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February 14, 2013

Special Weekday Giveaway | Project Life Core Kits

GIVEAWAY | One (1) person will receive the Olive Edition Core Kit (designed by Heather Bailey), Binder, and a Big Pack of Photo Pocket Pages From Becky Higgins – everything you need to complete an album!

ABOUT | Project Life is a system created by Becky Higgins that is designed to simplify your efforts to document life + help you get your photos into a book. For more information visit You can also check out all my Project Life archives here or take a peek at how Katie’s using it here.

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In addition to the Olive giveaway we also have a Seafoam Core Kit. Big thanks to Deborah Hom who donated it for this giveaway (it has been opened, but not used – she just chose to go with a different style.) Thanks Deborah! (US residents only for this giveaway)

TO BE ENTERED into this giveaway please leave a comment below (if you are reading this post on Facebook please come to my blog to leave a comment). Comments will be closed at 8pm Pacific Sunday evening with the winners posted shortly after. Please be sure to check back or subscribe (click here to get posts delivered to your email box) to see if you are receiving one of the items.


  • 51.
    Lisa said…

    OOOOH!Pick me! I love PROJECT LIFE! Thank you!

  • 52.
    Narelle said…

    woohoo thanks becky!!

  • 53.
    Georgia D. said…

    OH my goodness. How awesome!! This is beautiful!!! Thank you for a chance to win.

  • 54.
    Julie said…

    C’est parfait pour la creativite.
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  • 55.
    Laraine said…

    Awesome giveaway, I only have the digital version. Thank you for the chance to win

  • 56.
    Luciana said…

    Wow, I would love that! Thanks for the chance!

  • 57.
    Cindy said…

    Waw I would be glad to win this giveaway! Thanks!

  • 58.
    Heather B. said…

    Great giveaway!! I loved seeing the olive edition used with heritage photos… that post made me think I need to get the olive edition too!!

  • 59.
    Tina said…

    incentive to start project life! :)

  • 60.
    Dawn Ritchie said…

    Count me in, please!

  • 61.
    Gabriella Jozsa said…

    Thanks for the chance ! It would be great to have one of these! I would re-start with PL immediately, for sure !!

  • 62.
    Sandy B. said…

    Your giveaways are the best. Happy Valentine’s!

  • 63.
    orange gearle said…

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 64.
    Laura Moegenburg said…

    Would love to win – I am already using the seafoam kit but I have a great friend who could use it! Thank you.

  • 65.
    Rachel Z said…

    Ahh! This would be so great to win! Thanks for the chance.

  • 66.
    Cheri said…

    I’d love to create a Project Life album. Either of these would help me get started!

  • 67.
    Anne G said…

    I would love to win. This might just tip the scales in my indecision whether I want to do project life.

  • 68.
    Shayne said…

    Ah, would love the Seafoam or Olive – both are stunning! Thanks for an awesome giveaway :)

  • 69.
    Katie said…

    I really like this kit. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 70.
    Michelle said…

    WOW!!! what a fantastic giveaway. Thank you for the chance to win one :)

  • 71.
    Allyson said…

    I do so love project life!

  • 72.
    Cathy R said…

    Oh, my goodness! This is a fantastic giveaway! Thank you!

  • 73.
    Naomi said…

    Wow, fantastic giveaway! Would love the chance to show my friends what this Project Life stuff is all about. Not many people have heard of it here in the UK.

  • 74.
    Mandy s. said…

    I love your pocket pages! I’m behind on last year but I don’t care and am doing this years already. Awesome give away! Thanks :)

  • 75.
    Julia said…

    This is my 4th year doing project life and it is so much easier using a kit I found, since in 2010 I didn’t and just finished that album a couple of weeks ago. I already have mine for this year so I don’t need it, but am glad one of your lucky readers will have the opportunity to win one.

  • 76.
    Kris said…

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 77.
    Lynn M said…

    Happy Thursday, Ali! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 78.
    Corene said…

    I’ve been debating whether or not to start Project Life

  • 79.
    ale said…

    amazing giveaway, ali!
    thanks for the chane :D

  • 80.
    Lisa Cutler said…

    wow, that is awesome!

  • 81.
    Shawna said…

    woo hoo!
    another fab giveaway!
    i already have elise’s AMAZING seafoam edition, but i have 2 friends who are one the fence (hu? i know it sounds CRAZY! how can anyone be on the fence about PL???).
    i will happily give them my winning if i am so blessed!
    thanks Ali!

  • 82.
    Brenda A. said…

    Wow. Would love to try this out. Great giveaway!

  • 83.
    Tracy Rizzo said…

    Love this giveaway!!

  • 84.
    AmyW said…

    Love this giveaway. You rock Ali!!

  • 85.
    Karlene said…

    What a great kit. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • 86.
    Alyssa said…

    What an incredible giveaway! I’ve been eyeing both these kits :)

  • 87.
    Kim P. said…

    The Olive kit is beautiful. Would be awesome to win it. Thanks Ali!

  • 88.
    Jessica said…

    Oh gosh I sure would love to win!

  • 89.
    Cecilia said…

    Hi Ali,

    If shipping to Sweden is possible
    I would love to win the Seafoam


  • 90.
    Danielle said…

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 91.
    Liz said…

    Thank you!

  • 92.
    TaraMcK said…

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 93.
    Jennifer D. said…

    Wow – great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • 94.
    Ronnie said…

    I love the colors in this Olive kit – I have have so many photos that deserve to be out of the boxes they are being stored in – this new kit may just give me the push I need.

  • 95.
    Joan said…

    Thanks for the chance to win the Olive Collection! It’s beautiful and I’d love to try it! Love Projevt Life!

  • 96.
    Kathy R said…

    Both of these collections look nice. This is my first year doing PL and I’m loving it. Thanks for a chance to win.

  • 97.

    Wow, what generosity! Thank you!!
    Natalie in Ellicott City, MD

  • 98.
    Lindsay said…

    Thank you so much for this giveaway. I just started project life this year after 8 years of scrapbooking. What a great way to get started.

  • 99.
    Marie said…

    is it a dream ?….Waouh, thanks Ali for this chance !

  • 100.
    Michelle McKean said…

    Woo-Hoo!! Thanks for the chance to win Ali.