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This is one of those posts where I grabbed my camera and took some shots of life "as it is."

As it is around here right now means lots of projects in progress, piles on the floor, and me still simply trying to see and feel just how I want this space to work (while working in it).

As you come into my office you walk by built-in shelves (they were built into an alcove that was already there) that were designed to fit 12x12 albums with extra supports for the weight. The spotlights were already there and that top shelf has become a good spot for some of my larger projects and "A's" (most found at antique or junk shops).

The yellow walls were here when we moved in - those walls, along with the one window at the far end, make it a bit of a challenge to get the colors in the photos correct. I like the yellow but I daydream about having it all white.

Looking into the office while standing by the shelves this is what you see:

01 | A small couch with a TV for kids and/or husband. I can see the TV from my desk (just in case I need to have the TV on while working on my computer which is just about never).

02 | The area opposite the couch is where I hope to have a sit-down table one of these days. Right now it's a catch-all for things that need to but put away or hung up (more specifically photos and art that don't yet have a home in our home). I have a bit of fear that the same thing will happen when I put a table there, but the goal is to have a place for the kids or friends to come over and work on projects. There's also a little chalkboard for Anna and a small bookshelf along the wall that holds my art/design/craft/scrapbooking books.

03 | My computer table/desk and all my hardware. I just recently turned the table around so I face into the room - much happier with that setup.

04 | My work table - originally a kitchen island.

05 | Sewing machine and typewriter and more storage.

06 | Lockers. I found these at an antique fair a few years back and I still love them. They hold extra adhesive, painting supplies, ribbon basket, embossing stuff, etc.

Here's a closer look at some of the spaces mentioned above:

My computer table. Along the back of the couch I've got a row of wire shelves that hold my computer tower, printers, scanner, etc.

This is what it looks like if you are standing over by the lockers and look towards my computer table.

12x12 paper storage on top of a piece I picked up at an antique shop. There's nothing in those drawers just yet. The wood piece hanging on the wall is from Pottery Barn.

Here's what you see when looking from that corner over towards the lockers:

I'm still using the same kitchen island I've had since I first started scrapbooking. I have dreams of a bigger work surface - like two of these from Ikea placed back to back.

A layout in progress.

Next to the table is a rolling cart I found last summer at an antique fair. Still not sure I love how I'm using it right now, but it's working.

Stuff on the floor next to the cart.

And the sewing machine/typewriter/more storage area.

Other things currently on the floor include:

My December Daily supplies. I want to go through what I have left again and see what I might want to use this year and what can be shared.

My 2010 Project Life. A sad thing happened to this a few weeks ago - it fell off the ledge it had been sitting on and exploded onto the floor. My next task is to go back in and attempt to put things back in somewhat of an order.

It's all a work in progress. The room, the projects, etc.

My dreams for this space include skylights and some sort of hardwood flooring vs. the carpet. Someday.

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