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December 26, 2011

One Little Word 2012

Poster print via Poster Inspired.

My word for 2012 is up.

It came to me one day last month while I was working in the kitchen and the kids were watching the movie Up. My initial connection to the word stems from the part towards the end where the old man is looking at the scrapbook his wife made and a note she wrote to him at the end which says something along the lines of “Thanks for the adventure. Now go have a new one.” (Found the clip here.)

That’s the attitude I’d like to be working towards and embracing in 2012 – giving thanks for the things that were great about my marriage and then moving forward and welcoming whatever is coming next.

Up | ready, eager, open, awake, into a happy mood

There were so many words I could have chosen for what I want for myself in 2012. This one simply feels like a good starting place. I will also be carrying three of my past words close to my heart again in 2012: light, story, and peace.

Are you considering selecting a word for yourself (or letting one find you)? There’s no right or wrong. The main thing to remember is that this is your word. It’s not for your child, parent, partner, spouse, sister, etc.

And what do you do with this one little word?

You live with it. You invite it into you life. You let it speak to you. You might even follow where it leads. There are so many possibilities.

I’d love to read what word you’ve chosen or are considering for 2012. In the comments feel free to simply leave your word as your comment or write a bit about why you are choosing this word. In a couple days I’ll combine all the words into a single post – super inspiring to see all the words in one place.

In a couple of days I’ll post a compilation of the words as an inspirational reminder to us all.

If you’re new to the concept of One Little Word, you can read some of my previous posts here: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Above is an image of all my prompts from my album that I made for my One Little Word class at Big Picture in 2011.

Registration is open for 2012 and you’re invited to join the journey.

Each month you’ll receive a prompt with a simple creative, writing, or photography project and a gentle reminder to check back in with your word. By the end of the year you’ll have compiled the contents of an 8.5×11 album that documents, defines, celebrates and generally makes your word more visible. Workshop materials include printable elements, full-color PDF handouts, and video presentations.

People have been asking me if you have to be a scrapbooker for this class. My answer is no. Even though we are making an album it’s really more of a journaling/record keeping/thinking/exploring project. I’m excited to see how people interpret the prompts and make them meaningful for their own lives.

This is not complicated and it’s not time-consuming. It’s simply a way we can come together to share our experience with our words throughout the course of the year.

The One Little Word classroom opens on January 1, 2012.

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  • 1.
    Rebecca Lovell said…

    I have chosen the word “nourish” for my word next year. I want to try to focus on doing things that nourish myself or the world around me. To cut out the things that don’t nourish (junk food, wasted time, clutter), and focus on the things that do (good foods, creativity, reading). I want to focus on nourishing my children with good foods, and the attention they need. And I want to focus on spend some time working on nourishing people I don’t know, who need it. I’ve thought long and hard about this, and that is the word that really spoke to me.

    • ….
      Shelly said…

      i love this… beautiful… nourish just might be my word for 2012 as well. thanks for sharing.

    • ….
      Jennifer said…

      Nourish. That’s good.

    • ….
      Kristin said…

      that is a lovely word, nourish.

    • ….
      Tashia D said…

      I’m also using nourish! It has so many meanings for me and the coming year! I can’t wait to get started!

    • ….
      Jennifer Robinson said…

      oops, didn’t finish my reply. Wanted to share with you that the word “Nurture” kept coming to me yesterday, for so many reasons. Yet the word didn’t feel exactly right. I knew I was close…So I decided to read posts on OLW this morning, and yours with the word “Nourish” was the first of the posts! This word is EXACTLY what I need! Serendipity? Very amazing how this nurturing community of Ali’s blog, and your post, gave me just what I was looking for…Thank you! jennifer

    • ….
      Tya said…

      I really like ‘nourish’ I hadn’t picked my word yet, but upon seeing your comment it fits everything I’d like to do next year. THANK YOU for sharing your word and inspiring me at the same time! God Bless.

    • ….
      Blissmamaof3 said…

      That’s my word too! I second all of the avoe, we could all use a little nourish in 2012! Great choice!

