Hello April

It never ceases to amaze me that the natural world wakes up again in the spring - that things can die to the ground and come back again as bright and green and full of life as ever before. I carry so much love for this time of the year.

I kinda feel like this would be a really good time of the year for Thanksgiving.

I guess every day is really a pretty good darn day for giving thanks.

Here's to a wonderful month ahead.


A new prompt is up in the One Little Word classroom. This workshop is open for new registration throughout the year. If you'd like to make a commitment to make your word visible in your life this year (take action) come join us.


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A big thank you to the wonderful companies that continue to support my site:

If you would like information on sponsorship and/or giveaways please email Katie.


In other cool news, I'm now an official corporation: Ali Edwards Design, Inc. It doesn't really change anything around here (more has to do with taxes and such) but it's pretty cool nonetheless. Thanks for coming along on this journey with me.

24 thoughts

  1. Marie

    2013-04-02 06:12:26 -0400

    Congrats for your corp Ali! And thanks a lot for sharing so much inspiration here!

  2. Brooke

    2013-04-02 06:37:52 -0400

    Congrats on your new status!! You are inspiring me to look at the seasons around here too. Each month I'm doing a farewell post to the month recapping the weather. It's fun to learn that we have seasons here too, even though half the time it doesn't feel like it!

  3. Maureen

    2013-04-02 07:07:40 -0400

    Congratulations Ali! So happy for you for making it to Corp Status!!

  4. Jean Marmo

    2013-04-02 08:37:46 -0400

    How cool to be a corp!

  5. laura g.

    2013-04-02 08:47:34 -0400

    Congrats and i am so happy to be along on the journey with you!!

  6. Paula

    2013-04-02 08:51:03 -0400

    Wishing you continued success and prosperity! Thanks for all you give!

  7. Christine

    2013-04-02 09:15:51 -0400

    I love Spring too. Love the quote. It's been 10 years since you were selected for the CK Hall of Fame. To say the least, a lot has happened in 10 years. I have been ago for the ride for the last 4 years. Congrats on your new status.

  8. Dolly

    2013-04-02 09:39:14 -0400

    Ali I have been an admirer and follower forever...I am so very proud of you! Congrats and continued success as you continue the journey!

  9. kimberly jones

    2013-04-02 09:48:45 -0400

    Such a silly question...but how in the world do you get such great photos of yourself. Is someone taking them, are you using gorillapod or a time??? like the one of you laying down with your eyes closed. Would love to see more about how your taking those photos and are you just more aware now so that helps you get the great photos. Like the dog on porch, at the angle. That's a part of my "hourly" life right now letting our 15 yr old black lab in and out and up the stairs but I never capture that. More the ones of her sleeping or the kids snuggled w/ her. Thank you for sharing your life with us. ~hugs

  10. Steph

    2013-04-02 09:54:41 -0400

    HUGE congrats on the corporation!! I got my LLC papers in the mail two weeks ago...it feels so good to be significant. <--- hint, that's my OLW.

    Totally with you on Spring. Everything comes back alive and renews our faith that it really will all be OK. :)

  11. Amber

    2013-04-02 10:14:20 -0400

    That's awesome Ali, congrats!

  12. Julie

    2013-04-02 10:43:07 -0400

    Congratulations :)

  13. Linda

    2013-04-02 11:26:32 -0400

    Congrats on becoming a corporation. Were you previously registered as a partnership? Or not at all? [just curious, I'm a soon-to-be lawyer]

  14. Ruth G

    2013-04-02 11:29:41 -0400

    Congrats on getting corporation status! And thanks to you for all you share! I enjoy reading your posts even if I don't comment every time.

  15. Jessica

    2013-04-02 13:11:31 -0400

    Congratulations! You are such an inspiration!

  16. susan garner

    2013-04-02 14:36:29 -0400

    Becky Higgins is now on HSN and you are now an Inc. Feeling very ordinary right now !. LOL

  17. ale

    2013-04-02 15:44:51 -0400

    hi, ali! do you know carly fleischmann?

  18. J3SS1C4

    2013-04-02 17:44:23 -0400

    Spring really is an amazing time of the year! And congratulations on becoming a corporation! How exciting!

  19. CJ

    2013-04-03 04:47:00 -0400

    Still waiting for spring here! It's so cold, nothing much is flowering yet, everything is delayed. Soon...

  20. patty

    2013-04-03 08:57:12 -0400


  21. Amy

    2013-04-03 11:06:02 -0400

    Congratulations on the Inc!! A new milestone for your business!

  22. Julie

    2013-04-03 11:12:02 -0400

    You will save so much money with the corp. Good work!

  23. Cinnibonbon

    2013-04-03 13:04:57 -0400

    Congrats on becoming "official" The rest of us always thought you were officially awesome!

  24. Gela

    2013-04-03 23:11:56 -0400

    Inc. Cool!

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