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05 | 31 | 2011 Evening Toes

AROUND HERE we've decided to have a no-TV summer. With the exception of maybe a movie night once a week/every couple of weeks, the TV is going to be off for the duration. Swimming, bikes, toys, running, playing outside, hanging out in the yard, reading books, making up things to play, playing together, more swimming - that's what I want our summer to be about. Most recently the TV has just been creating grouchy kids and I'm done with that...they might be grouchy for other reasons but it won't be because they can't watch another round of stuff on TV.

AROUND HERE I'm feeling really thankful to whoever it was that recently recommend The Family Dinner: Great Ways To Connect With Your Kids, One Meal At A Time. I cracked it open tonight and was inspired from the first few pages. I think it helps that this is really the mind-set I'm in right now (see TV comments above). We eat at the table together most nights (at least the kids and I do - it's been crazy the last six months for Chris while the legislature is in session) but I've been feeling worn down about the process lately and really just needed some inspiration to help me refocus on all the benefits that come from entering the kitchen with a positive attitude, having a plan & sticking to it, involving the kids in the process, and creating these really lovely daily rituals that I hope will have ripple effects throughout their lives. I haven't cooked any of the meals yet and I haven't read the whole thing (there's lots of content beyond the recipes - antidotes, quotes, and other inspiration), but from what I've seen so far and the inspiration I got from just browsing through, I can't wait to really dive in and implement some of the ideas. The Family Dinner also has a blog with recent posts (including recipes and table talk suggestions) here.

06 | 07 | 2011

AROUND HERE Anna's big girl bed (a twin mattress set) was delivered yesterday and she spent the night in it last night. She'd been napping in a big girl bed at Kim's house and slept on a twin mattress at my parents last weekend. She was so excited to come home and find her new bed in place and all ready for her to climb into (and jump on a couple times of course). I went in to check on her before I went to bed around midnight and as I was re-arranging her so that her legs pointed toward the end of the bed she sat straight up in that wonderful-mid-sleep-state and said, "I got a big girl bed." Then she laid back down, snuggled right in, and went back to sleep.

AROUND HERE all she wants to wear is pink or purple and often both at the same time.

AROUND HERE the Harry Potter Knight Bus lego just arrived and Simon is loving driving it all around. He was playing with it on our back patio and when I told him to come inside he went through a whole routine of getting the guys ready to go just like in the movie, including saying where in our house he was headed. When he was putting it together he asked me how it was going to squish together like it does in the film.

AROUND HERE he has just a few more days of third grade. Seriously.

AROUND HERE the legislature just a few more weeks (hopefully) in the 2011 session.

In Progress

AROUND HERE I've got lots of projects in progress (such is the creative life). My office is full of stuff I'm in the middle of: a class using my Italy photos from last year, compiling content from Yesterday & Today into an eBook, One Little Word prompts for upcoming months, Designer Digitals product ideas, a layout using the June Studio AE stamps, etc. My mind is full of things I want to do in the garden and around the house: painting, weeding, re-arranging.

AROUND HERE I'm excited about the Your Story Retreat next weekend. I'm looking forward to a new experience.

AROUND HERE my heart is happy for summer.

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