Project Life 2013 | Week Five

Welcome to Project Life | Week Five.

Do you have a larger family and wonder how to make Project Life work for you? I posed this question of behalf of a reader on my Facebook page yesterday and there were some helpful responses. Check out that post here.

I've currently got couple weeks in progress on my table including all the photos for Week Six (need to add embellishments and more words) and a good start to this week that we are living right now. I go through phases on how I work on this project - sometimes it's very in the moment and other times I'm working on multiple weeks at the same time. For this week I did use a couple post-it notes to help me remember specific stories I wanted to tell (the one about the toilet and the other one about Simon's request when he got his hair cut).

This week includes my Day In The Life content from the last week of January.

I used a variety of different Thickers (letter stickers) this week from American Crafts: Orange Corrugated Ready Set Go, Corn Eric Foam, Black Journal Pumpkin Patch Glitter Foam.

IDEA | Add an initial letter sticker to a speech bubble. These are chipboard speech bubbles from Studio Calico. The letter stickers are from Jenni Bowlin (red, black).

The pink journal card is from the Mayfield Childhood Mini Kit. I'm loving the cards in each of the childhood mini kits. The "true story" chipboard arrow is from Studio Calico's

I'm using the opaque Project Life Dividers for each new month.

Excited to include a Day In The Life each month this year. You can read more about that here.

On the photo of Anna sleeping I added a Crate Paper Fourteen Stitched Label + a little bit of hand-journaling. Really loving just adding my pen to the photos right now. I most often use Precision Pens from American Crafts.

The February card was included in the Studio Calico Front Row Project Life Kit.

IDEA | Add a stitched border to a core kit journal card.

That little "here" sticker is from Studio Calico's Here & There Circle Sticker Sheet. Super cute:

The cork "s" is from Close To My Heart.


Click on the images to link to the products.

Project Life is a product and a system and a lifestyle created by Becky Higgins. It can be anything you want it to be. The core pieces used in my album are available here. If you live outside the US check Becky’s site for more information on sources. View all my posts about Project Life here.

33 thoughts

  1. Jenny

    2013-02-13 09:59:55 -0500

    Ali, You showed clear blocks that you used as templates for cropping your photos in a post quite some time ago. Were these templates or are they just your stamping blocks that you used as templates for your photo cropping? Thanks!!

  2. Mary Jo

    2013-02-13 10:09:06 -0500

    LOL - I just had to post re: your Anna and the toilet pocket! My five year old daughter is the same way. It drives me crazy! :)

  3. Alexandra

    2013-02-13 10:25:15 -0500

    Ha! When Anna finally tells you "what's so hard about flushing the toilet" please let me know the answer... I have a 10 yr old who has the same challenge. ugh.

  4. Johanna

    2013-02-13 10:30:06 -0500

    I like your "idea" memos - great way to activate us readers on top of showing beautiful inspiration. At least it spurs me to try your tips, so thanks a lot!

  5. Lynsey

    2013-02-13 10:53:18 -0500

    I teach preschool at my church Sunday school. I've found little kids don't flush because many of them are afraid of the sound! I ask them to cover their ear with one hand as they flush. The other flushing hand moves to the other ear lightening quickly!

  6. Marie

    2013-02-13 11:29:44 -0500

    Love your card on Anna and the flush! This is awesome! :-)

  7. Deann

    2013-02-13 12:01:18 -0500

    Any ideas for someone who wants to start Project Life but feels like I have no stories to tell. My kids are grown, I go to work, go home. Start over the next day....

  8. Mel

    2013-02-13 12:37:50 -0500

    Another great PL spread! I have a son with autism who is now 20. He likes to have his hair washed after getting his haircut because he hates all those little hairs on his neck. It was so great when he was able to ask for the hair wash after the cut. I love it when they are able to communicate something all on their own that nobody else is aware of - and makes their life a little bit better.

  9. Trina Cooper

    2013-02-13 14:06:18 -0500

    Ali, still finishing little things on my previous PL as I begin again. When your Pl extends to 2 or 3 albums,how do you transition. Do you make an opening and closing page on each or just begin. I begin on a new week so I have blank pages front and back.Would love some suggestions. You have such wonderful ideas and I so look forward to your blog. Thanks, Trina

  10. Jen

    2013-02-13 14:23:10 -0500

    Great layouts and great ideas as usual!

  11. Crystal

    2013-02-13 15:12:10 -0500

    Love the question to Anna about the toilet. If she gives you the answer, please let me know. My 5 year old does not flush either. I think the little girls get in a hurry!

  12. Michelle

    2013-02-13 21:04:50 -0500

    Ali, I have long admired your digital stamps and brushes, but I have zero digital design skill. Is there any other way to use them besides PSE or other digital software? (Can I open them in a page/word document?)

    So love your Project Life!

  13. Deann

    2013-02-13 23:01:24 -0500

    Great idea. Thanks

  14. kelly libby

    2013-02-14 14:38:18 -0500

    really like the "idea" part with a little description. Please do these more often especially using your embellishments, stamps etc. I am a purely paper scrapbooker. I don't even own a printer. ; )

  15. Monica

    2013-02-14 18:53:55 -0500

    Dear Ali,
    I'm buying a photo printer and I'm in doubt about Canon CP 900 and Epson Picturemate Charm: what is your opinion about it and why.
    Thanks from Brazil,

  16. Kellie

    2013-02-15 17:35:16 -0500

    My daughter is twelve now and I can remember she was always kind of scared to flush when she was younger. Funny thing is, it's not the toilet that scared her, it was the loud noise. Even now, she says it still bothers her. Thanks for sharing your wonderful projects.

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