At Our House | Halloween

simon's drawing

At our house one boy really wanted to create this drawing to hang on our front door to let everyone know there was a pirate here.

the kids

At our house the same group came together again this year, cousins, nieces, nephews, aunties, uncles, friends.

At our house we made this chili for the second year in a row and it was just as good as the first time.

80's Bridesmaid, Jack Sparrow & Bride of Frankenstein

the elephant trainer, elephant, & oscar


king & queen of hearts, clone trooper, and ladybug fairy

snow white & her leopards

At our house the adults get dressed up too. I was inspired by a costume I saw in Martha's special Halloween issue: Little Miss Monstrous (designed as a kids costume that I modified for an adult body).

best house on our block

At our house the best house on the block (at least what I saw in during my brief outing) was this real guy sitting holding a bowl of candy. He didn't try to scare the littlest kids but I bet he was a total hit with the older ones.

cousins + oscar the grouch

Dorothy on her way

At our house Dorothy lasted about 10 houses before deciding it was too cold.

At our house there's one kid who really loves the candy and one who could really care less. Can you guess?

candy givers

At our house Anna and Gabrielle ended up being the greeters, passing out candy to all who knocked on the front door (with support of course).

At our house we're thankful for the family that was able to travel to celebrate this fun, all-to-quick holiday together.

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