31 Things Begins Next Week

My new 4-week workshop, 31 Things, begins next Thursday at Big Picture Classes.

Here's a few more details about this class for those of you that might be thinking about signing up (or for those of you who are reading about it for the first time today):

This is not a class where you'll be documenting what you do each day for 31 days.

This is a class where you are invited, via daily prompts, to tell 31 stories from your life. Some people will tell stories from today. Some will tell stories from the past. And some will tell stories that combine the two together. Some stories will be serious. Some will be silly. Some might will be hard and others easy.

This is a class that will stretch your writing muscles and encourage you to tell your stories in more detail and depth.

This is a class that focuses on topics/themes you might dismiss when you are thinking about which stories to scrapbook/write about your life. Examples of some of the topics/themes include jewelry, technology, listen, shoes, carry, spirit, outside, covet.

This is a class that would be appropriate for anyone who is interested in writing stories about their life, even if you don't consider yourself a scrapbooker.

This is a class for every kind of memory keeper (paper, digital, art journalers, writers, bloggers, etc because it's really all about the writing).

Class begins on Thursday, May 17th and runs through June 16th. All the daily emails will be archived in the classroom at Big Picture - there will also be a message board and gallery for sharing your work and being a part of the class community.

As with all Big Picture workshops you have complete access to the classroom and the archives after the live class is over.

When you sign up there's a video waiting for you with more details along with layered templates for Photoshop users and Word journaling templates for those that might not use Photoshop.

Registration closes May 23.

You're invited. Learn more and sign up here.

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