Anna's First Haircut

Anna on Saturday.

Anna on Sunday.

Dear Sweet Anna Girl,

On Sunday morning I took you to one of those local hair places for your very first haircut. We had just a bit of time before heading to the pool for our Sunday swim so I crossed my fingers that there wouldn't be much of a wait.

I asked you if you wanted to go get your haircut and the first thing you asked was, "Simon go?"

The second thing you said when I asked you again was "yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh" in that sweet drawn-out, excited way you say it.

You've watched Simon and Daddy get their haircuts a few times in the past since they often go together. It's definitely not on Simon's list of favorite things to do but you were genuinely ready to go. Simon and Daddy stayed home (we came back to the house and all went swimming together after your haircut adventure) and you and I headed out together.

We arrived to find the hair place empty except for two workers. We were able to sit right down. You sat on my lap and the stylist put a cape on me and then a cape on you. You sat calmly, let her do a few little snips around the back and in the front for some bangs, and that was it. A simple "bob" cut with bangs - perfect for a very active little girl.

She asked if you wanted a balloon and you said, "purple."

I love that now you don't have hair in your eyes all the time (and aren't pulling out the clips that we'd put in your hair to keep it out of your eyes). You might not be able to have a "pony" for a bit but you know what? It grows back.

We came home and you ran inside to show Simon and Daddy you new cut. "Nice haircut Anna!" was your brother's enthusiastic response.

Love you Anna!

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