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March 22, 2011

Save The Date | Week In The Life 2011

Save the date for Week In The Life 2011 : July 25th through July 31st.

This year I’ve decided to document a week in our lives during the summer. Why? A look at what our lives look like in the summer months will be a really nice way to round out my Week In The Life album collections.

It’s likely that I’ll have a new design for the album this year – still in the 8.5×11 format.

I know one of the questions that people will have is what’s the difference between this project and Project Life and will I be doing both? I will be doing both. The main difference for me is that Week In The Life is much more in-depth over the course of seven days. I do at least a full two+ page spread for each day with much more detailed journaling. My plan is to keep on doing Project Life like I am right now – little bits over the course of the week. It’s likely that the photos might be repeats and I’m totally fine with that.

Read all about this project from both 2008 and 2010 here: Week In The Life.

Consider yourself invited!


  • 1.
    Ruth said…

    I’ll be joining you in this, as I so enjoyed WITL last year. I’m starting Project Life on April 1st, so may put July’s WITL straight in to my PL album. Still time to change my mind!

  • 2.
    KathleenB said…

    RSVPing for WITL…..can’t wait!!!!

  • 3.
    dawn said…

    I’m so excited to join in again this year, will be my second time with you. Last year’s was so much fun and I learned a lot and embraced being in front of the camera that whole week. I even learned about the self-timer on my camera. Thank you so much Ali for doing this again and sharing the journey with us. We have a big birthday and a special wedding that week so it will be a perfect week for me.

    What sort of ideas are you planning on changing this year? Any clues we can get now, I like to have time to shop and get new supplies if necessary. This is so exciting can’t wait!! Hope you are all having fun with your family.

  • 4.
    melbourne liz said…

    I only discovered your projects late last year and loved doing the December Daily. Love how it allowed me to experiment and released me from the bonds of ‘perfect’ scrapbooking. So much more satisfying to record day to day as well as special days and events. And now I’m having a ball with Project Life (thanks Becky). So I reckon I’ll be ready to have another play in July – mid-winter here. Thanks Ali for the inspiration

  • 5.
    Susan said…

    Hey Ali, I will save the date. I just finished A Week in the Life on Sunday with a simple digital, two page spreads per day. I had literally decided the Saturday before ‘I’m going to do a Week in the Life this week and it worked out. But July will be a great time for another one. I am also planning a ’100 days of Summer’ album – just not sure how I’m going to approach it – probably digital and probably simple.

  • 6.
    Leora Henkin said…

    Yeah! Date saved!

  • 7.
    Michelle D. said…

    I’m an avid PLer and WILFer and I feel the same WITL I get more into the min by min day to day of our lives whereas in PL it’s more a snap shot of our week. Can’t wait to do WITL in summer!!!

  • 8.
    Maggie said…

    Just posted some pics (not the most beautiful post in the world, but 100 photos in it!) where, using the page dividers/blocking method, I was able to snapshot about ten years in one week. Every single one of the pages aren’t completely finished, but 80% are, and the mess is over!

    I can now take my book to crops and have “something to work on” to finish the details on the rest. I love how the mixed pages let me have a home for my digital layouts I’ve practiced through the years in your grid-like formats, my daily inserts, and the 4X6 mini layouts (photos + words).

    It’s basically a “mom” happy book with strap photos of family and kids and tickets. I had such fun and can’t wait to apply this approach to my early marriage photos stuck in boxes. Most of film prints, so the pockets are going to TOTALLY free me up to MOVE! So excited. Thanks for sharing these ideas and being willing to move outside the box! Simplicity doesn’t have to mean lack of creativity!

  • 9.
    Jennifer Levin said…

    Yea!! I’m excited! This will be my first time participating in A Week in the Life. This year’s date is a week where I’ll be traveling for a few days (though not the whole week), so planning ahead will be key for me. I’m excited to see what new goodies you’ll have in store for us for this project!