  • 2.
    Armalite said…

    My word for 2012 will be: Moderation. I wrote a post about it: (it’s in french, though). And I wish you a very uplifting year. Love your positive attitude :-)

    • ….
      Tammie said…

      Great word Armalite…..moderation is something I ponder when I think about consuming food and spending money!

    • ….
      Cherry said…

      I think that would also suit me for 2012 – MODERATION :) Thanks for sharing!

    • ….
      Armalite said…

      Yes Tammie, that was exactly my point, to stop eating too much as it’s not healthy, and buying too much stuff I don’t really need or enjoy. Also, I want to work on moderating what I say, because I have a strong tendency to overreact and regret it later! I’m glad this word is inspirational to others, too :-)

  • 3.
    dawn said…


    I loved my words from this year, TIME AND ART and gave a lot of time to my art which has taken me in so many exciting directions this year. So happy that I jumped in and gave it a shot and now I find myself having to art journal or paint everyday. I even made gifts for family and friends for Christmas and everyone loved them.

    So for 2012 my word is BELIEVE, which I need to do more of for myself and my family. I want them to truly believe they can do anything and deserve to BELIEVE in themselves. While sharing my art journey on my blog and having FULL SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGEMENT FROM MY READERS made me realize that I need to finally BELIEVE in myself more and in my art projects. Needing to believe it’s ok to put me first sometimes instead of always being a mom and wife and me last.

    I’m also bringing back my word TIME and making better use of it and giving it more to my family and friends. I didn’t do this during the year as planned and really want to bring this up front and use it everyday for 2012.

    Thanks so much for sharing this idea and journey with us Ali, looking forward to seeing where your word takes you. It will be fun to see the big collage of words again this year, love love seeing all the inspiring words from your readers.

    Sending you hugs, prayers, good luck with your new word and for the New Year.

    • ….
      Cindy N said…

      Just had to respond to your comments. My OLW for this past year was also “time”, as I needed to learn to make time for myself again. As a mother of a special needs child that can often be difficult. I succeeded in carving out a very small niche for myself, and focused on an early morning workout that was not possible before.
      Now in looking forward to the next year I have also chosen “believe”, or should I say it chose me a month or so ago. Learning to believe in myself again, when it seems as though no one else does, is going to be a challenge. But I know that with reminders and focusing on my goal, I will be able to succeed and move forward to the next level of bettering myself.
      Good luck to you and your OLW in the New Year!

    • ….
      dawn said…

      I hope you see this, thank you for sharing your story with me. I love how you used the word time for yourself this year. It is hard being a mom and remembering that we need take care of ourselves. Early morning hours are the best. I feel the same way about my believe word too, I have others that believe in me but I still have doubts and want to work on that. My kids are going thru rough times and I want them to believe in themselves and what they can do.

      Good luck with your word and if you’d like to stay in touch and need a cheerleader for the new year, I could do that for you. Send me an email and let me know, would be great. Thanks again for sharing.

    • ….
      Traci Brookes said…

      Reconstruction – the word came to me as I was working on my Project Life album. I am behind and was working on the month of November, and as I was journaling, recording, and placing photos..the theme of Reconstruction jumped out at me. Then as I have sat and pondered all that has happened in my life, my family this past year..and my hopes, dreams for 2012 I really felt Reconstruction was the word…

  • 4.
    Armalite said…

    My word for 2012 will be: Moderation. I wrote a post about it last week: (it’s in french, though). And I wish you a very uplifting year. Love your positive attitude :-)

  • 5.
    Mary-Lou said…

    My Thought for 2012 is Scarcity & Sufficient, to reflect on what the scar and the scares of what I think I have scarcity in my life and where I really have sufficient. Wishing you much joy and wonderment in 2012.

  • 6.
    Ruth said…

    Last year my word was better and I found it so useful to have the monthly prompts. They helped to keep my word at the forefront of my mind.
    I asked my husband to choose our new word for 2012 last night and he picked ‘enjoy’ ~ not because he wants us to be frivolous with our lives, but because he wants us to grasp every opportunity, good or bad, that comes our way next year.
    Thank you, Ali, for a great great of inspiration and projects.

    • ….
      Ruth said…

      Sorry, that last line should read ‘a great year’!

  • 7.
    Celeste said…

    My word is gratitude!
    I really want to focus on the wonderful things that I do have! Being content with life!

