For The Love Of Numbers

It's no secret that I like using numbers in my memory keeping projects. They are a simple, graphic accent that's not just cool-looking but can also be meaningful: as a date, the number of people in your family, the number of reasons you love someone, etc. There's a million different ways to use numbers to tell your story and a million different products out there featuring numbers. Here are a few recent favorites:

(1) 7 GYPSIES NUMERO STAMPS | This is likely one of the best collections of number stamps available right now based on the sheer number and variety that comes with this set. Back in the day this set was sold as a rub on - I'm so glad they decided to make stamps out of this design.

(2) ECHO PARK METROPOLITAN DOTS AND STRIPES CARDSTOCK STICKERS | The circle stickers are what caught my eye on this collection of both alphas and numbers.

(3) A DATE WITH ALI FROM TECHNIQUE TUESDAY | I just emailed Technique Tuesday to have them send this set to me - for some reason I don't have it here. Love that 2011 - could definitely be using that in Project Life.

(4) THE GIRLS PAPERIE JUBILEE FABRIC BRADS | Yes, please. Not sure how I missed these before. Get them while you can as this brand is not creating any new products.

(5) TIM HOLTZ/STAMPER'S ANONYMOUS ODDS AND ENDS STAMPS | What I loved about this one is that it's numbers wrapped in little theme packages including Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, a calendar and a couple generic number ticket stamps. Totally versatile.

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  1. Melissa C

    2011-06-01 07:58:58 -0400

    I just bought the 7 Gypsies set this past weekend at Archivers! They quality is perfect!! (I think it was $14.99)

  2. Gwen

    2011-06-01 08:04:06 -0400

    Good post.... Reminds me of when you used to do 'Three Things'. I love product reviews/recommendations, especially from you because I so admire your work. Thanks.

  3. Amy

    2011-06-01 08:05:11 -0400

    Thanks for letting us know about the 7 gypsies stamp! I've been hoarding the rubons that I have. lol I need to get that!

  4. nerdgrl

    2011-06-01 08:23:40 -0400

    "(4) THE GIRLS PAPERIE JUBILEE FABRIC BRADS | Get them while you can as this brand is not creating any new products."

    Ali: Do you mean the company that makes the brads or the Girls Paperie is not creating any new products? Margie's been posting on FB and on her blog about her new lines. I'm confused.

  5. Margareta Carlsson

    2011-06-01 08:42:54 -0400

    Great choices! I've just bought the 7 Gypsies stamp set and A Date set. The Odds & Ends stamp set has been one of my favorites for a long time.

    But I'll have to add that your own December Daily stamp set from 2010 is one of those great products that deserve to be on this top list! I will use it and enjoy it during many years to come. Thank you, Ali!

  6. Jewel

    2011-06-01 08:45:13 -0400

    I have a serious addiction to numbers. Don't know how I missed the 7Gypsies stamp! I was just in Archiver's yesterday too but was in a hurry so just got what I needed and got out of there. Looks like I will be going back again later this week! Thanks for the enabling. :)

  7. Tammy Davis

    2011-06-01 08:50:38 -0400

    I love these!

  8. Chrissy

    2011-06-01 09:09:51 -0400

    Love numbers too!!!...

  9. Suzie Perrie

    2011-06-01 09:16:14 -0400

    You always have the coolest stuff to show us. Thanks!

  10. libbi m.

    2011-06-01 09:27:15 -0400

    I have been patiently waiting for your new shutterfly book to release. Do you know when it will be available?

  11. Jennifer Kellogg

    2011-06-01 10:32:58 -0400

    I bought many number stickers (back when stickers were "the thing") and never used them. I always thought numbers were only for birthdays or school years. I think I need to open my imagination a bit more and not be so literal in my scrapping. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Amanda M.

    2011-06-01 12:11:50 -0400

    I also love these from Ormolu...shipping was a little slow, but once my package arrived, I was excited. They are adorable:
    I bought a lot from here!

  13. susan sadler

    2011-06-01 13:59:06 -0400

    I love these numbers . My only small complaint , is that I wish they did not end the numbers in "0" but instead "10" . I like to do "top 10" lists . Just a thought .

  14. rhonda nickol

    2011-06-01 14:03:55 -0400

    Love these Ali and have most of them, they get lots of use at my home Dec.Daily,vacation album currently in progress,grad pages,birthday pages and end of school days/awards.

  15. PEX

    2011-06-01 17:18:59 -0400

    I love these numbers ) thank a lot!

  16. [email protected] Coast Style

    2011-06-01 18:52:35 -0400

    I love numbers especially on pillows!

  17. Barbara

    2011-06-01 18:56:22 -0400

    Oh I love the Tim Holz stamps - I may have to scope them out the next time I'm out shopping. How do you organize your stamps? I'm working on getting all my stuff organized and thought that I would organize them by theme (birthday, holidays, flowers, numbers and alphabets, etc).

  18. Annette

    2011-06-01 22:11:34 -0400

    I have the 7 Gypsies one, ordered it from and am using it alot in my little girl's journal. It has undated days of the week pages and is super flexible. Am liking those there. Although I must say that I finally purchased one of your stamp sets (May Real Life) and was floored by how clean the image was, especially for clear stamps. Had stayed away b/c I like the rubber stamp image better but now I am hooked. Can't wait to see June's!

  19. ShellyP

    2011-06-01 22:16:51 -0400

    It seems like I'm always in the process of reorganizing and rearranging my supplies (trying to build a better mousetrap mentality :) ) and I do not like my acrylic stamp storage I'm using now. I would love to find the perfect solution for stamp storage. I have so many I buy repeats because I don't remember what I have. And I love number stamps so much! :)

  20. Barb in AK

    2011-06-01 22:55:08 -0400

    About the only thing I think of with numbers is the date (usually the year). That's why I was always out of 1s and 9s and now 2s and 0s!!!! I've got to get on the bandwagon and try different ways to use numbers!! :-)

  21. April Cortinas

    2011-06-02 14:09:02 -0400

    do you use ink pads for stamping?

  22. Seth

    2011-06-02 20:52:29 -0400

    Thanks Ali. There can never be too many numbers out there!

  23. Melanie L.

    2011-06-04 10:59:11 -0400

    Thanks for the links! I love the 7Gypsies one!

  24. Beverly Mascara

    2011-06-04 11:57:49 -0400

    I have a numbers Layout Magazine so I am into numbers. Thanks for the links.

  25. LadyMissSusan

    2011-06-05 02:07:28 -0400

    LOVE all the numbers!

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