Loving Anna doing yoga.

Loving me doing yoga.

Loving how many times The Wizard of Oz has been watched since Christmas.

Loving the community that's developing around One Little Word (the class has open enrollment throughout the year so it's definitely not too late if you're interested in joining).

Loving that Project Life is now on my kitchen counter. I'll give an update in a post next week.

Loving reading through Karen Maezen Miller's blog archives and being inspired in all sorts of ways.

Loving commitments that I'm making to myself and keeping.

Loving that I roasted beets as a side dish for dinner the other night and Simon liked them (the kind of like where you can't help but smile when asked).

Loving that my parents will be here for Simon's birthday later this month. He will be 9.

Loving that I've got a date with a friend next week.

Loving that I'm almost done with the book Sabbath and I've enjoyed it so much I want to start it again.

Loving that it's almost the weekend and Simon and I are planning to take a test-run at doing some stop-animation with his legos.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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