Week In The Life 2012 | April 23-29

Happy Monday! I'm officially on Spring Break this week and as a special treat for you guys I've got a great collection of guest posts coming your way. First up today over on the Project blog is Kolette Hall.

Before I get down to the business of spring vacation I wanted to put up a quick reminder about the Week In The Life project and dates for 2012. Mark your calendar for April 23rd through April 29th.

I've been thinking a bunch about this project and going back and forth about it the last few weeks. Do I really need to do this? Do I have the time and the energy? Is this content already covered in Project Life? And then yesterday, as I looked back through my previous albums (all the way back to 2005), it was obvious to me that I will be doing this project again.

It's a lot of work. Think Project Life on steroids in terms of the details and the photos and the commitment of time.

And that is precisely why I love it and precisely why I will be doing it again.

These albums are amazing looks at our lives over the course of one week each year. They are in-depth. They document so much of the basic pieces of our existence. They show me so many things to be thankful for in my life yesterday and today. So I'm going to do it again and you can consider yourself invited.

Here's a few things I know to be true:

I've always loved the community that has risen up around this project each year and I hope you'll choose to participate in some form. I've also always loved the creative energy that comes from seeing how people interpret the project and make it work in their own lives.

Interested in learning more or seeing what past year's albums have looked like? Check out my complete Week In The Life compilation page here.

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