    • ….
      Mrs. V said…

      Celeste, That is the word that I chose as well. It was funny because I noticed you had the same word and then I saw that your name is the same as my daughter’s.

    • ….
      Celeste said…

      I hope the word we have chosen will lead us to a more abundant life! Full of happiness, peace, and contentment!

    • ….
      Kara said…

      I love gratitude – it’s always such an important value to cultivate in our lives. I hope it brings you great joy this year.

    • ….
      jeanettesquiltin said…

      That is a great word to concentrate on gratitude for 2012. Looking forward to enjoying this class, thanks for the opportunity!

    • ….
      Celeste said…

      I really am looking forward to seeing life through this word!
      I wish everyone a wonderful journey with the word they have chosen!

  • 8.
    Alice said…

    Hi Ali. Thanks for sharing your word and being such an inspiration ! I love the graphic you chose to go with your word.
    One word came to me a few days ago, “Ose”/”Dare”, and i think it’s going to be my one little word this year. I think it fits perfectly with the work i’m doing on myself : trying to be more confident and proud of who i am and daring to be myself !
    I’d love to know a little more about the OWL class, i don’t know if you have reviews of people who have taken this class and can share a little bit about their experience. I’d really like my word to accompany me throughout 2012, and not just forget it as march passes ! LOL
    Thanks again for sharing your word with us.

    • ….
      Sue said…

      I took the class last year and it made all the difference with my OLW by keeping it in front of me and helping me to take action. I’m not a scrapbooker but tweaked the assignments to fit my photography and journaling. As I reviewed my OLW book thought out the year I could see my progress and when things would start to drag with it I’d pull out my book and remind myself through the assignments what my OLW was all about. I’ll be taking the class again this year. Through my OLW and photography and this class my life was truly changed this last year!

    • ….
      Paula G said…

      I took this class last year too and will be signing up again – still selecting between a few words that are calling out :)

      I haven’t kept up with the scrapbook, but I have journaled some each month and I have the photos/embellishments set aside that will soon complete my book. I love what my word, soul, did for me – it was a good year in some ways, heartbreaking and difficult in others, and I was “soul-centered” in ways I would not have been had I not read the monthly prompts. I also gained from the message boards.

      It’s really a lovely class that helps me grow. The needs of my kids and job are tremendous, logistically I am one of those folks who start at 6am and don’t stop with “must do’s” until around 11pm. Part is due to long commutes, part due to a management position that is more than 40 hours a week, and part due to having two kids on the spectrum and a “different” family dynamic (my mom lives with us.) SO…most of my “me” time apart from family is found either lunching occasionally with friends at work, or doing thing around the house – WII fit, scrapbooking, chores. Participating in One Little Word helps me see the good in everything as I soul-search – and there is good in it all. My word also helped me reach down deeper within my feelings and work on what needs to be changed or looked at differently.

      I think it’s well worth it!

    • ….
      Pidgen said…

      I took the OLW class for 2011 {I also had a word for 2010 before Ali had a class}, and I would definitely recommend it!! The prompts were awesome and Ali has always given 110% in all she does — it’s so worth it!! {She probably gives more than 110%! lol.}

  • 9.
    EE K said…

    Fantastic word and fantastic movie!

    I have chosen the word “less” for this year. I want to make an effort to acquire less stuff so I can have more.

    • ….
      Ginger said…

      “Less” is also my word. I am becoming a devout “less is more” believer. Less me will inspire some weight loss and improve my health; less possessions will lighten my load and enrich the lives of the recipients of donated goods; less want will curb greed; less need will help me live more simply; less negativity will allow me to see that I am truly blessed and share those blessings with the ones I love. My goal is to “live simply so that others may simply live.’

  • 10.
    Kristine S said…

    What a great word–and i love that part of the movie

  • 11.
    elinjanne said…

    This year my word has been Balance and I love what it has done for me. I have sat so many goals for myself in 2012 and my first plan was to go with the word Change. Now I think I will use Focus because I will need to focus to a achive my goals.
    Looking forward to “One Little Word 2012″.

    • ….
      kim said…

      My word for this coming year is BALANCE but my word for last year was FOCUS! good luck on your journey!