    As always, thank you for continuing to inspire and challenge us the way you do! ~Jen

  • 10.
    Leanne said…

    I CAN’T WAIT!!! Haven’t done this in a couple of years, and I think this is exactly what I need to boost my creative side this summer! Thanks for the inspiration, as always!

  • 11.
    Pam said…

    YAY!!! So excited!! I did this for the first time last year and it was so much fun, can’t wait to do it again!

  • 12.
    shelly brewer said…

    Hooray! I am so saving the date(s). I’ve never done Week in the Life before, but I’ve enjoyed pouring over yours online and am SO in love with Project Life (new this year), I think it’s going to be fantastic. Thank you Ali!

  • 13.
    Katie said…

    I was just thinking about this yesterday, i am super excited and can’t wait to get started? Is there anything you do before hand to prepare and make the process go smoother ie. DD ?

  • 14.
    Emma said…

    I will be about a month into being a mama for the first time when WITL happens this year. I’m thinking it might be the right year to do this project, a way to really remember the early days of parenthood.

  • 15.
    Lee said…

    I can’t wait to get started … so much so, I’ve already gone out and picked up all of the summery paper and supplies I’ll be incorporating into the project :)

  • 16.
    Shelly said…

    I’m putting it on my calendar now! I took your CKU class and have been in love with this project ever since.

  • 17.
    amy said…

    thanks for the heads up – i can’t wait!

  • 18.
    Ann said…

    It’s on my calendar. I was wondering, do you think it would be possible to do a supply list in early May or so? I hate to ask, but I’ve just moved abroad and it’s so hard to get supplies where I live, but I’ll be in the US in May and hope to pick things up for this then. I know I can just use what I have (which isn’t much) and that works for the December Daily, but I think I want to follow your template a little more closely since it’ll be my first time doing it.

    I completely understand if your plan for this is completely different though.

  • 19.
    Becky H said…

    It’s now on the calendar. Can’t wait!

  • 20.
    Heather said…

    I am in! I wanted to join in last year but I was really new to the documenting thing and was already “dropping the ball” on my project 365. This is on my 35 while 35 list so I will be joining in this year with a much better idea of how I want to approach it! Thanks for leading so much inspiration!

  • 21.
    tara pollard pakosta said…

    funny that you want to document summer because I have plans to do week in the life in the month of June!!! so awesome!

  • 22.
    Tina said…

    I’m so glad! Last year I did it but my daughter was at college, so I’ll be glad to be able to include her over the summer!

  • 23.
    christen krumm said…

    Oh I so wanna do this!! Very excited. This is a crazy insane week for me this year, so that makes it even more exciting (sister’s getting married on the 23rd and my due date is a week after that!!)

    Can’t wait!!


  • 24.

    Maybe if I start getting ready from now I will actually be able to keep up this year? Although there is a chance we might be on vacation then. But that could also be a good angle!

  • 25.
    angie blom said…

    OH I just can’t wait.. That week will start off on me and my hubby’s birthday.. and end the day before our 24th Anniversary.. so I might have to do a week and a day. ! I am marking my calendar.

  • 26.
    Lisa said…

    Yaaaaa! Count me in.

  • 27.
    Alicia said…

    Great idea to consider all parts of the year!

  • 28.
    nerdgrl said…

    that’s the week we’re on vacation so I’ll be doing an album anyway. May have to incorporate items from WITL to it.

    • ….
      Hallie said…

      Full of salient points. Don’t stop benelviig or writing!

  • 29.
    cindy b. said…

    Sweeet! And my birthday is this week too. ;-)

  • 30.
    Gypsy said…

    I’m in too. Was planning on doing it around that time this year as for me it will be Winter and that’s when I haven’t done it before. We will have a newish baby so will be a bit of a challenge- I may have to buy the templates to make my life easier.

