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week in the life | tuesday


I'm not posting the number of photos I take each day to encourage you to take more or less - it's simply a number I'm keeping track of throughout the week.

A couple people asked in the comments yesterday about how I'm taking the shots of myself. Most of the ones I showed Monday and today I took with a self-timer. Not all cameras have a self-timer but you should definitely see if you have that function available. It takes a bit of planning (really not much at all once you get used to it) and trial and error and embracing what you get (even if it's not what you might have originally envisioned in your head). I shoot in AV mode and set my ISO before taking a shot. I try to keep my ISO as low as I can - inside our house I average between 400 and 800 and sometimes significantly higher depending on the quality of the light.

Here's some favorites from Tuesday:

week in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday
Iweek in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday

I didn't have a chance to mess with the scanner today so I've just got another photo of my Daily Sheet. I'm writing less than I'd envisioned this year - but I'm okay with that - that's the way it goes sometimes. I'm also fine with adding in some commentary when I bring the whole album together next week.


  • Today I found myself focusing on the comings and goings and the evening routine. When you doing this project don't stress if you don't capture the same thing everyday - it's totally cool if you do (like you breakfast) but it's also totally fine to just get a glimpse over the course of the week of the different parts of your life.

  • I love that I got two shots in Anna's room today - one to begin the day and one to end the day.


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42 thoughts

  1. Mrs. V

    2011-07-27 15:15:43 -0400

    I absolutely LOVE Anna's room - so cute!

  2. Dawn F.

    2011-07-27 15:58:10 -0400

    Thanks for posting observations the past 2 days. I realize there is no right or wrong way to approach this project but it's nice to have the reinforcement. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kris D

    2011-07-27 15:59:37 -0400

    I so enjoy seeing your pics (and everyone elses!) and I really love the IDEA of this project. My problem is that we are empty nesters so don't have the luxury of little ones around us all the time to take pics of--and boy do I miss that gotta tell you!! So it seems so much more difficult to document when our days are pretty boring and routine...work, dinner, excercise, laptops on the couch in front of the t.v....us 50-somethings are boring!! How can I make this fun and still participate in week in the life? ideas?

  4. Julia L.

    2011-07-27 16:55:44 -0400

    I did the project last year and I realized that around the house really not much changed. The backgrounds are always the same and not super fun. It really made me think about getting some things done (paint kitchen) and change some simplier things out. Like art and pillows, rugs. So this week - for AWIL - I will concentrate on photographing new "stuff" and take things outside, to not repeat the same or similar pictures again. What is in bloom on the patio, shot from my balcony, a shot of my iPhone showing the forecast. I also shoot in AV with a 1.8 portrait lens at 1.8/f. That makes for nice flower pictures with the background blurr and works well with food because you get nice pictures in low light without flash indoors. I also remember from last year to take some photos vertically and horizontally to have a choice when deciding what goes in the page protectors or what photo is showcased larger.

  5. Mandyb

    2011-07-27 17:01:33 -0400

    HAHA i wear my towel like that first shot ALL the time!!!
    everyone laughs at me!!!
    i dont care!!!
    haha now at least i can tell my scrappy friends YOU do it too!!
    love these shots...thanks for sharing

  6. Martha Thomas

    2011-07-27 17:12:16 -0400

    Great photos Ali! I audibly gasped when I saw the one of Anna outside on the steps....it is so GREEN there! I know y'alls weather is so different from ours here (central Texas), but wow...just seeing the green gave me hope for the fall and cooler weather ahead. Hopefully rain eventually. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Libbi M.

    2011-07-27 17:31:40 -0400

    i am having so much fun with this project. i would like to use an online printing service for printing my pages. i am going to use your week in the life 2010 templates and your transitions paper collection. i have never ordered a digital page thru scrapbook pictures.com and was wondering if i should check the box that says "auto correct" or "non auto correct?" wondering if you have any suggestions?

  8. Brooke

    2011-07-27 17:56:34 -0400

    I have found that once you start using your self timer you become an expert at finding places to put your camera to take the shot. How to make toddlers in the photo with you act natural though I haven't mastered!! Loving following along with you this week Ali.

  9. Janet

    2011-07-27 20:36:33 -0400

    Great pictures, Ali...I'm a novice when it comes to taking photographs but I have a nice DSLR and wish I knew what you used to set up your shots (sort of a lower angle than eye level). As always, an inspiration!

