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July 27, 2011

Week In The Life 2011 | Tuesday Words + Photos

week in the life | tuesday


I’m not posting the number of photos I take each day to encourage you to take more or less – it’s simply a number I’m keeping track of throughout the week.

A couple people asked in the comments yesterday about how I’m taking the shots of myself. Most of the ones I showed Monday and today I took with a self-timer. Not all cameras have a self-timer but you should definitely see if you have that function available. It takes a bit of planning (really not much at all once you get used to it) and trial and error and embracing what you get (even if it’s not what you might have originally envisioned in your head). I shoot in AV mode and set my ISO before taking a shot. I try to keep my ISO as low as I can – inside our house I average between 400 and 800 and sometimes significantly higher depending on the quality of the light.

Here’s some favorites from Tuesday:

week in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday
Iweek in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday
week in the life | tuesday

I didn’t have a chance to mess with the scanner today so I’ve just got another photo of my Daily Sheet. I’m writing less than I’d envisioned this year – but I’m okay with that – that’s the way it goes sometimes. I’m also fine with adding in some commentary when I bring the whole album together next week.


  • Today I found myself focusing on the comings and goings and the evening routine. When you doing this project don’t stress if you don’t capture the same thing everyday – it’s totally cool if you do (like you breakfast) but it’s also totally fine to just get a glimpse over the course of the week of the different parts of your life.
  • I love that I got two shots in Anna’s room today – one to begin the day and one to end the day.


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  • 1.
    dawn said…

    Love that first photo of you and Anna in her room. Love that your even wearing a towel wig (that’s what I call mine, haha). I forgot to mention how pretty you looked waking up yesterday in my comment as well. The one of you today on the floor is wonderful and fun too. You really have a knack for the self-portraits, maybe you could do a class about this and each day be from a different angle. I bet lots of people would love that class. The one of the kids heads and their movie from behind is so funny and perfect, I need to do that. Love that Chris woke up Simon, my hubby leaves way to early each morning so he misses this part of the day. Thanks for the reminder of the writing part of this project, as this was my second day too.

    I know your busy but just curious to know…

    1. does Anna ever try to pull the flowers/ lanterns down when she’s on her bed or playing in her room? They are so pretty to me but seem tempting to a little 2yr old.

    2. With this new house and big yard and garden, how do you find time to maintain it all. Do both you and Chris share this chore and does it make you wish it was smaller? Not sure what your yard was at the old house so just curious. I’m wishing our yard was smaller since most of the weekend is taken up by caring for our yard/garden.

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Morning Dawn – Anna does not try to pull on the things hanging above her bed. They’ve been there since she was an infant (above her crib in the old house) – maybe she’s so used to them being there that it’s not a big deal. I definitely don’t have enough time to maintain the garden – there’s a lot that I wish was happening out there that just keeps getting put off. We have someone that mows – Chris isn’t a fan of yard maintenance – and does additional jobs in the yard from time to time. Mostly it’s just me puttering when I have a chance. I like the size of it -

    • ….
      jodi said…

      Yes, I would like to know the answers to these questions as well! And I wish I had thought to do this project while I was on maternity leave still. It would have been a nice memory to have. (Just back to work this week and feeling sad).

      Also, I’d love to see more photos of your house! It’s beautiful.

    • ….
      dawn said…

      Thanks for answering my questions Ali, I appreciate it. Glad to see it’s not a problem for Anna and her pom poms and lanterns, they are beautiful. Sorry to hear you can’t get to your garden more often. My husband tries to do what he can but it takes a lot of time and if we don’t get rain then he has to water it every night for an hour also. The mowing can take almost 2 hours then theirs the trimming and other jobs to do. Just wondered how you guys were keeping up. I’m like Chris and don’t like yard work much either. Thanks again.

  • 2.
    Michelle said…

    Hi Ali

    I completely forgotten all about this – will it matter if I commence from a Thursday through to a Wednesday?

    Tx Michelle

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Not at all – you can begin anytime!