  • 12.
    Cathy S said…

    Mine just came to me last night, so this post is good timing: lighten.

    • ….
      Karen said…

      Lighten! I have been mulling over reduce. As in reduce my weight, reduce the clutter in my house, reduce the busyness of my days but wasn’t sure it was quite right. I think lighten might just be it. I can also lighten others burdens with my volunteer work. I can lighten myself, my home….I think I like it!! thanks!!!

    • ….
      Cathy S said…

      Karen – you expressed exactly what I was thinking about this word!

    • ….
      Cathy said…

      Well said ladies! I had a light bulb moment when I read these comments! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    • ….
      Nora said…

      Hi Cathy…
      I was also totally inspired by the word “lighten”. It was exactly the concept I had in mind over the last week, but hadn’t found the perfect word for. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  • 13.
    Luciana said…

    Love your word Ali! First I want to say that my one little word for 2011, “start”, when I needed to make myself start producing again after my baby was born, really worked for me! Now that I am active again, I feel I want to take one more step and not just start, but also plan carefully to reach my goals. So my word for 2012 is “planning”. Thanks for all the inspiration and motivation!

  • 14.
    emily said…


    • ….
      Nat Mardon said…

      ‘Thankful’ or ‘thanks’ will be my word too. I’m reading a great book by an incredible writer by the name of Ann Voskamp, and I want to encorporate a lot more ‘thankfulness’ into my home, my life, my heart. God is so good and He gives so many wonderful things and I want to really start to live and see these for what they are. Having a heart of thanksgiving will bless me and those around me in every other aspect of my life.

  • 15.
    Katie said…

    My word for 2012 will be “be” I want to practice being present for the little moments of life and being content with the person that I am It has a lot of applications for me, and I am excited to explore them all this year.

    • ….
      Kim said…

      My word is “Be”. Be happy with who I am, be involved in life, be kind to others, and be open to change!

  • 16.
    Peggy K said…

    Truth – That’s my OLW for 2012. And it chose me.

  • 17.
    cate said…

    sounds like a beautiful word for you, I can’t wait to see where the journey takes you in 2012.

    my word is DO – something that has been lacking in my life in recent years as I allowed myself to become complacent and lethargic. and I’ll be DOing your class again next year!

  • 18.
    Marcie said…

    Love that ‘up’ is your word for the year. Mine is actually ‘be brave’….to be my true and honest self every single day.

  • 19.
    Leslie said…

    My word for 2012 will be : Believe

    • ….
      dawn said…

      glad to see another BELIEVE in the list. good luck to both of us with our word.

  • 20.
    Theresa S. said…

    it’s not so little–but my word for 2012 is limitless. Tired of putting limits on myself and my life.

  • 21.
    Claire said…


  • 22.
    Sue said…

    My word for 2012 is Engage. Engage in living. Taking action and by it overcoming fear. Last year my word was Wholeness. I have truly found wholeness this last year through Ali’s OLW class and self-portraits. I have found me…who I am and through my OLW I have come to truly like everything about myself. For probably the first time in my life I can say I am truly happy with who I am.

    • ….
      Debbie in AZ said…

      My 2012 word will be EMBRACE. It will be another year of transition personally and professionally and I want to both embrace the uncertainty and embrace the new relationships, career, and personal growth that will be taking place. I’ll sign up for OLE again too. Great class for me!

    • ….
      Julie said…

      Engage – I really like that. I have found that I’m allowing myself to do more things by myself at home (both because of both finances and it’s too easy) and consequently I’m losing touch with those in-person relationships that e-mails and phone calls can’t replace. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • 23.
    Kara M. said…

    This was the first time I followed the OLW journey. My word for this year was create – and I certainly embraced it – I have blogged about that here:

    I’ve followed your journey this year Ali and I didn’t understand what you would say about the word choosing me until my word for 2012 chose me. The word is intention and I’ve already embraced it in big ways. I can’t wait to see what this word and I will do together in the new year.

  • 24.
    madeline St onge said…

    I have chosen the word “RELAX” for my word, “Calm,Tranquil,Placid, Peaceful” My husband always tells me I am to serious and need to relax a little so that is why my word picked me.