  • 31.
    Tanya Watson said…

    marked and highlighted in the diary hehe, its the last week of my daughters school holidays they have between term two and term three so that will cool to do that with her at home, i never got to do it last year with falling sick and ending up in hospital at the time so definally looking forward to doing it this year, i can’t wait Ali

  • 32.
    Jaime said…

    I’m in!

  • 33.
    Christine said…

    So glad that this is being offered in the summer. Count me in! So far these past couple of months I have participated in the December Daily, Yesterday/Today, and I am almost completed with my “Scrapbook on the Road” journal. Bring it on!

  • 34.

    This will be an interesting year for my Week in the Life project. My regional management meeting will be held that week in Burlington, MA. I am really looking forward to it because I went to college in Boston and will be able to visit some of my old stomping grounds. It will be a different perspective! Great time for this project! Thanks, Ali!

  • 35.
    lee said…

    Ooooh, a summer Week in the Life…that should be interesting to experience, since summer is (typically) a different, slower pace than the springtime. Look forward to more news as the time gets closer…

  • 36.
    Jo said…

    I’m there! Love this project and have participated in the previous WITL’s, such a cool way to document our lifes. It will be the first week of my boys summer holidays and the day after my youngest son turns 6, I’m sure there’ll be lots to document!

  • 37.
    lindsey said…

    I swear you are reading my mind. I was just wondering when the 2011 one would because I have never done a week in the life and not sure why I can’t do it on my own. I guess because it will be so much more fun with other people (and motivating!). I am so there!

  • 38.
    Brooke said…

    I’ve never really considered doing a Week In The Life but during those dates I’ll have a one month old in the house. That could be interesting to document – those blurry first few weeks!

  • 39.
    Debbie S. said…

    SO excited! Can’t wait…my first time! I love that it’ll be summer… :)

  • 40.
    Judith said…

    That gives me a couple more months to finish last years! It will be winter here in Australia, so will think about following along. I need to be more disciplined in actually getting it finished! Enjoy your holiday.

  • 41.
    Michele H. said…

    I definitely will be joining in on this again! loved this project as much as december daily:)

  • 42.
    madeline St onge said…

    I’ll be here waiting Ali

  • 43.

    Cool, Ali! :) I had already decided to do “Week in the Life” this year, and now it’s actually on the week of my birthday — July 31. :) I would like to prep ahead of time too, so I will be watching to see what suggestions you have for that. :)


  • 44.
    Kathy said…

    Can’t wait……… must finish off my journalling from last year.

  • 45.
    Jennifer said…

    I’m really looking forward to trying this.

  • 46.
    Steph sprouse said…

    So exciting! This is my favorite time of the year. Usually it’s warm, sunny and I’m off on vacation during this week! Can’t wait.
    (north bend, wa)

  • 47.
    Tania said…

    Hey Ali, I really truly love your blog and projects section it is a daily inspiration for me. I have loved observing your current years Project Life however living in Australia, I find the page protectors and some of the cool product (which really makes/finshes the project) hard to obtain eg: Project Life from Amazon could not be shipped here and some of the other products double in cost with postage from America so I was wondering if you are able to point me in the right direction in obtaining just as cool stuff or the same here in Australia??? Thanks Tania.

    • ….
      Tanya Watson said…

      Tania do you know that you can buy Project life from New Zealand a shop in Wellington sells it crafthouse, i think Becky has a link on her blog somewhere…as for the page protectors i buy the basketball card ones off trade me her in NZ but i think most book shops sell them same sort of thing that Ali uses and this range im going to buy for week in a life as i think its just perfect, not sure if you can get it over there but this is a NZ shop its BoBunny brand and Ad Lib stuff very cool cool sayings like life is great and every day life etc…. just my thoughts shared :)

  • 48.
    Lara said…

    Ooooh, this looks awesome. I’ve always admired your projects from afar Ali, and this’ll be my first WITL – can’t wait to play :)

  • 49.
    Nati said…

    Sooooooooo Excited about this!!!!!

  • 50.

    so great it will be during the summer, sucha great time to do this!

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