Project Life | Week Twenty-One

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Welcome to Project Life | Week Twenty-One

project life week 21 | spread

Each week when I sit down to write this post the first thing that I want to say is that I love this project.

No matter what - no matter if it didn't feel like it came together as easy as the week before, or if I felt like I had too much or too little, or that I put it all together on Monday night before posting - no matter what, as I look back through the completed week when it's time to write about it the first thought that comes to mind is how happy it makes me to be doing this project.

One of the things I tried to work on this week was immediately writing something down if it popped into my head as a story I wanted to record. I caught a couple cute things Anna's been saying because I took action rather than thinking I'll remember it later on in the week. I'm pretty sure if I would have waited until today they would have been lost because I don't have a specific photo to go along with them. Photos are great for jogging memories, but not all stories I want to tell have a matching photo.

Here's a look at week twenty-one:

project life | week 21 | right

If you're a regular reader you probably already saw the post-it notes that I wrote about last week.

That metal number 4 was somehow floating around downstairs so I slipped it in the pocket. It might come out if I want to use it on another project.

project life | week 21 | insert front

One 6x12 American Crafts page protector insert this week (they are in stock at both and Two Peas). I found a stash of these while I was cleaning/unpacking/moving things around. It's nice to be able to have this size on hand and not have to cut up a 12x12 or do any stitching.

project life | week 21 | insert back

Here's the back of that insert. The top instax 210 photo with the journal block on the background looks like it's floating in the 6x4 space - I stapled it in place so you get that peek- through effect. Tag on the back is from Bananafish Studio.

project life | week 22 | right

This week there was a lot of photos of Simon. In other weeks there have been more of Anna. That's how it goes.

A COUPLE NOTES : We loved Kung Fu Panda 2. I thought it was awesome - animation, story, humor. The top right photo of Simon (in the image above) was taken in Rep Arne Robland's office on Friday when Simon got to go to work with Dad. Rep Robland has a life-size Anakin Skywalker costume from The Phantom Menace (the one where Anakin does the big pod race). I wish I would have been there to see him put that helmet on his head.

Project Life is a product created by Becky Higgins. It can be anything you want it to be. The album kit (similar to the one I’m using) is available for purchase through Amazon. If you live outside the US check Becky’s site for more information on sources. View all my posts about Project Life here.

22 thoughts

  1. Paula in Australia

    2011-05-31 07:00:49 -0400

    First to comment?? Love your Project Life - you are so inspiring. I love Anna's little quirks and conversations.

  2. Katie Pendergast

    2011-05-31 07:27:34 -0400

    I wish I had the motivation you do to do this project!

  3. Marty

    2011-05-31 07:53:19 -0400

    Love your Project Life posts, so many great ideas!

  4. dawn

    2011-05-31 08:00:49 -0400

    Ali, I always think the same thing when doing my PL too. So thankful for Becky coming up with this amazing album. So thankful my kids will have this to look back on and remember these little moments. The flowers photos are beautiful, hooray for a Simon week and sweet Anna's new sayings. We say Kung Fu Panda 2 and loved it also. It is nice when one movie can bring the whole family together. Thanks for sharing another week with us and motivating me to keep up on mine.

  5. Suzie Perrie

    2011-05-31 08:14:44 -0400

    So glad to see the 6x12 page protectors are back in. Just ordered! :)

  6. Maureen

    2011-05-31 09:40:22 -0400

    Thinking about these 6x12 page protectors got me to thinking about some old unused photo albums I bought...about 10 yrs ago! Got them out and yes, they are 6x12 and now have 40 of these page protectors...ready to use. Not as heavy as the newer ones but shopping the stash is using something I already paid for.

    Now I have a 6x12 binder for a future project too!

  7. AbbyS

    2011-05-31 09:52:45 -0400

    So true! This album makes me happy...knowing I documented something from our day, something my son said, taking out the camera...I love reflecting back on the photos taken of the week. Very fulfilling.

    I love the idea of 6x12. I need to restock! Have a great week!

  8. Krystyn

    2011-05-31 10:06:21 -0400

    Oh I am absolutely IN LOVE with the whole Project Life thing and desperately want to jump in...but my 'track record' with daily scrapbooking projects is quite poor..I have 3 INCOMPLETE DD albums...but I remain so so tempted.

  9. Nicole Jannink

    2011-05-31 10:09:10 -0400

    Just like you I love doing Project Life this year. Every week when my page is ready, I'm so happy doing this. Love to see that in your PL everything is just as it comes, no matter how many pictures you have from each of the kids.
    I love looking at your PL every week, it gives me so many ideas and inspiration!

  10. tetcy

    2011-05-31 10:15:31 -0400

    I love living vicariously through you. :) It makes me glad I take the time to blog because looking back, these are the manageable snap shots of day to day (week to week) life.

    Do or do not do...there is no try. - Yoda

  11. Cynthia

    2011-05-31 10:27:56 -0400

    I love seeing your weekly PL's for inspiration, and also as the expression of your family life and the cute things from your kidlets! Our 'kidlet' is 18 so the fun and cute is different however what I LOVE about PL is how incredibly flexible it is. It really is like a time capsule of this moment or a couple moments or every blinking day of last week if I feel like it! As I look back I am so impressed (and it's not as if we live a 'shock and awe' kind of life lol) with how joyful and meaningful and poignant it is. It is a great project!

