Thanksgiving Minibook | Looking Back At 2007

In cleaning up my office this past week we came across this mini-book from Thanksgiving 2007.

It was included in my book Sharing Your Story: Recording Life's Moments in Mini Albums, available here.

It's a 6x6 chipboard book that very simply celebrates the story of our week-long Thanksgiving Holiday.

Words + photos. Love. So fun to look back on a book like this. It feels like I was just there and so long ago - all in the same breath.

I used a variety of photos to document both the small and the big events over the course of the week; words fill in a bit more of the details. Love filling up the pages with photos.

This is Simon's favorite sort of book because he loves to identify the people and talk about his memories.

Simon was so darn cute (still is of course).

With these types of chipboard books, I often print my photos a bit larger that the page in the book, trim the photo down and adhere, then turn the page over on my scrapbook table and use the craft knife to remove the excess.

For the cover, I used this turkey art project Simon made in School. To adhere, I used ModPodge and then sealed it by applying more with a paint brush over the top.

The album I used is from Cloud 9 Design which is no longer available, but here is one from Maya Road that is is similar.

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with joyful memories.

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  1. ericfuentes


    Nice job. I can see making these as gifts for friends who invite me to their gatherings. Wrote that you adhered the cover art using ModPodge, I didn't find anywhere how you adhered the photos to the chipboard book pages. Can I assume you used modpodge as well?

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