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Anyone want to join me in documenting a day in your life this week?

As I was sitting with Simon at breakfast this morning I was thinking that it's been awhile since I did a full day of documentation. I'm planning to do it this Wednesday, February 8th.

If you'd like to join in all you need to do is wake up on Wednesday (or any day this week) with a commitment to writing down and photographing the course of your day.

To simplify the process you can download my set of my printable Daily Sheets and use whichever day you plan to document.

You can blog about your day, create a layout, add it to your Project Life, etc. I'm thinking I might just include an extra page or two in Project Life.

I'll share my experience, and include a place for you to link to yours, later this week.


I also wanted to announce that I'll be doing the Week In The Life project again this year from April 23rd through April 29th.

You can take a look at past Week In The Life projects here. More details to come.

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  1. Jaime

    2012-02-07 00:00:11 -0500

    I'm in!

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  2. Jacqui

    2012-02-07 03:28:09 -0500

    I'm in! Printing my daily sheet and read to go

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  3. Sandra

    2012-02-07 04:32:16 -0500

    Well i am going to give it a try tomorrow.

    Sandra :)

    * edited 08/11/14 07:37AM
  4. Anna

    2012-02-07 04:45:38 -0500

    Good choice of day, Ali! Since it's my birthday...! :-)

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  5. Esther

    2012-02-07 06:18:46 -0500

    Ha, that's funny!
    I'm currently in the process of scrapping a whole day of pictures I took in 2006 and was thinking of doing the same again soon.
    So, I'm in, A Day In The Life 2012 it is!! And somehow this is exactly how I called my album, haha!
    Here's a link to the layouts, the papers and inspiration are from Paislee Press:
    I made templates for fast scrapping. :)

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  6. Amy Lynn

    2012-02-07 13:27:53 -0500

    Count me in...I'm ready! I think I'll pick...hmmm...Friday! Thanks for this mid-February kick in the Doing WITL or even just for a day like your doing this week, always helps me "re-focus" on what's really important in my life. It's been a tough week already and it's only Tuesday, this is definately a much appreciated distraction.

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  7. Carol

    2012-02-07 17:05:49 -0500

    I like the idea. Couldn't get the sheets to print. :(

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  8. Cynthia

    2012-02-07 17:33:41 -0500

    I've been thinking about this all day and I've decided to go for it, so count me in too! I think instead of photos, I'll use ephemera from the day--receipts, newspaper headlines, junk mail bits, the finished crossword puzzle, bird feathers, leaves...whatever my day entails. I think it will stretch my creativity to find ways to document ordinary events throughout the day. Thanks, Ali!

    * edited 08/11/14 07:37AM
  9. Coleen

    2012-02-07 17:38:03 -0500

    I'm in. Thanks for the download.

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  10. Kimberlee

    2012-02-07 18:44:56 -0500

    Sounds like a good idea to me. :D

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  11. Carmen

    2012-02-07 20:23:57 -0500

    I think I WILL do tomorrow. It's my 43rd birthday!

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  12. Kimberly White

    2012-02-07 21:09:52 -0500

    The daily sheets are brilliant!!!! Thank you Ali!

    * edited 08/11/14 07:37AM
  13. Leslie

    2012-02-07 21:26:18 -0500

    This sounds fun!!! I'm going to join you tomorrow. Thanks for the idea!!! Trying to make a conscious effort to start documenting the everyday!!! :-)

    * edited 08/11/14 07:37AM
  14. Candace Lawlor

    2012-02-07 21:32:48 -0500

    Definitely in! Fun, fun, fun. I'll just have to refer to your sheets though, since my stinkin' printer just broke. Still fun, fun, fun. Thanks for the inspiration!

    * edited 08/11/14 07:37AM
  15. Caroll B

    2012-02-07 21:45:41 -0500

    I'm game! Got a HUGE meeting tomorrow but I'll shock tgem all by whipping out the iPhone and documenting!

    * edited 08/11/14 07:37AM
  16. EOT

    2012-02-08 00:07:08 -0500

    It is late & I found you. Fascinating! I am so swamped at work, up too late tonight, but I will want to remember this one day. So I will take my camera & your time line sheets for tomorrow. No missed opportunity & I believe this is a good one. Thank you!

    * edited 08/11/14 07:37AM
  17. Jaki

    2012-02-08 01:14:29 -0500

    I hadn't intended playing along but woke up this morning and decided to just do it!!
    It is 4pm Wednesday here in Australia and I have taken lots of everyday photos today!
    Thanks for the inspiration Ali, I will certainly be playing along in April too :)

    * edited 08/11/14 07:37AM
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  20. jeni

    2012-02-12 08:41:57 -0500

    I plan to do this sometime this year but I'd just feel even more weird taking a camera to work...

    * edited 08/11/14 07:37AM
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  22. arlene david

    2012-02-19 02:43:23 -0500

    i am interested to join april week in the life....please notify me thanks so much

    * edited 08/11/14 07:37AM
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