  12. ShellyJ

    2011-05-31 10:50:09 -0400

    I look forward seeing your progress on PL each week! You never disappoint. Thanks for the inpspiration :)

  13. Stephanie

    2011-05-31 11:07:31 -0400

    gotta carve out some PL time tonight. Thanks for the added jolt of inspiration! A bit behind on last week on account of being out of printer ink!! But time tonight to print a few pictures and pull last week together.

    What's interesting is that even as it's keeping on track for a weekly record, I'm finding I'm putting in more and more old pictures that keep cropping up. So I'm doing now, but also looking back. And how great is that?!!

  14. Debbie S.

    2011-05-31 11:16:58 -0400

    Awesome, as usual! That clematis is a show-stopper...

    Love the photos of Anna playing with the mists (are they?) and Simon doing kung-fu and wearing the CUTE. :)

    Your tags are getting cuter and cuter, too! Have a great day.

  15. Milly H

    2011-05-31 11:41:21 -0400

    Love the note about writing things as they happen. Such a good reminder. Going to have my journalling cards to hand this week - so good to write in the moment rather than trying to remember at the end of the week. :)

  16. lee

    2011-05-31 13:02:05 -0400

    It's so inspiring to see your progress and dedication to your Project Life album! The more I see your pages, the more I think about doing this or a similar project in the future. We'll see...but thanks for showing not only the finished product each week, but also talking about your process (especially what works, what doesn't, what helps you manage it, etc.).

    Have a great week! Look forward to seeing what week 22 looked like for you. =)

  17. liz

    2011-05-31 18:12:21 -0400

    As always, you are such an inspiration Ali! I bought project life a few months ago because I loved how you were using it to document things on a weekly basis. The album arrived and I've just been staring at it. I tried to start on it a few times but felt overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. Seeing your pages and reading the encouraging comments above from other readers to just....start, well that was the kick in the rear I needed! I just tackled last weeks photos, processed them and sent them to costco to print! Thanks! :)

  18. Cindy

    2011-05-31 19:56:47 -0400

    I wish I would have started this project THIS year, but I'm definately going to do it next year...........CONGRATULATIONS, you're half way done!!
    Also, THANK YOU SO MUCH for making a pdf list of journaling prompts!

  19. Jessica B

    2011-05-31 21:55:43 -0400

    Every week I find myself looking forward to this post. I was thinking this past week that I should have taken it on, then I thought oh well maybe next year. But, know I'm thinking maybe I should just start it now anyways. Maybe it wouldn't matter that it is halfway through the year.

    Anyways thank you for the great inspiration!

  20. Anne

    2011-06-01 03:50:43 -0400

    I love looking at your project life layouts. And I think they are awesome. I also decided to try it thid year. I am very relaxed about it. If a week does not work out, we jsut do the next week. The only rule is that I do complete weeks only. So either a photo from each (or most days) or nothing. I did a lot of traveling lately and jsut left those weeks out. Mostly because I want to make a complete travel album.

    I do not think it works for we though. I have two problems with these little snapshots from every day; either a day reallt, really did not have any photos. And nothing that warrents a photo; or it had so many photos and I cannot choose just one. So all in all this project frustrates me because I have to choose one photo and only one (or 2, I am a little flexible). Then I try to fill up the days that rally do not have photos with photos in and around the house, or photos of the things we take for granted and do every day. And this frustrates we as well. I would much, much rather have a layout of our house, a layout of my typical day, a layout of the things we usually eat, a layout of the stores we visit, the furniture we love, etc. Than having random pictures of these strewn over several pages.

    In short, I will complete the year. It is kind of neat to look back on, but I would so much rather make layouts of these things.

  21. Sue

    2011-06-01 08:21:36 -0400

    Again another great week of "your Life" Ali. I so enjoy seeing what you do! I wish I had this idea when my kids were young (actually I wish scrapbooking was around when they were young!) I feel my life if fairy dull now and really not worth documenting on a weekly basis. I guess I will just have to live vicariously through you! Thanks so much Ali

  22. Holly

    2011-06-01 15:43:16 -0400

    First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU to Ali for your encouragement, support, ideas and weekly posts. You truly are amazing! I look forward to checking your blog every week (and it really helps pass the time at work!) :o)

    I started PL back in January of this year and I had doubts as whether or not I would be able to keep up with it. Like many projects, I always start and never finish. I still have yet to finish DD from this past year. I have fallen a bit behind on PL but I have at least printed the pictures and inserted them into pockets so they are in the correct week when I go to journal about them. The other thing I do is at night when taking my few minutes to relax on the back porch, I keep a little notebook and write down little tidbits from each day. An example would be: Mon - nothing exciting. Talked to Mom/doing well. Got new book at Walmart, etc. Then even if I don't finish that week in my album, I have all the tidbits written down and am able to do the journaling later.

    To all of you out there who think your life isn't exciting enough or you are too busy but want to start PL, JUST DO IT! :o) I have a crazy work schedule, husband's job requires him to be away from home a lot, and we do not have any kids. Yet, I still find myself telling stories and taking pictures of things that otherwise would not be documented had I not committed to PL. Like today, I have some pretty funky tan lines on my feet from my sandals. So I'm going to document that. Once you get started, it really isn't that hard to keep going. It also gives me something to look forward to.

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