Day In The Life 2013 | January (+ Video Tutorial For Working With Layered Templates)

Last week I embarked on a new project for 2013. I'm planning to do a Day In The Life the last day (or so) of each month and add the content to Project Life. You can check out that original post here.

Documenting a single day is a pretty cool process. I've done Week In The Life for a number of years now where I do seven days of documentation just like I did last Thursday. It's a consuming but super rewarding project that I'll repeat again this year in the fall. I like seeing how I go about my day - it adds another level of awareness to how I'm living life right now.

A couple reflections from my experience this time:

  1. I always, always, always have more documentation in the morning vs. the evening.

  2. I didn't take enough photos. Well, I took enough to use for the template (and really, that's enough) - I guess what I had hoped for were a couple "money" shots that became automatic favorites. My goal for February Day In The Life is to take more photos. I took about 15 photos.

Here's a look at how I brought the photos and the words together using the Day In The Life 6x12 Layered Template Set and Day In The Life 6x12 Photo Collage Layered Templates:

Pardon the lines on the printed pages. It's time to refill an ink cartridge but I wanted to get this up today. I'll be re-printing it again.

Here's a video tutorial showing how I worked with these two layered template sets in Photoshop Elements.

AE | Day In The Life Layered Template Tutorial from Ali Edwards on Vimeo.

After setting these pages up in Photoshop I printed them here in my home office using an Epson R2000 printer on 13x19 photo paper.

This insert is going into my Project Life album (Week Five - I'll be sharing that soon as it's not quite done yet) using a 6x12 page protector.

I also took the Daily Sheet I used for writing down the happenings and folded it in half and slipped it in between the printed pages in the 6x12 page protector.

A couple other ideas to consider:

  • Cut the template in half and use it as two, 6x6 pages. These could also be added to Project Life or could be used in a smaller album.

  • Bring the 2, 6x12 pages together for a single 12x12 layout. This could be done in Photoshop by adjusting the canvas size or you could print them out and adhere them to a sheet of 12x12 cardstock.

Here's a closer look at each page:

    NEXT MONTH | I'll be doing February on the 27th or 28th and will post a reminder a week before.


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