  • 25.
    Kristie said…

    My word for 2012 is IMPROVE. This will be my first OLW class and I’m looking forward to it helping me make my word front & center in my life. There are many areas where I feel my word can make an impact and I’m looking forward to it!

  • 26.
    Sharon F. CA said…

    My 2012 word is “Enough” as in the phrase/mantra “I am enough” i have experienced a profound sense of personal understanding recently – brought on by multiple losses over the last few years. My words have helped me immensely. Enough chose me. I know i am in the middle of growth and this is a critical piece for me to understand and embrace. My previous words Strength, Fit, Dynamic and Grace have been building blocks to now and will remain in my heart.

    • ….
      Sarah said…

      It’s a beautiful word! I thought of this reading as soon as I saw it:

    • ….
      Sue B said…

      I haven’t settled 100% but I think my word will also be “ENOUGH”.
      My Mantra has been “I AM ENOUGH” for a while now. My reason for this is that I have struggled with being enough for many years. I want to accept myself and being enough, not needing more stuff (I have enough), Enough is Enough (move on), and so much more.

      Thank you Sarah. I really appreciate the information about Bob Perkins. It really struck a note with me.

    • ….
      Queen Mary said…

      Oooo Sharon, my word is Enough too! I hope we can share the breadth of enough!

    • ….
      Queen Mary said…

      and Sue B, should you decide. Last year my word was courage. I have been slowly and painfully recovering from “severe and chronic depression” — who knew? Courage was the right word for me. This year enough chose me too — being enough, having enough, recognizing when enough’s enough.

  • 27.
    Sharyn said…

    Ali, thoroughly enjoyed the class in 2011 and am doing it again in 2012. My word this year was Balance and it was so great I was going to use it again this year. But my new word chose me – it is MOVE.

    • ….
      Meredith R said…

      I have also selected “MOVE” this year. We will be physically moving to a new place this year and I also want it to be a mantra to move more for health reasons…I also hope to use the word to encourage me out of the inertia in many other aspects of my life. Can’t wait to get started.

    • ….
      nancy said…

      I picked move as well!

    • ….
      kristiwl said…

      My word for 2012 is MOVE: move more — make time to exercise on a regular basis despite my job and family demands. I am hoping that this will help me stay motivated to reaching my getting fit goal.

  • 28.
    Linda said…

    This is the 3rd year that I’ve chosen a word and for 2012, my word is going to be “OPEN”. I’m excited about the possibilities that await!

    • ….
      Tonya said…

      Great word! “Open” kept popping up in my life last week so I guess it’s meant to be. Open to possibilities, open to potential…Good Luck!

    • ….
      Colleen Ryan said…

      Open was my word for last year – I really enjoyed the monthly OLW prompts in Ali’s class for keeping it in the forefront. Enjoy the year!

  • 29.
    allyson said…


    • ….
      GA Storyteller said…

      My word is going to be stronger. I want to grow stronger in my faith, stronger in my relationships, stronger in health and fitness, and stronger in my finances.

  • 30.
    Marsaille said…

    *Joy* was all around me one day. A bud vase I saw said “choose Joy”, and then my tea tag said “cup of joy”… it was obvious at that point.

    My Mom won’t likely post here, but is doing the class with us. Her word is *Serenity*.

  • 31.
    Tammie said…

    SIMPLE…..hoping to simplify my life even more in 2012 in hopes of focusing more on what is important. Too much clutter blurs my vision. I want to start with simplifying my craftroom (I have too much stuff) and move on to simlifying our home.

    • ….
      Daphne said…

      Ali and Tammie:

      My 2012 One Little Word is: Simplicity

      Definition of SIMPLICITY

      1: the state of being simple, uncomplicated, or uncompounded

      2 a: lack of subtlety or penetration : innocence, naiveté b: folly, silliness

      3: freedom from pretense or guile : candor

      4 a: directness of expression : clarity b: restraint in ornamentation : austerity

    • ….
      birgit said…

      My word for 2012 SIMPLIFY – I saw a quote on Becky Higgins blog and it stayed with me: “The average woman today, I believe, would do well to appraise her interests, evaluate the activities in which she is engaged, and then take steps to SIMPLIFY HER LIFE, putting things of first importance first, placing emphasis where the rewards will be greatest and most enduring, and ridding herself of the less rewarding activities. – Bell S. Spafford” My word for 2011 was focus and it helped me to focus on my family and a more healthy life style. This year I want to simplify and concentrate on cutting out all the unnecessary stuff which is cluttering my life, home and keeps me from breathing and being more productive.

