Project Life | Week Five

Hello Project Life | Week Five.

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Page one:

First page insert:

This week I added in one 8.5 inch x 11 inch page protector.

I didn't feel like doing any cutting and stitching so inside the page protector I slipped the cute certificate from the hair-cut place, a little envelope with Anna's hair, the story of her first hair-cut printed on a long journaler, and a little photo of her adhered to the top of the long journaler (I just moved my text down to make room - look for a video tutorial on working with these overlays to be posted later this week).

I attached the little hair envelope to the certificate with one of Tim's Trinket Pins.

On the other side of the page protector I included the program from an event Chris and I attended on Saturday night.

Close up of page two:

This week I asked Chris if he'd write a bit on a card.

It was his first week back at the Capitol and there's usually a couple weeks of transition for him as he gets back in the swing of the workload and time. Here's what he wrote:

Our babysitter is also great at getting in on the documentation. Here's a card she inserted this past week:

I also included a bit of handwriting from Simon in the form of a little yellow sticky note:

Anna decided to draw on Simon's little note too.

Something new I added this week is a 4 inch x 6 inch journal card. Some days/weeks I want to add a bit more writing that's a bit longer than a small journal card and less than a long journaler.

This new set of 4 x 6 journalers will be available at Designer Digitals on Thursday (the first day of the quarterly sale). The set includes PNG files and a PDF file for easy printing. Days of the week plus a few other sentiment journal blocks are included.

This week I also wanted to share some work from Nicole. She made her own version of Project Life using many of my digital products from Designer Digitals.

I love how she used the 365 overlays as journal blocks. She opens the PNG files in Word, inserts a text box and adds her journaling, and prints.

I also received some cool examples via email from Angie who is printing out my Title + Journal Photo Overlays Vol.2 for her Project Life album:

Thanks to Nicole and Angie for sharing their work!

Project Life is a product created by Becky Higgins. It can be anything you want it to be. The album kit is available for purchase through Amazon. If you live outside the US check Becky’s site for more information on sources. View all my posts about Project Life here.

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