  • 3.
    Debby said…

    I love the opening shot of Anna’s room. I am also kind of starting to get worried I’ll be documenting the same things everyday, the tip you gave today will certainly be a helpful one.

  • 4.
    Kathleen Samuelson said…

    This is my first year trying this, and I wish I had done it when my kids were younger. I have a 14 year old and a 12 year old who are not as easy to capture candidly. Lots of surly looks. They are horrified when I pull out my camera at the orthodontist and the grocery store. I said to my son, “It would be less painful if you just let me take the picture.” He replied, “It would be less painful if you just stop taking pictures.” Ouch! Then last night, I had a an aha moment. Today, I am giving each child a fully charged point and shoot camera and telling them to start shooting. There is no rule that says this has to be only my project. I am excited to see their perspective. If that doesn’t work, I will resort to my plan B: I will pay cold, hard cash :) Now, I’m going to sneak in their rooms and take a picture of them sleeping. Ali, enjoy photographing your small people. I can’t wait to see how you do it in 2021 when they are teemagers.

    • ….
      Roberta said…

      Ahh…Cathy I so hear you on the kids being grown up…I missed most of the scrapbooking phenomenom for my kids…now 32 and 24 and I’m patiently awaiting grandbabies to capture all of this yummy toddler stuff. I also get the teenagers surley looks…been there and still get it from my grown children and their father…lol Yesterday though he really got into it and he actually grabbed my camera after I had set up a self-timed shot and snapped a couple of shots of me outside hanging towels…I was pleasantly surprised. By the end of the day he was fine with me setting up shots of us with the self-timer…we just don’t have enough photos of us together and NOW he’s getting inspired by that idea. I think your teens will take some amazing photos of their perspective of their lives and you will have some great photos for this album. Be sure to drop me an email with your links if you post any of your album. Fondly, Roberta

    • ….
      Christine said…

      Amen! My kids are older too so the experience is definately different. My kids are slowly accepting me in my role as a “mama paparazzi”. They are beginning to take photos as well.

    • ….
      dawn said…

      Roberta I had to laugh at what your son said, that is good and hope you write it down. It is so hard to get them to help out sometimes and just smile and get it over with. Love that you take pictures of them sleeping, I like that too. My kids do like to use their own cameras at time and have said no to public photos but I try to sneak them in.

  • 5.
    Denise said…

    I’ve been taking photos for years and I think I used my timer once. I really need to break the tripod out and start taking some photos of me. Years from now, no one will know who I was.

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Also don’t forget that you really don’t need the tripod to make these shots happen (sometimes that just becomes an extra “thing”). I set my camera on tables, on the floor, etc – any surface that can hold it.

  • 6.
    jennybean said…

    Yesterday ended up being so completely outside normal, I’m glad I caught it all, some of the pictures I never would have taken if it weren’t for this project!

  • 7.
    {vicki} said…

    Just wondering what the temp is there? (yall are all wearing long sleeves)
    It’s a scorching, Humid High 90′s here in Georgia!

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Yesterday it was maybe in the mid-60′s (maybe a bit warmer in the late afternoon).

  • 8.
    Linda said…

    OK, I have to start off by saying, you are GORGEOUS!! That photo of you sleeping yesterday and again the one of you lying on the floor (with Anna’s little feet poking in) are so lovely. You really are so beautiful (I think it’s always important to say that if you think it!)

    I lvoe these photos, I wish I’d set up to do WITL this week, I keep thinking about it. I may have to quickly gather some supplies and start in the next day or two.

    Inspiring as always Ali :) xxx

    • ….
      Ali said…

      That was really nice Linda – thank you.

