Gotta love these.

One from Anna (with a little help from her teacher at school) and one from Simon (with a little help from Chris on how to spell "appreciate"). Both totally loved.

Had a really nice Mother's Day. A little time to read the paper, a little time to chat with my Mom (she was here with me on Friday night and we got to go to dinner), a little time to work on my computer, a little time to run an errand to Target, a little time to play at the pool with the kids in the late afternoon (the weather was awesome - in the 80's), a little time in the yard, a little time for popcorn (always time for popcorn).

In case you can't read the photo, here's what each note says:

FROM ANNA | Dear Mommy, I like to eat popcorn with you and go to Target and go on the swings. Thank you for watching unicorns with me and hugging me. I love you! Happy Mother's Day!

FROM SIMON | Thank you for helping me around the neighborhood and the town. I really appreciate you. Love Simon. PS. I like to snuggle with you.

Man I love those two.

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