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March 30, 2011

Around The Room | Living With Your Photos + Color Inc Giveaway

I’m a huge fan of living with your photos. Out of albums, off your computer and onto your walls.

Over the years I’ve amassed quite a collection of family images – many of the recent ones being mounted rather than framed as you’ll see below (and above). When I first starting hanging up photos I wanted them to be all black frames with white mats. Now I’m really enjoying the variety of both the framed and simply mounted images.

Around our house I’ve got quite a few gatherings happening on the walls. Some are consistent collections (meaning all mounted or all framed) and others are a mixture of the two.

The first ones I want to talk about line the hall from our entry into the kitchen.

The images are 12×12 photos are “standout mounted” from Color Inc. (Color Inc is a sponsor of my blog and has been generous with samples for me in the past and as you’ll see below. This set I purchased on my own. They are excellent quality and have wonderful customer service.) When we moved into this house I ordered eight or nine of these with the intent that they would be grouped together and I love them.

They are mounted onto the wall using Miller Studio Magic Mounts removable mounting tabs. I tried a couple of other brands and these have worked the best.

You might have seen this image a couple weeks ago. This is in our dining area, between the kitchen and living room. This wall has a combination of framed and mounted images. The one of Simon and Anna in the blue shirts is from Persnickety Prints.

Upstairs I’ve got a few other collections starting. In the room you enter before coming into my office I’ve got a large standout mount from Color Inc (photo taken by Tracey Clark). That one is 3o inches x 20 inches.

In my office I’ve included two Ikea frames with 12×12 photos of me and Chris as kids. I enlarged these 1970′s photos on my scanner and they were printed at These hung in Anna’s room in our last house.

A little collage in Simon’s room that includes photos, Star Wars stamps, and a signed photo of Yoda from Frank Oz.

And this one was in Anna’s room in our last house. I didn’t recreate it here yet, but it was a favorite in the old place.

In our bedroom I’m just beginning to build a photo wall.

The newest addition is a Framed Gallery Wrap Canvas from ColorInc. As one of my sponsors they kindly sent me this new product to review and want me to give one away as well (with your own photo of course).

Here’s what they have to say about this new product:

Love the sleek modern style of a Gallery Wrapped Canvas? Now you can add a frame! Our Gallery Wrapped Canvas Frames will give you that same modern and edgy look you’ve wanted but with a touch of traditional style to give you a unique shadow box feel to add to any home, work, or studio wall space!

These ready to hang Gallery Wrapped Canvases come with a 2 1/8” deep smooth black laminate frame. With a 1/2” floating space between your canvas and frame, each of our hand wrapped canvas prints will be permanently attached with the finest attention to detail. Each piece will arrive properly finished with a wire hanger, bumpers and Tyvek® backing. A true first class upgrade to your studio or home!

These Framed Gallery Wrapped Canvases are really, really nice. I didn’t realize when I was ordering it that there’s a space between the frame and the wrapped canvas but when I opened the package here at home I was really pleasantly surprised. I’d definitely consider ordering another one.

GIVEAWAY | One Framed Gallery Wrapped Canvas (20 x 14 or smaller) from ColorInc.

TO BE ENTERED into this giveaway please leave a comment below sharing how you live with your photos (if you are reading this post on Facebook please come to my blog to leave a comment). Comments will be closed at noon Pacific on Friday and the winners posted shortly after. Please be sure to check back or subscribe (click here to get posts delivered to your email box) to see if you are receiving one of the items this week.


  • 51.
    Ginny said…

    I have plans for a new frame collage in our kitchen. I know one thing I want to include is a messy baby picture of each of our children as they were learning to feed themselves.

  • 52.
    Janet in AR said…

    I love to live with my photos but don’t have many groupings in my current home. Love these large mounted photos! Off to check them out and plan for some updated groupings!

  • 53.
    jen@odbt said…

    I created a gallery wall in my family room that I love – favorite photos of us. In my living room, I have a “family tree” picture wall and am slowly working my way through the house. I love having pictures on display.

  • 54.
    Cara in NJ said…

    I just repainted the rooms in my house. I am planing different groups and such, just like you did in your home! Would love to have this in my bedroom!!!!!
    Thanks for the inspiration Ali!

  • 55.
    Amy said…

    I have a photo wall in my dining room, but the photos are getting outdated, I really need to update. Yours are all very inspirational! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 56.

    Our living room is decorated with photos for trips my Husband and I took to Europe and India, but I confess I’ve yet to hang (or even print!) a single new picture since my daughter was born two years ago. This is something I’m working to change through Shutterfly books and wall prints.

  • 57.
    Jenn said…

    I have just recently started to build a photo wall in our hallway. But as always I am completely inspired by you to try some more! Would love to win this!!!

  • 58.
    Dana said…

    I love your displays! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 59.
    Sebnem said…

    I’m also a big fan of living with your photos! I just put up some huge fames with tons of 4×6′s in them. Love the canvas ones you have, maybe for my bedroom….hmmm…hope I win!!!