  • 9.
    Roberta said…

    Ali…just luv Anna’s pink room and her decorations…especially the pom poms handing from the ceiling…such a better view to wake up too in lieu of my white ceiling fan! Something to think about for sure…hmmmm That is…how we do things like haning planes from the ceilings for our boys and puffs for the girls and as we become adults we get all practical…lol This is also my first time doing this WITL album and I’m loving it! Taking loads of photos and journaling lots and catching up at night when I sit down. Haven’t posted any photos yet but will today…had other blog posts to finish up before I could. Have a great day, fondly, Roberta

  • 10.
    Lynnette said…

    Awesome. So inspired by your photos! Thank you for posting info about how you shoot. I know my way around my camera pretty well, but it’s nice to know your settings because I always love the look you achieve with your photos. :) Haven’t played along since 2008 and so far I’m really enjoying the process. Thank you!

  • 11.

    ALI Finally getting the groove of this and had some really intuitive thoughts on my day to day process. Thanks for doing this and I know more “aahh moments” will appear. Anna’s pink girlie room is so cute and you can see in your photos how Simon and Anna are close…got to love it!!!!

    blessings & hugs

  • 12.
    Rommel said…

    Loved all the photos. I’m so glad to making this project, it’s great to think about our days and how we can journaling littles thoughts, littles actions and decisions, etc! Thanks, Ali!



  • 13.
    Amy Lynn said…

    ok…it’s day three and I’m hanging in there. It is a lot of fun, and now that I’m in my WITL “groove” I find myself picking up my camera all the time. I’ve taken like 250 pictures so far… My goal is to have enough to choose from like you suggested. The journaling part is harder for me, but I’m making as many notes as I can about the happenings of the day. My favorite part is jotting down the totally funny things my kids say everyday, so much of that usually gets lost after a day or two, but not this week! At 4 and 5, every minute of everyday is filled with odd facts, commentary, questions, funny jokes, misuse of sarcasm and tons of silliness and laughter. Plenty to journal about there :)

  • 14.
    Nicky H said…

    Ali, I have a quick thank you on my blog for you.
    Take care. :)

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Thank you – that was nice.

  • 15.
    Yam Esteban said…

    Love how it’s going! great project!

  • 16.
    Debbie S. said…

    I spy a cute haircut on Miss Anna! :)

    I was so going to do this, but now feeling overwhelmed so not. And this week is not very representative of our life in general…husband out on business, etc. Love the concept…going to keep following and hopefully do it in September on my own.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • 17.
    Tere said…

    Secret be told, I roll over and check my iPhone (google reader) to see if you’ve posted pics in bed in the wee-mornings. Thanks!! It inspires me to be more creative with my pics for the day to come. This morning was bedroom pic with my daughter with the self-timer, propped up on a chair with a suitcase.

    I find this WITL project to be more relaxing than the December Daily, knowing I only need to focus on the pictures and documenting words (with your worksheets) each day and not needing to stay up to “assemble” in an album. That stress will come next week :)

    Thanks for your continued inspiration!

  • 18.
    Mrs. V said…

    I absolutely LOVE Anna’s room – so cute!

  • 19.
    Dawn F. said…

    Thanks for posting observations the past 2 days. I realize there is no right or wrong way to approach this project but it’s nice to have the reinforcement. Thanks for sharing.

  • 20.
    Kris D said…

    I so enjoy seeing your pics (and everyone elses!) and I really love the IDEA of this project. My problem is that we are empty nesters so don’t have the luxury of little ones around us all the time to take pics of–and boy do I miss that gotta tell you!! So it seems so much more difficult to document when our days are pretty boring and routine…work, dinner, excercise, laptops on the couch in front of the t.v….us 50-somethings are boring!! How can I make this fun and still participate in week in the life? ideas?

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Hi Kris – here’s someone I know without kids who is participating: Scroll down on her blog to see her Monday and Tuesday photos. Her husband is currently away from home so it’s just her – her shots are creative, interesting, and really great looks at her everyday life.

      So much about this project is just looking at your life through the lens of your camera and celebrating what you see. You might not see any little kids (that’s sure what I see right now) – you see different things which are just as valuable and interesting because they are a part of your story.

      My perspective is that it’s the basic routines that most people find “boring” which are really the most beautiful. It is the way we spend our days…and it’s often the thing we long for most when it’s taken away for one reason or another. Use this as an opportunity to not take your everyday life for granted.

