One Little Word 2011 | A Reading Of The Words

My friend Liz did something special and unexpected for me yesterday: she sent me an email with a voice recording of herself reading all the 2011 words (listed on my blog up until about mid-day pacific time yesterday).

She decided to do it because she thought I might not have read them aloud (which I hadn't) and that it might be something I'd like to listen to while I work to soak up a bit of each word.

I pushed play and I was overcome with emotion.

Hearing all those words read aloud was just awesome. Imagining the potential of each of those words in each one of your lives was pure magic.

She ended her email by saying, "I love that your readers have created a poem of possibility."

Here's Liz reading the list of words (again, it's just the words listed about half-way through the day yesterday):

words from liz lamoreux (click to play)

Maybe we each need to take a couple minutes and read them aloud to ourselves as a way of really honoring the collective spirit of possibility.

Liz also makes awesome jewelry available through her etsy site. Check out the (whispered) soul mantra lockets like the one I purchased above. She's also got a great new book called Inner Excavation (which I mentioned I was reading last week) and she runs Be Present Retreats here in Oregon.

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