    • ….
      Stephanie said…

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I, too, am going with the “get organized” theme. I have narrowed down my OLW to release, free, clear or simplify. :-) Looking forward to my very first OLW experience!!

  • 32.
    Kathy in Quebec said…

    Breathe in and out when I run, and empty my mind.
    Breathe slowly when students need me to be calm.
    Breathe in the small of my children’s hair, the smell of the woods early in the day.
    Breathe in and out to let go of the grief of my mother’s passing.
    Breathe to slow my pounding heart when I worry that I all have now is to good to be true, and won’t last.
    It won’t, of course, but it is mine for now.

    • ….
      Leslie said…

      WOW!! I love what you said about your word BREATHE. It is amazing what power one little word has. I also lost my mother and there are times when the only thing that you can do is just BREATHE. Then there are times when that is even difficult. I hope you have a better year in 2012. :-)

  • 33.
    Jacky said…


  • 34.
    Katrina said…

    my OLW came to me about a month ago – shift.

  • 35.
    Sandi Pressley said…

    I love your word Ali and that movie always makes me cry. My word for this year is “positive”. I want to focus on the positive in my life and influence those around me to look at things in a more positive way.

  • 36.
    Rebecca said…

    My word for 2012 is JOY.

    This past year, 2011, has been an intense and tough year in many respects and I am ready to lighten things up a bit. I think that I often take things too seriously and I have a habit of putting off opportunities for experiencing joy until I feel I have earned it.

    Because I am not likely to choose Joy over more serious pursuits, JOY has chosen me. I can’t wait to see what this shift in perspective might lead to in the upcoming year.

    • ….
      Sharon said…

      Joy seems have chosen me too. As I read your post, it sounded a lot like my own life. Hopefully we both can learn to lighten up and seek more joy in our lives.

  • 37.
    Elizabeth V. said…

    SAVOR…I want to savor the precious moments I have with family and friends. I have really been struck this year by how much is missed because we are always rushing to the “next thing.” The next thing is no better than the thing at hand but in the rushing and seeking, the present is lost. The moments and opportunities with those I cherish are so precious and are definitely worth savoring!

    • ….
      Karen said…

      Savor! Love it! Can I have 2 words? :) perhaps I will save it for next year!! Thanks for the inspiration and good luck to you!

    • ….
      Rachelle I. said…

      Awesome one word- Savor. Your reason is even more on point with what I want my new year to look like. Thanks for sharing.

  • 38.
    Neelu said…

    mine is ‘perseverance’

  • 39.
    J Allen said…

    My one word for 2012 is Believe! The word found me a couple of months ago, first while reading, then a sign I was given, then while shopping with my Sister, it was everywhere! I have submitted to Believe…… myself and all I can bring to the world around me in 2012!

    • ….
      dawn said…

      I picked this word too, good luck to both of us.

    • ….
      Ruth said…

      My OLW is also believe. I wasn’t sure what it should be and then it just whispered to me. A day or to later I received a couple of mailing with BELIEVE as the motto. Seemed like a confirmation. And it keeps popping up in other areas of my life too. Here’s to BELIEVE.

  • 40.
    Tina J. said…

    Totally agree with Rebecca’s comment!!! My word is JOY. The last two years has been full of unpleasant health issues for my Mom, my husband and me. We’ve spent a fortune at hospitals and days at doctors’ offices and now we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, with all three of us feeling much better!
    My word is JOY because that’s what I want, it’s what I need, it’s what I deserve!
    Can’t wait to get started!
    I’ve registered for the class already, but I was thinking of making One Little Word part of my Project Life book… Any opinion? do you think that would work well?

    • ….
      Johanna said…

      Tina, I think that sounds like a great idea! You could mix in your prompts throughout the months, splitting them up or adding in a seperate spread, or maybe have one spot every two weeks or so set aside to reflect on your word. Good luck to all of us!