    • ….
      monica said…

      I’m glad Ali shared Elisa’s blog. I too feel trapped into boring photos at times. I work all day at home behind a desk and there’s only so many photos of that you can take. I do have a daughter but at 16 she’s rarely home or doesn’t always appreciate the camera in her face as much as she used to. It’s always really nice to see the different perspectives from those not at home with kids all day.

      Ali, as usual, your pics are very inspirational…and you are beautiful!

    • ….
      Kris D. said…

      Thanks Ali for the inspiring words and for the link–her pics have really given me some great ideas. My Canon Rebel has been far too under-used lately and I love it for taking shots like hers/yours. I’m thinking I just might be able to do this!! Really appreciate your thoughts–sometimes you just need a little nudge in the right direction…..Thanks!!

    • ….
      Colleen Ryan said…

      hi Kris D – I participated last year, when it was just my hubby and I, and our lives sound like they were much like yours are today – work, excercise, laptops, etc. I remember thinking I was taking the same old photos of mundane and ordinary day after day, but when it all came together it worked out perfectly. It showed exactly what our lives were like in those fleeting moments. You can see my finished album here:

      And of course, now that we’ve added a little one to our lives, I’m even more grateful to have what I thought was boring, as it’s a great reminder of how things change :)

      Snap the ordinary, the boring, the routine – as it never stays the same for long!

  • 21.
    Julia L. said…

    I did the project last year and I realized that around the house really not much changed. The backgrounds are always the same and not super fun. It really made me think about getting some things done (paint kitchen) and change some simplier things out. Like art and pillows, rugs. So this week – for AWIL – I will concentrate on photographing new “stuff” and take things outside, to not repeat the same or similar pictures again. What is in bloom on the patio, shot from my balcony, a shot of my iPhone showing the forecast. I also shoot in AV with a 1.8 portrait lens at 1.8/f. That makes for nice flower pictures with the background blurr and works well with food because you get nice pictures in low light without flash indoors. I also remember from last year to take some photos vertically and horizontally to have a choice when deciding what goes in the page protectors or what photo is showcased larger.

  • 22.
    Mandyb said…

    HAHA i wear my towel like that first shot ALL the time!!!
    everyone laughs at me!!!
    i dont care!!!
    haha now at least i can tell my scrappy friends YOU do it too!!
    love these shots…thanks for sharing

  • 23.
    Martha Thomas said…

    Great photos Ali! I audibly gasped when I saw the one of Anna outside on the steps….it is so GREEN there! I know y’alls weather is so different from ours here (central Texas), but wow…just seeing the green gave me hope for the fall and cooler weather ahead. Hopefully rain eventually. Thanks for sharing!

    • ….
      Ali said…

      It’s one of my most favorite things about living here :) .

  • 24.
    Libbi M. said…

    i am having so much fun with this project. i would like to use an online printing service for printing my pages. i am going to use your week in the life 2010 templates and your transitions paper collection. i have never ordered a digital page thru scrapbook and was wondering if i should check the box that says “auto correct” or “non auto correct?” wondering if you have any suggestions?

  • 25.
    Brooke said…

    I have found that once you start using your self timer you become an expert at finding places to put your camera to take the shot. How to make toddlers in the photo with you act natural though I haven’t mastered!! Loving following along with you this week Ali.

  • 26.
    Janet said…

    Great pictures, Ali…I’m a novice when it comes to taking photographs but I have a nice DSLR and wish I knew what you used to set up your shots (sort of a lower angle than eye level). As always, an inspiration!

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Do you mean you wish you knew the settings? I shoot in AV mode and often hold the camera at my waist or set it on something that is waist high. I also crouch down, sit down, or put the camera on the floor – it’s all part of the experimentation and the fun of seeing different things through the lens.

