December Daily™ 2011 | Day Three

Welcome to December Daily™ 2011 | Day Three.

Remember back on my Hello December post I suggested not getting hung up on exactly what day something happened? Here's an example of that for me today. These photos are from the last couple of days. That's good enough for me!

Today it's all about the twinkle.

Let's take a closer look:

My Day Three ended up being a full page photo on the left and a photo and journaling on the right. All the photos I used to tell today's story were taken with my iPhone.

One of the biggest things I did for this spread was play with my Silhouette Cameo. Both the words above (bright and twinkle) were cut out using the Cameo which is an electronic die-cutting machine. It hooks up with your computer, you open some software, open a design (that you either create on your own or from their store or from a digital product), load some paper, and then click a button (essentially) that tells the machine to cut your design from cardstock (and other materials like vinyl).

That's a rough explanation, but you get the idea.

I've been wanting to play around with this more and I had some time to devote to it today and was super happy with how things turned out.

I ended up recording a video that shows how I opened up one of my digital word art files (from my new Christmas Preparations set) in the Silhouette software, traced it (so easy - click a button), and was then able to cut it out to use on my page.

My cut settings were this:

  • Media: Cardstock (I was using White Bazzil Orange Peel)

  • Speed: 3

  • Thickness: 33

  • Double Cut

NOTE : When I opened and traced the word "twinkle" I did need to clean it up a bit by removing two little areas. To do that I selected the word, went to Object/Release Compound Path. That allowed me to delete a couple extra shapes that appeared after the trace. When I was done deleting those two little areas I selected the word again and went to Object/Make Compound Path to connect it all together again.

When it comes out of the machine it looks like this. You can see where I started to peel up the word.

And here's what it looks like when it was completely removed from the backing:

I was really excited at this point.

I decided to do another word (twinkle) to add to the other image.

I could have easily just left these two words alone and stuck them down but I decided to play a bit more.

I laid each word down on a craft sheet, added Versamark embossing ink, poured on some Zing Brown Sugar embossing powder and then set it with a heat gun.


To adhere the words onto my photo I used a Martha Stewart Glue Pen.

You could also use a Xyron to add adhesive to the back (the Creatopia would be great for larger words). After I stuck the word down I put something a bit heavier, like a block stamp, on top to hold it down. And nope, I'm not left-handed - just wanted to show a photo holding the glue pen and was holding the camera in my right hand.

One thing I didn't want to deal with embossing was the dot for each of the "i" letters. Actually I tried and it just wasn't happening.

Instead I used two Studio Calico Crafty Cardstock Stickers. They are self-adhesive but I decided to pop them up a bit with 1/2 of a foam tab.

I added my journaling in the box below the image on the second page (writing directly onto the cardstock). That second page image is two photos that I brought together in photoshop that shows a before and after shot of the lights.

Here's a look at it in the album:

Bring on the twinkle!

I also wanted to let you know that I have four new products available at Designer Digitals this weekend (two are shown above): Outline Christmas, Christmas Preparations, Faithful Christmas, and Celebration Of Life (which was created to help people honor and tell stories of those who have passed). All new products are always on sale the weekend they debut.

Don't forget that Designer Digitals is also doing a Days Of December sale where a selection of a couple hundred random products are on sale each day. Check out what's on sale here.


Click on the images to link to the products.


Join Kristina Werner and Jennifer McGuire for stamping and cardmaking technique classes at Each class includes lifetime access to materials including numerous how-to videos and PDF downloads.  Get the most out of product you already have on hand by adding new techniques to your crafting arsenal!


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  1. Cindy Coutts

    2011-12-05 20:14:04 -0500

    I haven't scrapbooked, journaled, or done anything like that in decades, so I thought that I would try this out. Before I go into tears, I printed out the purchased downloads and am wondering if I have to cut every single one of them down to size? Photoshop? Forget it. I know nothing about that and desperately need a class. I can't even do a video tutorial less than a half hour! I'm just really a mess. So I guess the two most important questions to me are where to get the binders and page protectors that will fit this and I did see people use like a daily divider of sorts. Is there a size or download for that? Last, but not least, a 2011 front page would be nice. I did manage to fudge the 2010 one and had planned on modifying that. I bet everything would look so much better if I only knew how to use Photoshop but I guess I'll have to do it all the old fashioned way. Boy am I feeling very dumb! I'm sorry for all of the questions and hopefully an old dog can learn new tricks!

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  5. Katie {choc0holic}

    2011-12-31 14:07:05 -0500

    Oh Ali! Thank you SO much for sharing this tutorial on how to make your amazing brushes into cut files for my Silhouette! I am going to be very busy tracing the next few days!

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  7. Erin B

    2012-01-04 17:32:24 -0500

    Hi Ali,
    I love that your digital files can be cut with the silhouette. I tried to cut a banner and it cut the letters inside another oval that also cut out from the banner so I ended up with no words in the banner, just an oval. I followed along in the video - traced the shape with the "trace". Is there another step or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for the help - and thanks for making such awesome products and showing us how to use them!

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    2013-04-19 15:22:01 -0400

    Can you please tell me the font you used for the word 'bright'?

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  19. Karen

    2013-07-10 18:13:39 -0400

    Thanks Ali, this looks like such fun and I'd love to be able to do this! I recently purchased a Silhouette and was so looking forward to learning how to do things like this on it, but unfortunately, my machine refuses to "talk" to my computer! I've contacted the company and they tried to get it to work, but nothing they tried worked and they gave up on it and so I have a machine I can't use. So sad and disappointed in the Silhouette people!

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