  • 41.
    Susan Anderson said…

    Emerge is my word for 2012. The past year or so has been challenging. I am now ready to “emerge” from that time. Can’t wait to see what emerge brings to my life. Loved your class last year so signed up for it again…

  • 42.
    Jenny Meyerson said…

    Intentional. I want to live with intention. Life is short and yet, has so much to offer. I wrote about it here –

    And I think your choice is perfect. What a blessing and a gift to look for the good in your marriage.

  • 43.
    Lynn Wigren said…

    The word JOY chose me a few months ago. It was showing up everywhere as I was struggling with other issues. I think it picked me so that I can be more open to find joy in more places even while other parts of my life might not be where I would like it to be.
    I love your word Ali! That part of the movie UP was my very favorite part. It made me a little teary even. Looking forward to sharing our journeys in 2012!

  • 44.
    Jena said…

    I am retiring my word of the last 2 years, but will keep it close as it has done so much for me. That word was FAITH. The new word is BATHROOM. We have a bathroom remodel project that we just can’t seem to get going and I want to get it done in 2012.

    • ….
      Queen Mary said…

      Jena, I’m going to love watching your journey!

  • 45.
    sherry said…


    • ….
      Jen said…

      YES!! deserving! i was looking for a word to express the path i am on – one of loving and accepting myself completely. at first i tried on the word acceptance, but i wanted a richer, deeper, more active word. in reading here, i found the word BELIEVE. yes, that’s my word. and a big part of that is believing that i deserve my love (and lots of other stuff). enjoy your word.

    • ….
      Ann said…

      I love this! This word is full of gratitude and self-loving. :)

  • 46.
    Darla said…

    For 2012 the word that is speaking to me is GRAVITY. I can’t let go of last year’s word balance, but I am excited about where gravity will take me. Thank you Ali for sharing your talents with us.

  • 47.
    Michelle said…

    My word for 2012 is “focus.” I have enjoyed doing OLW this year and am looking for to repeating the experience.

  • 48.
    Steph said…

    From the book titled “10 Mindful Minutes” by Goldie Hawn, I’ve chosen the word Mindful. Mindful of my attitude, mindful of my blessings, mindful of letting anger control my words, mindful of my faith, mindful of my reactions to things I can’t control.

    I’m really looking forward to a New Year! 2011 will likely be remembered for more bad than good; I will be mindful to do what I can to make this year different!

    • ….
      DawnParker said…

      Great word. So much of what you said applies to me also. I am going to check out the book. I also read about being mindful in anything you are doing. Just put your focus on that one thing at that time and don’t think or do anything else at the same time. :)

    • ….
      Megan said…

      I also am considering MINDFUL as my word, also from my recent reading list. I am reading Buddism for Mothers by Sarah Napthali. I have a two year old and a 6 month old and this word works for me as a focus on what important rolemedel I want to be for my girls. Last year while pregnant I chose MOMENT and loved that word as a reminder to live in the moment and enjoy the quickly passing moments of a tiny baby at home. Ali, thank you for OLW inspiration, book suggestions, and being such an honest, inspiring person.

    • ….
      JoAnn H. said…

      I, too, have chosen mindful after narrowing down my list. I tend to be a “busy-body” about life and find myself thinking about the next thing while I’m doing the first thing. I guess that’s how busy moms are but I hope to be mindful of my actions, faith, family and all areas of my life. This is my first year doing OLW and I’m really excited about it.

    • ….
      Jen Cox said…

      This is my 5th year with OLW. I chose Mindful. Thank you for the inspiration. Also checking out the books you have mentioned. I’ve neglected my marriage lately (2 kids, job, etc) and really want to be mindful of that relationship as well as other things in my life.

  • 49.
    Jill Z McBride said…

    I think my word for 2012 will be OPEN. Last year my word was JOY and I really enjoyed the class. Looking forward to doing it again.

    • ….
      EmmaJ said…

      Jill, that is a great word! Good luck with your journey this year.

  • 50.
    Marisol said…

    My word is pray.
    My family will continue to experience many changes in 2012 and I want to remind myself that there is so much power in prayer.

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