The Weekend Lens

FRIDAY NIGHT | Dinner at a farm that's been in a family for over 170 years.

SATURDAY NIGHT | A trial run of watching a movie out in our backyard (part of my summer manifesto). Of course we started with The Princess Bride. We've got a few people coming over tonight for a little get-together and most likely the move we're showing will be The Goonies.

Katie picked up this screen at Goodwill last summer for a couple dollars. We keep saying we're going to do this and finally made it happen.

I have a small projector I've used for teaching classes in the past (Optoma PK301+ Pico Pocket Projector) that I connected to my laptop. It worked awesome except I found that I definitely need some way to magnify the sound if there will be more than just the three of us watching. I'd asked on Twitter about portable speakers for my iphone last week and the overwhelming favorite was the Jawbone Jambox. I picked one of those up on Sunday afternoon and will test it out tonight.

I also saw a really fun post from Oh Happy Day about food for an outdoor movie night - super cute ideas.

While they were waiting for the movie (we could start it around 8:45pm) they played on the ipad.

It was HOT here this last weekend - hitting 100. It usually happens a couple times a summer and when it does it's really, really hot.

We ended up spending time inside hanging out since it was just so hot outside.

George, who has become an inside/outside cat, decided to stay out all Saturday night. This is what he looked like most of Sunday - totally sacked out in Lily's dog bed.

The kids go back to school in a month so I'm really savoring all that summer has to offer around here. Looking forward to spending time with my family this week.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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