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  1. rossana

    2012-08-06 07:39:44 -0400

    I'm very curious to discover how you'll use it!!

  2. HeidiY

    2012-08-06 09:07:34 -0400

    Me too!! I was wondering which design looks most interesting to you, Ali... tell, tell ;)

  3. Eva

    2012-08-06 09:26:21 -0400

    I'm so happy about the 5x7 vertical! Yippee!!

  4. Suz

    2012-08-06 10:34:00 -0400

    Excited about these too! Just had mine delivered last week! :)

  5. Flo

    2012-08-06 11:09:07 -0400

    I just got all of those last week. I can't wait to start using them.

  6. Jennifer L.

    2012-08-06 12:23:37 -0400

    Thank goodness for these!! I have been trying to think of all kinds of ways to display my odd pieces of everyday life...finally, my answer! Thanks so much Ali!

  7. Tracy

    2012-08-06 14:55:52 -0400

    Just got mine in the mail!! So excited to start using them!!

  8. Christine

    2012-08-06 18:52:21 -0400

    i'm also curious to know which ones you'll be using, Ali :)

  9. Karen Hamad

    2012-08-06 19:11:14 -0400

    Got em all and I am so excited!

  10. Kimmie

    2012-08-06 22:25:55 -0400

    I just received mine today! Yay!! :)

  11. Marie-Pierre

    2012-08-07 14:10:52 -0400

    THAT IS AWESOME!!! I'm always looking from protectors of those sizes at my local scrapbook store and they never have anything! I'll sure buy a huge amount of those. :)

  12. Ann6

    2012-08-10 08:14:58 -0400

    Great stuff Ali, thank you for the explanation.
    Do you have any particular posting on how to organize all supplies for project life in particular or in a bigger scale for how you organize your studio lately?


  13. Barbara I.

    2012-09-26 07:21:51 -0400

    Becky, on the Amazon site, you received some bad reviews on some of the multi-size protectors. Most complaints were that the pockets were not sized correctly. You need to check into this as I doubt I would buy any of them now.

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