Katie's Project Life | Weeks 8 & 9

Welcome to Katie's Project Life 2013 | Weeks 8 & 9 .

Week 8:

Can you say major catch up time? This whole month has a been crazy busy, but filled with so many fun things!

Peter took some headshots of me for an upcoming project and I loved how they turned out.

I'm still obsessed with Downtown Abbey, so I feel like I needed to include another photo from it, since several hours of my week were devoted to it. I took a picture of the computer screen (where I watch the episodes) and then cropped and edited it in Photoshop.

Both of the journal cards are from Ali. The first one is from Outline 3x4 Journal Cards. The "Totally Love" is from her Just Awesome Tabs clear stamp set to stamp inside the space. Love that stamp set! The second is her Remember This Story Cards from Technique Tuesday.

The Oscars were this week and I LOVE the Oscars. They are a like a holiday to me. My mom, Ali, and the kids came over for some Oscar fun.

Catherine Davis of Design Editor made this really awesome Oscar printable that we used to grade the dresses. Super fun.

I found a really adorable matching floral sheet set at Goodwill and they make me so happy. Just in time for spring. Love.

IDEA | Paint over wood veneer letters + chipboard phrase with the same paint color on a journal card.

I really like the look of different fonts paired together, so I thought it would be fun to add a little dimension to the card with wood veneer letters from Studio Calico & this cute Dear Lizzy Thicker Phrase.

I used Glossy Accents + a paint brush to adhere the letters to the card. I really like Studio Calico's Journal Cards from their Project Life Kits. They are nice and thick.

I used Tim Holtz's Distress Paint in Antique Linen. I dabbed it over all the letters and around the card, then used the paint brush to even it out. That paint rocks!

Week 9:

I just love this project. It definitely feels overwhelming when you get behind but I just keep reminding myself that its okay if I don't get everything from that week in there. At least I'm getting something documented. Some weeks definitely have more photos than others and vice versa with words.

I'm thankful for this project for many reasons but the main being that I have a consistent creative outlet now. I lost that part of myself after I graduated high school and I'm so happy it is making it's way back into my life.

I used this mask from Studio Calico and three of the Mister Huey's Mists, Desert, Taxi, and Buttercup to create an ombre' look on the date card.

The "hello family" is from Ali's Family Sentiment Boxes 4x6. I printed it on vellum and placed it over a photo of Peter, Carl and I.

I've been wearing top knots a lot, so thought it would be fun to include a larger photo of it this week.

IDEA | Adhere three 3x4 photos placed a little bit behind one another, to a 4x6 card with washi tape. Use Avery Index Tabs and Ali's Just Awesome Tabs clear stamps to label the photos and make them easier to open.

I adhered blank 3x6 cardstock to the back of the photos so I could add journaling.



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31 thoughts

  1. Sue

    2013-03-26 07:57:36 -0400

    Kate, your pages are darling (like you!) How awesome to have PL bring that creative side out again. Love-Love-Love your work!

  2. Anne-Marie

    2013-03-26 08:31:06 -0400

    Hey there! Oh my gosh, you gave me so many great ideas. I love the layered photos with the Washi tape and journaling. Cool idea!

  3. Carla

    2013-03-26 08:33:49 -0400

    Really great Katie! I love your colors and creativity. This is my first year doing Project Life as well...you and Ali are favorites!!!! Just love, love, love you both!

  4. Katie Johnson

    2013-03-26 08:53:29 -0400

    Katie I am loving your PL pages! The top knot idea was FABULOUS, and makes a neat statement on that page. So fun!

  5. Sarah

    2013-03-26 09:03:12 -0400

    Thanks for sharing Katie...
    I have the exact same pillowcases with the yellow flowers, I also have pink and blue... hand-me-downs from my parents. Unfortunately the sheets have long since weathered away but still have the cases and LOVE them.

  6. Peggy

    2013-03-26 09:49:52 -0400

    Katie, you are doing some really neat things with this project. I've pinned something out of nearly every post and I don't even do PL! :) Thanks for sharing!

  7. Jessica B

    2013-03-26 10:08:24 -0400

    Love seeing your perspective on PL! The multiple 3x4 photos are a great idea. TFS!

  8. Lisa W.

    2013-03-26 10:16:46 -0400

    I so am LOVING this Katie:) Its major eye candy just like Ali's...love..........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  9. Sharon in California/Oregon

    2013-03-26 10:22:18 -0400

    Katie, love your design and layout and clever ideas for project life. Simple and yet very intricate at the same time. Love the Top Knot and 3 3/4 cards stacked. And the card with paint over all the letters. Wonderful.

  10. lindsey

    2013-03-26 10:28:15 -0400

    Just love these! So many tips and tricks. Your life is beautiful.

  11. Debbie

    2013-03-26 10:41:36 -0400

    I really loved your tips regarding the "lovely" card. I will defiantley try this out. So much fun to see your interaction with Anna and Simon. What a beautiful experience for them and you. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Pidgen

    2013-03-26 10:44:40 -0400

    Katie, your PL is so beautiful. I'm always excited to see it pop up on the blog! Thank you for posting here with Ali!!

  13. Karen Beldon

    2013-03-26 11:41:30 -0400

    I can't tell you how much I love seeing both of your project life layouts. Nothing better than dropping the kids at school and then sitting down with a fresh cup of coffee (and a few chocolates) to take in the inspiration! :) Love it!

  14. Jocelyn

    2013-03-26 12:00:39 -0400

    Love that 3x4 photo on a 4x6 idea! Wonderful! Always love to see what you and Ali come up with! You are both so very creative! Thank you for sharing!

  15. Ali Gitt

    2013-03-26 12:24:22 -0400

    What a cute idea with the hairstyle.. I too tend to wear a top knot by the end of the work day....Plus I love how you incorporate multi-pics into one. I did one with a before and after of artwork..overlapping. And love it. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Leslie

    2013-03-26 13:47:29 -0400

    Great job Katie!!

  17. Kimmie

    2013-03-26 13:51:05 -0400

    Love your layouts, Katie! Thank you for sharing them here on Ali's website!

    Your headshot is gorgeous and I love those photos of you and Anna. It's easy to see how much you love and care for the kids and how much they love you, too!

  18. Catherine

    2013-03-26 14:01:32 -0400

    Lookin' good, Katie! Crazy about that top knot shot. (And Downton, of course!) Thanks for the sweet mention.

  19. Kate Burroughs

    2013-03-26 14:55:33 -0400

    Thanks for sharing your pages and how you made some of your embellishments. Fun!
    Aloha, Kate

  20. J3SS1C4

    2013-03-26 19:56:13 -0400

    Too cute! I love you pages, Katie! I love how your headshots turn out and you have the cutest cat ever! Also, the techniques of painting over the letter stickers and the lift up 3x4 photos on the 4x6 cards are awesome!

  21. Evelynb

    2013-03-26 20:48:45 -0400

    Love the "Ideas" thrown in there. I can easily spot them and this week they were great ideas!!

  22. Ada Frank

    2013-03-26 21:15:31 -0400

    Love your creativity Katie and the encouraging hints. I THanks for sharing!

  23. Cynthia H

    2013-03-26 21:24:16 -0400

    Saw you are Studio Calico's guest designer for April!!!!! Congrats - the head shot is gorgeous!!!!

  24. vicki wooledge

    2013-03-26 21:45:26 -0400

    where is the giant ampersand from? just printed out? a card you bought? thanks!

  25. Patti L

    2013-03-27 11:09:29 -0400

    I love your 3-photo mini layout. Very cool idea!

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