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This is one of those posts where I grabbed my camera and took some shots of life "as it is."

As it is around here right now means lots of projects in progress, piles on the floor, and me still simply trying to see and feel just how I want this space to work (while working in it).

As you come into my office you walk by built-in shelves (they were built into an alcove that was already there) that were designed to fit 12x12 albums with extra supports for the weight. The spotlights were already there and that top shelf has become a good spot for some of my larger projects and "A's" (most found at antique or junk shops).

The yellow walls were here when we moved in - those walls, along with the one window at the far end, make it a bit of a challenge to get the colors in the photos correct. I like the yellow but I daydream about having it all white.

Looking into the office while standing by the shelves this is what you see:

01 | A small couch with a TV for kids and/or husband. I can see the TV from my desk (just in case I need to have the TV on while working on my computer which is just about never).

02 | The area opposite the couch is where I hope to have a sit-down table one of these days. Right now it's a catch-all for things that need to but put away or hung up (more specifically photos and art that don't yet have a home in our home). I have a bit of fear that the same thing will happen when I put a table there, but the goal is to have a place for the kids or friends to come over and work on projects. There's also a little chalkboard for Anna and a small bookshelf along the wall that holds my art/design/craft/scrapbooking books.

03 | My computer table/desk and all my hardware. I just recently turned the table around so I face into the room - much happier with that setup.

04 | My work table - originally a kitchen island.

05 | Sewing machine and typewriter and more storage.

06 | Lockers. I found these at an antique fair a few years back and I still love them. They hold extra adhesive, painting supplies, ribbon basket, embossing stuff, etc.

Here's a closer look at some of the spaces mentioned above:

My computer table. Along the back of the couch I've got a row of wire shelves that hold my computer tower, printers, scanner, etc.

This is what it looks like if you are standing over by the lockers and look towards my computer table.

12x12 paper storage on top of a piece I picked up at an antique shop. There's nothing in those drawers just yet. The wood piece hanging on the wall is from Pottery Barn.

Here's what you see when looking from that corner over towards the lockers:

I'm still using the same kitchen island I've had since I first started scrapbooking. I have dreams of a bigger work surface - like two of these from Ikea placed back to back.

A layout in progress.

Next to the table is a rolling cart I found last summer at an antique fair. Still not sure I love how I'm using it right now, but it's working.

Stuff on the floor next to the cart.

And the sewing machine/typewriter/more storage area.

Other things currently on the floor include:

My December Daily supplies. I want to go through what I have left again and see what I might want to use this year and what can be shared.

My 2010 Project Life. A sad thing happened to this a few weeks ago - it fell off the ledge it had been sitting on and exploded onto the floor. My next task is to go back in and attempt to put things back in somewhat of an order.

It's all a work in progress. The room, the projects, etc.

My dreams for this space include skylights and some sort of hardwood flooring vs. the carpet. Someday.

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  1. Lisa Walters

    2011-02-24 10:01:30 -0500

    OMG thank you SO much for this post. I LOVE love scrapbooking and all but decorating is my nitch. Loving your room, it will all come together. Your collections of "A"s and E's are to die for. I have a collection of "L"s but never have found such BIG ones...I will start going to those flea markets I guess. Keep it coming, seeing your work space is awesome. Thank you:)

  2. jamie

    2011-02-24 11:02:29 -0500

    thanks for letting us peek into your creative space. it is so large and light.

  3. Courtney Walsh

    2011-02-24 14:11:56 -0500

    Gosh, I miss scrapbooking.
    And having an office.
    Inspiring to see how you're working through "getting things set up." I will be having to do that soon... :)

  4. Brenda in Sunny SoCal

    2011-02-24 14:15:11 -0500

    Oh, how I have been patiently awaiting this post!
    Thanks for sharing and letting us peek trugh your day to day and showing how not always everything is in its place!, right now mine looks like a bomb went off!