  • 60.
    Teresa said…

    Sadly, right now we really don’t…aside from a few random favorites around the house. I desperately want to start collections on the walls, but need to *make* time! My daughter does love to flip through photos from Flickr on my iphone, it’s become like a regular photo album for her. (but we at least have a few of those printed). :)

  • 61.
    SaraSusyBob said…

    You have inspired me to create a few more walls of photos. We have two in our bedroom that I adore! They are paired with some nice wall candle sconces and are framed all in black. I also have a few sets of canvas images that are grouped together as you enter the bathroom. I LOVE the photo collages. I think I’ll recreate your look photographed from Simon’s room. LOve the white pressed up together! IKEA has the perfect frames for that!

  • 62.
    Kim M said…

    I’ve got a grouping (black frames w/ white mats) in our entry way. It’s the first time I’ve done that and it’s really growing on me. So anxious to do more!

  • 63.
    kristin said…

    I have photos from places we’ve been, family shots and moments with the kids all over our house. It’s by the most popular decoration. One of my favorites is different family shots lining the mantel. There is also a large collage over our living room couch and another black-and-white collage of wedding photos in our family room.

  • 64.
    pamela said…

    We have many photos around our house, but the newest thing we are doing is in our basement. We just updated a rec room for our daughters and are taking a photo at each party or gathering they have. Then, I add the date and any other info directly on the photo in PSE … for example, Titanic Movie night, or 11th birthday party. The girls’ friends love to come over and see themselves on the walls and it is a great reminder of the fun we have had. The collection is just getting started … would love to win this canvas to add a really cool statement piece to the mix! Thanks for the chance.

  • 65.
    Jude said…

    I love to print photos and keep them in a basket where guests and our own kids can look through them.

  • 66.
    Charlene said…

    Love your photo groupings. Updating my photos of my daughters on the family room wall is on my to do list. Your post has inspired me to get it done:)!

  • 67.
    Lori Anderson said…

    I love my photo walls. We are recent “empty nesters” and I often stop + look at my photos – they capture past-times that became last-times all too quickly. and I smile.

  • 68.
    Lisa K said…

    Just really starting to develop my photo displays – I cannot remember which blogger had the word FAMILY on her wall, the letters were from pbTeen – and I loved it you can slip photos into the letters so I purchased SMILE and I put my fuji instax photos on it. I also have a wire across a big wall in my bedroom where I frequently change out photos of my family they hang with clips(from Ikea). In our Hallway I am just beginning to put up photos on two ledges across one wall! Love seeing your displays Ali they are inspiring!

  • 69.
    nerdgrl said…

    We have a couple of wall groupings, but mostly I have tabletop “shrines.” The end table next to our loveseat only has photos of our white minischnauzer, Steffi. Lots of family photos occupy a corner fixture next to our aquarium.

    Unfortunately, we can’t have anything on the walls in our bedroom (no patterned sheets either)as my husband periodically walks and talks in his sleep and “sees things.”

  • 70.
    Susan Ringler said…

    Living with photos at our house it still mainly trying to get them into albums that are scrapped. You make a person want to put pictures up everythwere. Beautiful Ali, just beautiful!

  • 71.
    Shannon S said…

    Love your photos displays. I am getting ready to start some in our home and the ideas here are invaluable!

  • 72.
    Jamie Reid said…

    These are wonderful! I’m still in the process of living with my photos. My hubby and I have a few of us scattered around. I’m hoping to go to a lot of flea markets this year and buy a bunch of random frames to mix and match into a collage. I think all b&w photos with bright colorful / different shaped frames would make a very cool focal wall. Thanks for all the great tips!

  • 73.
    Karen said…

    I love your photo walls! I’ve been wanting to start one above our piano. How do you decide what photos to print?

  • 74.
    Dixie said…

    In my hallway and in my lr I had these ledges from Ikea. 3 rows each and I have them loaded with 4 8×10 frames on each. Then I have a built in bookshelf which is also loaded with photos. Then I have a collection in the tv room. All black frames. Even have photos of my pets up.

  • 75.
    joanne h. said…

    i do not have a lot of photos on my walls but your blog post today has inspired me greatly. all of your photo arrangements look amazing, thanks for sharing.

  • 76.
    Sara said…

    I also live with my pictures daily…many a growing collage around the house most in my favorite medium, canvas. WOuld love to try a framed canvas, I’ve never seen one in person. Your walls look lovely with your sweet family. Thanks for sharing.

  • 77.
    Tracy said…

    I have some photos on the walls and some in frames on tables but nothing intentional like your groupings and I really want to change that.

  • 78.
    Heather K said…

    I love you photo collections. I too print out random photos that I love and hang them up in the house, but I have never thought of just mounting them instead of framing them. This prize would be a great way to give it a try.