  • 27.
    telisj said…

    Just wanted to mention that my youngest of three, a 5 yo boy, has always loved my camera and taking pictures. He is really good and is the only one in our family of five to take photos of me! I want to take a pic of me everyday with this project and he reminded me this evening that he needed to take his ten pictures of the day with my p+s camera! Turning the camera over to the kids is a great WITL perspective too! Lovin’ this project!

    • ….
      Ali said…

      I just love that.

  • 28.
    Pamela B said…

    Hi Ali,

    I’ve been following your blog and projects for nearly 2 years now and I rarely comment. But I just HAVE TO today! I set up the self timer on my camera this evening when I put my little man to bed. Looking at the pictures as I upload them to the computer brings a little tear to my eyes and I just had to say THANK YOU! Ali, I completely treasure these photos and they would not have existed without your inspiration. Thank you so very very much :)

    Love Pam

    • ….
      Ali said…

      That is awesome.

  • 29.
    Diane said…

    Thanks for giving me some inspiration. I started taking a photo a day and boy it’s a challenge at times and other times I have to many to choose from. It’s those days when there is repetition that I want to change shots for a bit. I am planning on painting one of my girls rooms and have never seen such large pom poms. They look like floor blooms. I would love to know where they could be purchased. My daughter would love that in her room. Also the hair thing, I do that after showering and my 6 year old begs me to do her head. It’s not easy to do on a 6 year old. I falls off all the time. I should try doing it again and taking a photo. That would be a good shot!

  • 30.
    Sara S said…

    I am not able to do my week in the life this week but I’m taking notes for when I do it and I love the idea of starting and ending the day in a child’s room, I am writing that idea down!

  • 31.
    Laura said…

    I love the hopscotch rug in Anna’s room. And I totally empathize with the others who have kids that don’t cooperate with pictures. My 7 year old is already at that stage and its so frustrating the dumb looks and body posture I get sometimes. The youngest is 18 months and stops her activity when she sees me to say hello and find out what I’m doing. Sweet but it just means I need to be quicker or a little sneakier.

  • 32.

    I too really love what you said today reaffirming there is no RIGHT or WRONG way to do this. My mind gets so hyper focused on details that I lose sight of what it is this project is trying to help me achieve so thank you for the gentle reminder. This is my first attempt at WINL and its intense and I’m lovin the work.

  • 33.
    Epbysheila said…

    I love the lanterns above your daughters bed, I had some similar hanging in my daughters room. Although she just decided to take them down today. :( . Thank you so much for the daily inspiration for this project!

  • 34.
    Nan Robkin said…

    Well, it certainly is a week! I’ve been so busy living it, I haven’t had much time to record it, except to take pictures. I have more than 100 so far. And just enough time (and energy) to load them into my computer and take them off the camera so I would have a fresh start the next day. Today (the third day) I had a bit of time to catch up, so I wrote lots of notes about the other two days. Now to make notes for today! That will have to wait until tomorrow, though,because I just got through filing today’s pictures and I’m heading for bed!.

  • 35.
    Chelsea said…

    Loving this project so much Ali. This is my first year, I jumped in feet first as a VERY last minute decision, and it is definitely going to be an annual journey! Love all your photos too, I took a very similar photo of your self portrait on the floor, on my day 1. Funny!

  • 36.
    Maria said…

    For some reason my blog is not showing up in the links but here’s my Tuesday

  • 37.
    Sandra K. said…

    I’m a bit behind in placing the photo’s. Computerproblems. But they are solved. This is my first year WITL, but Í must tell you that is is hard work. I keep forgetting to take pictures.

  • 38.
    Heather H. said…

    Maybe someone has already asked this, so I apologize if that is the case…I’m wondering how you set up the shots you take of yourself. I presume you use the timer on your camera but how to you get it to focus where you want it while the subject (you) isn’t in front of the camera? Thank you!

  • 39.
    Dee Cummins said…

    great photos! I wish I had photos like yours from when I was Anna’s age -long, long ago!

  • 40.
    Noreen said…

    We gave our kids a camera when they were 8 or 10, and it was really interesting to see the world thru their eyes. I still have the photos.

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