Goodbye 2010 | Hello 2011

The Edwards' wish you peace & joy in the coming year!

A really big thank you to each and every one of you for your support and kindness over this past year.

I'm working on the One Little Word list and hope to have that posted on Monday morning. Feel free to continue adding your words throughout the weekend. Reading the comments on that post is always one of my favorite things each year.

Look for a great giveaway coming tomorrow morning.

If you're participating in the One Little Word class I'll see you in the classroom this weekend!

71 thoughts

  1. Molly

    2010-12-31 21:09:58 -0500

    You all look so great in this photo, but Simon's contented smile and your intertwined hands are my favorite! Happy New Year, Ali!

  2. Kathy (in Quebec)

    2010-12-31 21:55:54 -0500

    Happy New Year! Thank you for all that she share with us.

  3. Birgit

    2010-12-31 22:15:43 -0500

    Happy New Year and thank you for all the inspiration. My 2011 word will be FOCUS.

  4. paula s

    2010-12-31 22:26:50 -0500

    georgeous picture! thank you! have a wonderful new year!

  5. Erika Bates

    2010-12-31 22:45:36 -0500

    Beautiful pic Ali! Thank you for you inspiration this year and for the gift of December Daily. It really added to our holidays and to my confidence as a scrapbooker (as my first complete album). Looking forward to your OLW class and all your wonderful ideas this year! Happy New Year to the Edwards!

  6. Tinka

    2010-12-31 22:56:08 -0500

    Happy New Year, Edwards Family!!! Looking forward to the OLW class and discovering the many ways my life will be changed by focusing on my word!

  7. Heather

    2010-12-31 23:02:49 -0500

    Happy New Year, Edwards family! Thank you Ali for everything you are and everything you do! :)

  8. Tina Lee

    2011-01-01 00:02:56 -0500

    Thank you again for sharing your beautiful family with us. I love your blog - so inspiring. Thanks for sharing your talent with us! Blessing to you and your family in the new year.

  9. rhonda

    2011-01-01 00:05:13 -0500

    Happy New Year Edwards Family! Lovely family picture!

  10. Steph sprouse

    2011-01-01 03:40:47 -0500

    Happy New Year! Thank you for your inspirations! I have my word and it's on my wall right as you walk in the door...simplicity.

  11. Judith

    2011-01-01 03:50:23 -0500

    Happy New Year from downunder in Adelaide Australia Ali! I have decided my word for the year will be BLOOM. Bloom where you are planted resonates with me, as well as the idea of a healthy bloom. Two things to focus on in 2011. Now I am off to enrol in your class. See you there.

  12. Amy K

    2011-01-01 05:47:08 -0500

    Beautiful photo!

    See you in class...

  13. caro

    2011-01-01 07:42:58 -0500

    Yay, it's the day! Off to OLW classrom ...

  14. Mary (Happy Now)

    2011-01-01 11:00:53 -0500

    Wonderful! Happy New Year to you!

  15. Sharon C.

    2011-01-01 11:59:00 -0500

    So enjoyable to watch your family grow and bloom over the years. Best of everything in 2011. Looking forward to OLW class!

  16. Mauxane

    2011-01-01 12:02:31 -0500

    Happy new year Ali !!!

  17. Mamasue123

    2011-01-01 12:48:32 -0500

    Happy New Year to you and your family. Love your work, thank you for your inspiration!

  18. Ally White

    2011-01-01 13:28:18 -0500

    Have a healthy, prosperous, warm, and wonderful 2011!

  19. Donnie Nicole

    2011-01-01 13:44:36 -0500

    Good morning and Happy New Year! My One little word for 2011 is CONSISTENCY. I'm a bit of a dreamer and I'm always ready to move on to the next thing but this year I'd like to be consistent and follow through on all my ideas and challenges. I've joined the OLW class and can't wait to make some projects. Thank you Ali for creating this space.

  20. Maria

    2011-01-01 14:02:30 -0500

    Beautiful family portrait, Ali. Thank YOU for your continued inspiration throughout the years! :)

  21. Linda Ru

    2011-01-01 16:55:11 -0500

    Happy New Year Ali!!! This will be my 1st time taking any of your classes, and I chose to do One Little Word this year with you & everyone else. My word of choice is Focus. Looking forward to the class, I'm sure it will be a great inspiration for everyone!!

  22. Thinkie

    2011-01-02 05:37:32 -0500

    Happy 2011!

  23. siveen

    2011-01-02 11:25:00 -0500

    happy new year! thank you! i´m looking forward to your workshop. it´s the first time that i write on your blog. your work is great and very inspire.
    my word 2011 is CREATE! i hope to create my own little business in 2011. create my ideas in real projects.
    see you at the workshop.

  24. Anni

    2011-01-02 18:53:12 -0500

    Wow, has it been another year already?
    I think my word for 2011 will be growth.
    Growing together as a family (my "little" Josefine will turn one already!), maybe growing over my head and accomplishing some big stuff, growing in personality as mom, working mom, wife...
    Yeah, that's gonna be my word. :-)

    Happy new year by the way.

  25. Melissa

    2011-01-02 23:03:03 -0500

    thanks for your work

    my word is joy

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