their personality is so clear by this stage.

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