  5. kristina wilberg

    2011-02-24 14:50:38 -0500

    ooohhh, LOVE the pottery barn piece, been looking at that for awhile. It's nice to see it in an "actual room." They have a similar piece on sale for $70 right now, kinda tempting!!:)

    p.s. glad to see people as productive as you have "piles" too!!!!

  6. Darlene

    2011-02-24 16:32:22 -0500

    In the alcove and on the top shelf, what is the interesting looking picture behind with big "E" with lots of little pictures?

  7. stacyj

    2011-02-24 18:03:05 -0500

    Ali -- this is awesome. what a great space with so much potential and I'm with you, live in it and let it define itself over time. Thanks for so many pictures and the tour!

  8. MaryAnn Kearns

    2011-02-24 19:14:37 -0500

    ali -- thank you for this great reminder today.....I needed to see and know someone else has piles, projects to be dealt with, unhung pictures....etc.....I always feel like I am the only one with lots of things I leave undone and "think about" forever....
    and by the way...saw a super cool rug that would be awesome for your room in the cb2 catalog... called "letter press rug" ....

  9. Jolynn Kress

    2011-02-24 19:56:15 -0500

    Thanks for sharing your space. A goal of mine for 2011 is to make my space more user friendly. I also need to find storage items that helps me put all the small stuff into it's own place.

  10. Ann in WI

    2011-02-24 20:57:38 -0500

    Thanks for keeping it real... I don't feel so bad now. :)

  11. Beth

    2011-02-25 02:42:19 -0500

    love the room and the advice on kelly rae's blog today about creative blocks : ) thanks!

  12. Amy

    2011-02-25 20:22:13 -0500

    I, too, have been lusting over those IKEA pieces for what seems like forever!! And sadly, they continue to be expensive. Ah well. We can dream, can't we?

  13. Kathy Kurth

    2011-02-26 10:05:28 -0500

    lol it's nice to see I'm not the only one who has to step over the dog :P

  14. Anya Schrier

    2011-03-08 14:09:59 -0500

    Ali, I loved this post. It completely inspired me to switch around my craft room, which is also incorporated into a den/living area. I couldn't get the idea out of my head, and in the midst of a DT release, I moved it all! I turned my desk away from the wall and now face into the room - it has completely changed the way I feel about the space! Thank you!

  15. Elisabeth Costa

    2011-03-08 21:51:05 -0500

    Thanks for sharing your space!! I am in the process of switching rooms with my's been going on for quite a while:) I was geeked to see that you have the same "bliss" coffee can, which I keep my go to stamps in as well.

  16. Jenn from The Mustard Seed Blog

    2011-03-08 23:45:46 -0500

    Ali-I love the peak and your keeping it real attitude. Sometimes I think as women we are supposed to project this image that everything is perfect, organized, and that there is nary a spec of dust to be found. I appreciate your work in progress post! So much about what works in my current space is a product of reassessing what didn't work over time.
    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Juju

    2011-03-13 15:36:36 -0400

    Thanks so much for sharing the photos of your workspace! I love that you "allow" for the messiness that accompanies a work in progress--I pretty much find that there's always a work in progress. LOL

    Can you say something about the work surface on your scrapbooking table? I can't tell what it is, but it looks intriguing. Thanks/JJ

  18. charlie

    2011-03-21 19:46:35 -0400

    Ali - Thanks for posting photos of your space. You are so darn creative, I just knew you didn't work in one of those super organized, have project out at a time studios. Now I feel tons better about my little space. I have a little studio, which is a really a tiny little sunroom, so all windows, and little storage space. Everything is out and I love seeing all my stacks of projects just waiting for me to come out and work on them. My type tray ( thank you for the inspiration!) is also sitting out, gallanty waiting to be filled up.

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  25. Anna

    2014-04-30 13:29:21 -0400

    Very inspiring !! Love white!!! Before and after is wonderful!!:)

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