  10. telisj

    2011-07-27 21:01:04 -0400

    Just wanted to mention that my youngest of three, a 5 yo boy, has always loved my camera and taking pictures. He is really good and is the only one in our family of five to take photos of me! I want to take a pic of me everyday with this project and he reminded me this evening that he needed to take his ten pictures of the day with my p+s camera! Turning the camera over to the kids is a great WITL perspective too! Lovin' this project!

  11. Pamela B

    2011-07-27 21:17:07 -0400

    Hi Ali,

    I've been following your blog and projects for nearly 2 years now and I rarely comment. But I just HAVE TO today! I set up the self timer on my camera this evening when I put my little man to bed. Looking at the pictures as I upload them to the computer brings a little tear to my eyes and I just had to say THANK YOU! Ali, I completely treasure these photos and they would not have existed without your inspiration. Thank you so very very much :)

    Love Pam

  12. Diane

    2011-07-27 21:49:02 -0400

    Thanks for giving me some inspiration. I started taking a photo a day and boy it's a challenge at times and other times I have to many to choose from. It's those days when there is repetition that I want to change shots for a bit. I am planning on painting one of my girls rooms and have never seen such large pom poms. They look like floor blooms. I would love to know where they could be purchased. My daughter would love that in her room. Also the hair thing, I do that after showering and my 6 year old begs me to do her head. It's not easy to do on a 6 year old. I falls off all the time. I should try doing it again and taking a photo. That would be a good shot!

  13. Sara S

    2011-07-27 22:46:47 -0400

    I am not able to do my week in the life this week but I'm taking notes for when I do it and I love the idea of starting and ending the day in a child's room, I am writing that idea down!

  14. Laura

    2011-07-27 22:53:05 -0400

    I love the hopscotch rug in Anna's room. And I totally empathize with the others who have kids that don't cooperate with pictures. My 7 year old is already at that stage and its so frustrating the dumb looks and body posture I get sometimes. The youngest is 18 months and stops her activity when she sees me to say hello and find out what I'm doing. Sweet but it just means I need to be quicker or a little sneakier.

  15. Lindsey (aka modchik)

    2011-07-27 23:38:38 -0400

    I too really love what you said today reaffirming there is no RIGHT or WRONG way to do this. My mind gets so hyper focused on details that I lose sight of what it is this project is trying to help me achieve so thank you for the gentle reminder. This is my first attempt at WINL and its intense and I'm lovin the work.

  16. Epbysheila

    2011-07-28 00:33:07 -0400

    I love the lanterns above your daughters bed, I had some similar hanging in my daughters room. Although she just decided to take them down today. :(. Thank you so much for the daily inspiration for this project!

  17. Nan Robkin

    2011-07-28 01:02:57 -0400

    Well, it certainly is a week! I've been so busy living it, I haven't had much time to record it, except to take pictures. I have more than 100 so far. And just enough time (and energy) to load them into my computer and take them off the camera so I would have a fresh start the next day. Today (the third day) I had a bit of time to catch up, so I wrote lots of notes about the other two days. Now to make notes for today! That will have to wait until tomorrow, though,because I just got through filing today's pictures and I'm heading for bed!.

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    2011-07-28 02:29:08 -0400

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  19. Chelsea

    2011-07-28 03:06:26 -0400

    Loving this project so much Ali. This is my first year, I jumped in feet first as a VERY last minute decision, and it is definitely going to be an annual journey! Love all your photos too, I took a very similar photo of your self portrait on the floor, on my day 1. Funny!

  20. Maria

    2011-07-28 05:46:06 -0400

    For some reason my blog is not showing up in the links but here's my Tuesday http://scrapflicka.blogspot.com/2011/07/week-in-life-tuesday.html

  21. Sandra K.

    2011-07-28 15:16:58 -0400

    I'm a bit behind in placing the photo's. Computerproblems. But they are solved. This is my first year WITL, but Í must tell you that is is hard work. I keep forgetting to take pictures.

  22. Heather H.

    2011-07-28 21:08:55 -0400

    Maybe someone has already asked this, so I apologize if that is the case...I'm wondering how you set up the shots you take of yourself. I presume you use the timer on your camera but how to you get it to focus where you want it while the subject (you) isn't in front of the camera? Thank you!

  23. Dee Cummins

    2011-07-29 10:43:11 -0400

    great photos! I wish I had photos like yours from when I was Anna's age -long, long ago!

  24. Noreen

    2011-07-29 10:56:18 -0400

    We gave our kids a camera when they were 8 or 10, and it was really interesting to see the world thru their eyes. I still have the photos.

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