  • 79.
    Erin B said…

    This is something I’ve been meaning to do for sometime – just get our photos up on our walls. I have a small group in my living / dining room but would like to get some additional ones throughout the house. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 80.
    Jill said…

    Thanks for this post, Ali – enjoyed learning about these products. I’m displaying some Instax mini prints in old spikey flower frogs. I’ve found it’s a great way to scatter these little prints around my house :)

  • 81.
    Denise said…

    We have one family picture wall right now that my kids live to look at. Soon we are moving to a new house with a lot more wall space!! Can’t wait to have an art wall & more family pictures present!

  • 82.
    Alida said…

    I’m so bad with printing our photo’s. In South Africa weathered frames, made from old scurting boards, is has been high fashion for a while. I love the rustic feel and have a wall collection of them with b&w new baby photo’s in. And I always love my Ali inspired printers tray display on the wall.

  • 83.
    willimena said…

    Not very well. We’ve been in this house 10 years and most of the framed photos are still in boxes in our walk in wardrobe.

  • 84.
    ireneann said…

    Such an interesting article about how to live with your photographs. I have many scattered around the house on nearly every surface but haven’t thought about grouping them on the wall. It makes sense and I love the eclectic feel of different frames. Thank you for sharing, and the opportunity to win a framed gallery wrap canvas. They look stunning!

  • 85.
    Lori said…

    In our bedroom I have B&W photos of my husband and I above the bed — it’s a good reminder on bad days of the love we have for each other.

  • 86.
    Allison M. said…

    We have photos all over. In albums, in scrapbooks, on the walls, in collage frames on shelves as well as individual frames, on the bulletin board in my office, and on the screen saver to our home computer (picture slideshow). I am currently working on moving them around and creating groupings on some walls. I have a huge wall in my upstairs hallway just begging to be filled with a grouping of photos and one of those prints would be a great way to get started. Thanks for sharing your photos with us and thanks for the chance to win.

  • 87.
    Vanessa said…

    I have a mixture of photo’s in frames on wall’s & shelves, a couple of shadow boxes and one very large unmounted print-that one happens to be my favorite!

  • 88.
    Laurigig said…

    I have always displayed my photos, we have very little wall space left but that is just the way I like it. We moved a lot for the first 20 years of marriage (military family) and a house wasn’t a home to us until the pictures went up.

  • 89.
    Dorothy F said…

    I just finished a complete remodeling and am just beginning to decide what I want to hang and where. These wrapped canvases are awesome.

  • 90.
    isabel said…

    I love photos on the wall and scrap layouts too.

  • 91.
    Tara said…

    I have to be honest … I haven’t really taken that first step yet. I have the kids’ most recent school photos up, and a series of small vintage photos mounted on a grapevine swag, but I would really love to do an entire wall. I love all of your examples. Really inspiring.

  • 92.
    Vitoria B said…

    Beautiful walls !!! Thanks for sharing… so much inspiration.

  • 93.
    Lisa W. said…

    OMG I LOVE LOVE all the photo’s…and yes in every room!!! I also do the SAME thing. Mostly things I have done myself…with a few professionals. My boys senior pictures and a few family ones. My Mom just recently said. “You have to many pictures up on the wall.” I thought I would just die when she said that. Are you kidding…there is nothing better than capturing that awesome smile…someone when they are not watching. They make the BEST pics in my book. Thanks Ali…I LOVE to see your halls, your walls, things that are so special to you. I really get that!!! Gonna check out that site now. Thanks for the chance.

  • 94.
    Julie said…

    I have just started putting our family pictures on the walls. It is almost embarassing that it has taken me this long (our oldest is five). Now I want to hang all kinds of pictures up. I would love to win this giveaway!

  • 95.
    Meg said…

    As a professional photographer, you can imagine that I’m taking pictures all of the time, and I’m always looking for new vendors and new products, not only to present to my clients, but to use in my own home as well. Other than actually LIVING my photos, I’m just now trying to live WITH them as well. I started a Project Life which has helped get the images off of my computer and out into the real world. We just moved into a new home, and I’m slowly trying to build photo walls. We have a LOT of wall space to use!

  • 96.
    Lisa H. said…

    I don’t have any up right now–we just moved two states away into a rental house–temporary until our old house sells and then we buy here and move again! Crazy times around here!

  • 97.
    Melanie K said…

    Unfortunately I forget to print them but I love having any excuse to flip (digitally) through them. I also have a Kodak digital frame and I love it!

  • 98.
    Evalyn said…

    I love your photo galleries. I need to get my photos off my hard drive and onto my walls.

  • 99.
    Krys72599 said…

    I LOVE photos around the house! I have a wall in the upstairs hallway that is a combination mish-mash of frames but to me, it looks like family – a collection of different people who are members of the same family/a collection of frames of different styles and shapes that are part of the whole. Whenever I watch HGTV I yell at the TV when they say to remove photos and personal knick knacks when you want to sell your house. As a buyer, we’ve bought three houses in 15 years, I LOVE seeing HOMES, not HOUSES… and photos make a house a home!

  • 100.
    Julie W said…

    I have a few photos hanging on the walls. Even more in frames in my bookcase and on the piano. I would love more photos on my walls. I love what you have done. Great ideas!!